When You Are Engulfed in Kisses

Fable hits the big 3! Continues breaking hearts. Specifically mine.

Today Fable is three-months old. I keep telling her not to grow up but she's ignoring me. Bummer. Here's to chapter three (months) in a story that keeps getting better...

*Chapter (Month) Two, here.
**Chapter (Month) One, here
***Fable's prologue, here.


Music: Papillon by Rilo Kiley


Pat | 12:35 PM

Archer can't stop kissing her.. that is so cute!

Barry and Amy | 12:36 PM

She will be the most beautiful pirate ever! ;)

You've got two stunning kiddos!


Archer = obsessed with Fable. Everything is for her these days. Kisses, paintings... It's the best.


rebecca. are you trying to kill me to death? they are a matching set. thank god i hit pause before i hit the floor when archer was peekabooing her.

tell me though, how long does fable spend in wardrobe before she goes on a shoot?

if i didnt already love her. gah.

hoppytoddle | 1:36 PM

So, even though you have a 3-month old & get little sleep (right? you do at least have to face compromised sleep, right?), do you still wake up, remember what your life is like & then leap out of bed to see what happens today? It's so great to see not only that you are so blessed, but that you appreciate it & don't take it for granted.

BTW, those people that sent you all those blessings last year, can you send them my way, 'cuz we sure could use some dat over here! Magical stuff.

Heather B. | 2:08 PM

In that first photo she looks like a little doll.

Anonymous | 2:09 PM

Seriously how perfectly awesome does Archer say PURPLE!!!!! Just squeeze him. And Fable - Fable is going to make this pregnant NJ lady just faint from freaking cuteness!!!

You are truley blessed.


Fraulein | 2:12 PM

CUTE!!! And what gorgeous eyes!

Shannon | 2:12 PM

Seriously so cute! And um, I am coming out of lurkdom because I must know where that HAT came from! And her eyes, just kill me know. (love love your blog by the way)

Vodka Mom | 2:18 PM

That was SO DAMN cute!! They are adorable, and she is like a puffy piece of cotton.


Samantha | 4:59 PM

So adorable. I love that he predicts piratehood in her future. That was hilarious.

Anonymous | 5:03 PM

Oh! That is all kinds of cuteness! I love how Archer always has an answer ready. Yes, Fables favourite colour is PURPLE, and she will, uhh, be a PIRATE! :) Super super cute - cheers for sharing!!

~ Tisha ~ | 5:51 PM

How cute, I love how you talk about motherhood, I have three kids and my youngest is 4 months.. i love checking in on your blog. your inspiring.. Don't ever underestimate your mothering skills, your a rockin mommy to your kids.. happy new year..

EdenSky | 6:26 PM

Awesome, aren't you glad you had a girl to play dress-up with? You Rock, your kids rock. Have a fantastic time in 2009!

Brandi | 6:44 PM

Please tell me where you got the hat in the first picture!! I LOVE it! My little girl, Aspen, needs one too!

Fable is a doll! And Archer is so sweet with her! Life doesn't get any better does it?

Anonymous | 7:56 PM

I LOVE that you do this. I don't know where you find the time, but Fable is going to be so glad you did when she's older. She (Archer, either) will never doubt that she is loved!

sweetmelissa818 | 8:23 PM

My husband just saw that picture of Fable and said "That's a cute baby. Who's baby is that?" Really, she's adorable. I love the beautiful blue eyes. I just wish my oldest would love her sister as much as Archer loves his.

Anonymous | 8:27 PM

Seriously....you make the most BEAUTIFUL children!

Mama | 8:33 PM

it's either the pregnancy hormones, the all supreme cuteness of your kidlets or a dangerous combo because I'm bawling like a baby looking at this video. I remember when my two were like this and now a third is coming in April. Great, now I'm even more impatient LOL


The hat's from Anthropologie!


Anonymous | 9:04 PM

Awwwww....to both of 'em.

designHER Momma | 9:55 PM

smootch, smootch, smootch....she is too cute! love the little hat...

C.G | 11:28 PM

Dude, you have the most beautiful children! They are so damn cute and seeing them together makes me want to turn to my hubby and say 'hey.. two is twice the fun yeah?'

So what is the app you are using to make these wonderful videos anyway?

Anonymous | 6:45 AM

Fable is a living add for anthropologie!!! you really should be making money off of all of the inquiries.

do you just cry like a sobbing buffoon after putting together these slide shows? Beautiful. just beautiful.

Desiree | 8:52 AM

Cutest little hat for sure ^_^
Happy 3 months little Fable!

Amanda | 2:43 PM

Rebecca, she's gorgeous. When my husband glanced at my computer and saw her pic at the top of the post, he said "who's that baby? she's cute." THAT IS A BIG DEAL, because he thinks no other babies are cute, aside from our own.

AP Mommy | 2:47 AM

This is my first time stopping by and oh my goodness your daughter is adorable! Happy New Year!

Anonymous | 6:53 AM

I'm tellin' you, she looks just like a Cupie doll!!! You should do a side by side photo comparison, the resemblance is uncanny!!!!

Anonymous | 10:58 AM

She is so adorable and honestly, I would wear every single article of her wardrobe. Best. Dressed. Baby. Ever. Happy 3 Months!

Elissa L. | 2:19 PM

Oh Fable L. You get more and more adorable. And that hat! Arghh I spotted it at Anthropologie and could not find one to fit The Phi, not matter how much I yanked it wouldn't fit on her head. But you Fable, you rock that hat!

Denise Karis | 3:37 PM

Hi, Rebecca - I clicked over here from Momversation and am so glad I found your blog! I've only gone through your first page so far but I'm looking forward to reading more - your daughter is sooooo beautiful! I love the photo

Anonymous | 8:14 PM

OMG, in the beginning of the video when you and Archer were walking to the couch, I thought Fable was a doll! She is beyond adorable. Bless her. And I love that hat she's got there. Too cute. Happy 3 months to you. =)

Anonymous | 2:24 AM

That is one freakin' good looking baby!

Mama Bee | 1:07 PM

Hi there! I gave you an award today on my blog! (http://tinyurl.com/8ljbot)

susan | 2:04 PM

My 4 year old is sitting here looking at Fable. He said, "Can I play with Fable someday?" Then he started making up stories about how Fable has a big toy box upstairs with a big fire engine in it. Oh, and Fable is a little girl and, "Mama, can she talk yet?" :)

Anonymous | 4:34 PM

I just saw you in Trader Joes a couple hours ago with Fable! What a cutie! I totally did a double take - "umm, I think I read that girl's blog!"


No way!! How fun!

Anonymous | 5:41 PM

if i did not have one of my own i would say fable is the cutest in the under 6 mo set.
seriously can you get archer to teacher jack how to love his sister-i cried when he included her in his family portrait at skool, but he will never ever kiss her without being prompted. seriously how do i make that happen?

Anonymous | 3:30 AM

Seriously, could Fable be any more beautiful??

Anonymous | 7:04 PM

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Pink Sun Drops | 5:56 PM

Oh my gosh she looks like a doll! She seriously looks like a doll that moves. How adorable!!

Anonymous | 5:46 AM

Fable (and Archer) videos make the world a much happier place!

Laura | 5:49 AM

She is beautiful...I use to tell my daughter the same thing..."please stop growing lets just stay in this moment".

Chantal | 2:30 AM

If this video has any indication of the future, Fable is going to have one heck of a big brother.

Anonymous | 5:46 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her little hat, it's adorable!

Michelle White | 7:21 AM

Archer says yeahhh in that happy way just like my son does. I smile every time.

Christina | 8:44 PM

Such a beauiful video of your daughter!

I have a question...what program did you use to create this video?

Nancy | 8:50 PM

That little hat is so cute!