Joke for a Friday

*The following is a homemade joke by Archer. Be sure to credit him when using it to pick up girls/dudes, make friends, etc.

Q: What wears heat? 

 A: The lightbulbs do!

(*you're welcome)



Anonymous | 12:01 AM

using that at my next job interview.

(i'll be sure to cite my source.)

Tiana | 12:06 AM

Aw, he's adorable.

He has better jokes than me, I'll say that. :)

Sandi | 6:59 AM

What is the cool green thing I see in the background on the piano? How is possible to have kids and cool things? That would be shattered to pieces at my house!

Unknown | 7:09 AM

Sooo adorable. He is just too effin' cute.

My son's first joke (he was two and a half):
Q: Know who my favorite superhero is?
I dunno, Superman?
A: No, POOPERman!

Anonymous | 8:03 AM


Anonymous | 8:13 AM

I need more humor like this.

Anonymous | 9:20 AM

The accompanying photos were absolute perfection.

I do believe Spongebob can be credited with the following joke my three year old tells:

Lille: What do you call a snail on a ship?
Me: What?
Lillie: A SNAILOR!!

Unknown | 11:04 AM

I immediately remembered that SpongeBob episode. Perhaps I need to get out more.

Amber | 12:11 PM

Cute... I just took pictures of my 4 month old in a stache and hippy glasses!

Vodka Mom | 2:43 PM

that. is. adorable.

A +

Anonymous | 3:42 PM

he is adorable! when my daughter was 4 she used to try to do some yo' mama jokes. my all time favorite was "your mama is so stupid- she wears a hat!"

now i realize it was supposed to be a yo' lightbulb joke.

Anonymous | 3:43 PM

he is adorable!! my 4 yr. old used to tell a yo' mama joke: yo' mama is so stupid- she wears a hat!

Anonymous | 3:48 PM

okay, i thought clicking on my name would overwrite the previous comment which i realize is wrong now that i went back and saw his joke says who wear heat, not hat! but that didn't happen and i don't see an option for deleting my comment. sorry. sometimes i'm retarded. but he is still adorable!!!

WasStephHere | 4:35 PM

OMG! How cute is the last picture?!?!? Adorable~

In Due Time | 12:10 PM

Aw man, I fully expected a joke with shit or ass in it to follow the momversation GGC! ;-) Lol! love the mustache and shirt. :-) Archer rocks.

Anonymous | 2:35 PM

we can't stay at your house if we come to visit. bub will smash that vase on the piano to smithers. promise.

Anonymous | 8:13 AM

LOVE the mustache.

Anonymous | 3:09 PM

guess somebody must be too busy on their movie set to blog for us today. thank god for flickr so i can get my dose of ggc and the adorable kiddos!!!

first of all, archer looks like he is old enough to have actually grown that mustache himself. i don't know if he is aging rapidly or if he just looks so grown compared to the lovely miss fable. and if you put a newsboy cap on fable she would actually be archer.

Jess Kiley | 3:11 PM

That was SO adorable! thanx

mrl | 9:23 PM

I think this is totally brilliant! What a perfectly ridiculous thing for a light bulb to do - wear a hat! They are not outside, do not need shade, do not need to be kept warm, and are upside down, so the hat would fall off anyway! Hilarious!

Birdie | 7:55 AM

hahaha! i love kid jokes. my little brother, sam had a favorite joke at about that age:

knock knock

who's there?


michael who?


kid jokes rule.

Maternal Mirth | 4:16 PM

I am soooo getting laid with that one!

Anonymous | 9:19 AM

I love Archer.

Nell | 7:32 PM

Lovin' those cowboy PJ's little dude!

:--) Nell