I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow?

Remember when I made this over the summer?

Apparently someone else ripped my outfit exactly had the exact same idea and is totally selling them at an upscale boutique IN MY HOMETOWN! Like, where my mom shops. My friend snapped a photo of it on her phone. See for yourself:

Don't you know? Fakes are never in fashion. 

I mean.... Really?*

So much for trying to make something unique and original. Annoying.


*This could totally be a coincidence by the way. Highly doubtful but still a possibility. 


In Due Time | 4:35 PM
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In Due Time | 4:35 PM

But my dear GGC, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

That fucking sucks, though


I know. I know... I'm glad to see someone liked my idea. But to turn around and sell them in bulk? Kind of lame, gotta say.

pamela | 4:39 PM

dayum! you should totally sell yours, it looks nicer than the other one! that's crap.

messyfunmommylife | 4:43 PM

I would say use your words and set them straight! So annoying! STILL cute dress!!

Anonymous | 4:45 PM

lame lameskies. yours is way cuter. xoxo.

Amanda | 4:46 PM

1. That sucks, but still I like yours better.
2. I got your book for christmas and read it in under three hours. It was an awesome book. I look forward to reading more books by you in the future.

Maternal Mirth | 4:47 PM

And here you prolly thought your writing would be plagiarized, not your skills as both seamstress and baby clothing designer ... damn them and their cheap imitation!

Anonymous | 4:49 PM

Fable is already setting trends! Meh-at least she'll always be the first, and everyone else just loser posers, trying to follow in her baby footsteps.

Rhea | 4:49 PM

Well, there's doesn't have the awesome GGC label, right?!

Anonymous | 4:51 PM

Oh but I like yours so much better and I'm not blowing smoke! I don't like their button choice either and it does chap my hide when someone "steals" an idea! Rude!!!

Hillary | 5:10 PM

You used the print better. If this were project runway, you'd be in; they'd be auf'd.

me | 5:15 PM

well it is an insanely cute dress, and making one the same i'd say is ok, but when you start selling them, thats pretty wrong. Kind of like all the threadless tee knock offs I saw this weekend...
Get your own ideas people.
and what are the chances that they got the exact same fabric? wow.

Desiree | 5:18 PM

I think we know what that means -- you've got to open an even more rad boutique ^_^

Anonymous | 5:20 PM

That just chaps my ass for you. I don't believe in those kind of coincidences. Especially in your home town. Shameless. Absolutely shameless. I hope your mom said something.

Mirinda | 5:25 PM

1. yours is actually cuter
2. Fable I'm sure will be way cuter in yours than any baby in the knock off. So there. :)

Shannon | 5:25 PM

OK, how crazy that they even have the exact same fabric. I say you should make it an issue. I mean, it is in no way a coincidence. No way. I too am pissed for you.

Wow, I am feeling really commenty lately...

EdenSky | 5:29 PM

Pfft, yours is way cuter, I mean what's with that stupid little black zizzag thing at the bottom of theirs? Situation still sucks though. You could go all crazy and take a copy of that original post to the store and demand a cut of the profits...or recognition as a designer...or that they stop making them...or to have them present you with evidence that they were making that dress in 2006 and you actually copied them...or you could just say to hell with it and keep making cool stuff. The sailor dress was my fav anyway.

Sarah VM | 5:32 PM

That is a very cute top. I like yours much better though.

Brinkley | 5:32 PM
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Susanlee | 5:33 PM

NO way it's a coincidence. They used the same fabric for goodness sake! Ugh. If it's in your hometown, obviously you have a blog stalker who so wanted to be you in high school and so now they're stealing your stuff!! *gasp*

PS, sorry for the delete and redo, I realized after the fact that I was logged in with my husband's account. Oopsy.

Amber | 5:33 PM

It's like they added the lame ribbon thingy to the bottom as people do when they switch a few words out of a book and call it their own. For the record, yours is cuter, not only the buttons and minus the ribbon, but it's wider and more trendy looking. Annoying, I hate when people copy my ideas.

EdenSky | 5:34 PM

P.S. have we seen pictures of Fable actually wearing any of those dresses? or are they too big yet?

Barb | 6:05 PM


Her Bad Mother | 6:05 PM

Plagiarists suck.

Maria Melee | 6:25 PM

That is beyond tacky. (The behavior, not your dress, which is adorable. And better.)

Meg | 6:34 PM

Fuckers. Fable can appreciate the work you put into her dress. And you've inspired me to try my hand at making clothes for my daughter. This should be interesting!

Shoshanah | 7:21 PM

It interesting how even using the same fabrics how different the cut make them look. Their's look alot darker do to all the black in the middle, and yours is the oposite with the white puff instead.

Anonymous | 7:34 PM

i like your cut of fabric better and your tabs at the top are rounder (more round?) all in all, yours rocks.

coolhntr | 7:41 PM

I am wondering where you got your fabric. I hate to say it but I think you got served. I like your placement of the pattern better.

Now my questions is? How much was the boutique selling the dresses for? I think you might be on to something (but I see everything as an opportunity to make money).

mrs.notouching | 8:29 PM

Unbelievable! No way this is a coincidence. But I agree with most ppl here - yours is way cuter.

Angella | 8:45 PM

The. HELL?

Yours is better. BUT STILL.

PS - My word verification is "beer".

karen | 8:48 PM

Mmmm...beer verification.

Yours is nicer!

Anonymous | 9:09 PM

That is the epitome of lame. And the same fabric even? It COULD be a coincidence, but a pretty crazy one!

Anonymous | 10:27 PM

Nope, def not a coincidence. I could see something being made from the same fabric, BUT THE SAME EXACT PATTERN AND DESIGN? NO WAY. Since they are in your same town, I am sure they could have easily gone to your local fabric store, which is probably where you got it in the first place, to find it themselves. And I agree with the above poster. Making a similar garment for personal use is one thing. But selling for profit is another. They should be VERY NERVOUS right now. Honestly, I would contact my attorney. Maybe it's not that big of a deal to you, but you should definitely be entitled to some of the profits and recognition. Hey, you never know, it could be the start of a line, if that is something you would enjoy!

Avalon | 3:33 AM

wow, cannot believe it!

i would be pretty ticked if i was you, that's just ridiculous.

Avalon | 3:37 AM

ps, i second (third? fourth?) a trip down to the friendly neighbourhood lawyer. just to see if there's a case there, you know, just to see... ;)

Prasti | 5:32 AM

pooh, pooh. that's really crappy (about the copycat that is).

Jamie | 6:15 AM

what a jerk! it seems too suspicious to be only a coincidence, i agree with Susan.

April | 6:41 AM

yours is better.

Anonymous | 8:01 AM

i poach your game every chance i get. so what are you trying to say to me?

Anonymous | 8:23 AM

If i were you, I would take the dress and the blog post to the store and make them feel like a bunch of jackasses for highjacking your idea.

Bitches.....Fakes, they are all the same.

Anonymous | 8:32 AM

You didn't invent sundresses or over-size print, calm the fuck down.


It's not the store's fault. They're cool.

Someone made the dresses and sold them to the store. And of course I didn't invent sundresses (or the fabric) but to go buy the same fabric and pattern? ( I blogged about where I shopped and what fabric/pattern I used on Babble.) And then to, uh... copy and sell it? When it's not your idea? It's cheap is what it is. No different than someone taking your words... ideas... and profiting from them. I didn't invent words, either. That's all I'm sayin' y'all.

I am Sarah. | 8:47 AM

maybe you didn't "invent sundresses or oversize print"- but that is the exact same fabric. the EXACT SAME DRESS. coincidence? i think not. that is TOTALLY JACKED. I feel ya GGC. imitation is lame.

hoppytoddle | 8:53 AM

I've been making jumpers for MiniMe for over 2 years, now. Someone actually asked me to make some for them to sell in their store, so I looked into it. I would have had to pay a royalty, which was pretty steep, back to the pattern manufacturer. It didn't seem worth it. I have heard of people on etsy getting into trouble for selling things made from copyrighted patterns. I think you'd have had to own the pattern & fabric design to get all in someone's face.

I felt all, "Man! GGC is doing what I am!" when you made those for Fable. I think I commented on it. I think I even emailed you to say I was doing the same thing. So, I know how you feel. & yes, I actually saw another kid walking through JoAnn's in almost the exact same jumper I made for MiniMe & she freaked, too.

Sucks to be so cool people want to be like you. Kinda.

Anonymous | 9:55 AM

It is cheap to copy someone else's idea after they blogged about it. And to use the same fabric???? Jeesh...at least mix it up a bit. That's really low. Perhaps if they had contacted you about it beforehand it would have made things a little more kosher? Either way, there's a million sundress patterns for babies--why did they have to pick the same one as you????

B | 9:59 AM

The ric rac on that knock off is gross.

Mother Ship + inFINcible | 10:08 AM

My mom once told me: "Immitation is the highest form of flattery" after the kid beside me created an exact replica of my art project in art class. I so wanted to spill the Elmer's white glue all over his work...I am over it- I swear. Over it. Kinda.

Ask for your royalties. I am sure they should be coming to you in the form of attire for baby F for the next few years?

kristinmcpherson | 10:33 AM

I've seen baby dresses in that pattern (maybe not the fabric!) for ages. Jumper and bloomer is pretty common duds for baby girls.

Anonymous | 11:01 AM

It's absolutely rotten that someone stole your idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately) you are not going to have to worry about this happening after February 10th.

There is a new law that will be signed into effect on 2/10/09 that will mandate that all clothing aimed at children under 12 must be tested by a 3rd party for lead. This testing is prohibitively expensive and will effectively shut down the makret for unique & handmade children's clothes. (The markets for both are huge on etsy and eBay as well as in smaller boutiques.) Here is the link to the details- http://www.cpsc.gov/about/cpsia/summaries/102brief.html.

If you would like to write your local House Rep in opposition of this law, here is another link: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml. There is a movement to have this law amended to include only those manufacturers that produce at least 5,000 qualifying garments per year.


I don't see how the government could possibly pass a law that kills small self-made local businesses creating one-of-a-kind goods.

I mean right..?

I didn't read anything on the site about clothing, either. Hm...

skylana | 12:14 PM

yours definitely looks a lot better though.. higher quality. at least you have that.

Anonymous | 12:30 PM

That pattern is perfectly commonplace. That fabric may have come in spaces in the SoCal area. I'm sure there's some other disgruntled wanna-be baby fashion designers screaming foul at this one's http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5166292 line for imitating/jacking/stealing the exact same pattern and print.

Anonymous | 12:49 PM

I'm not sure where clothing comes into play in the wording. All of the fine ladies that I shop with have been sending out notices to regular customers about this. Sheila from Baby Go Retro has a better level of detail. She is on eBay and has her own site.

Anonymous | 1:07 PM

The buttons, people! Weren't all the lead issues with the toys on plastic ones? Look at all the plastic buttons that are on the market.

Anonymous | 1:57 PM

but you know what? you have the cute baby girl that inspired the dress...
more info on what tracey (11:01) mentions at http://www.electricboogaloo.net/wordpress/archives/2009/01/05/human-sacrifice-dogs-and-cats-living-together-mass-hysteria/.
interesting. i had no idea about any of this.

Anonymous | 3:30 PM

Kelly McCaleb wrote about similar copycats on her blog a while back...


kittenpie | 5:51 PM

To have even used the same fabric is opretty damn cheesy. It's not like there aren't a ton of other fabrics out there. Sheesh.

Averil | 8:10 PM

To use the same fabric seems LAME, to say the least. And I can totally see why you feel narky.

But, the pattern/style isn't really original. Here in Australia, I have lots of friends with very similar looking tops for their little girls. I bought one myself for my little girl from a very talented Aussie designer.

Can't wait to see Fable in her outfit!

Anonymous | 11:40 PM

Could be total coincidence. I read your blog daily, because I enjoy your spirit and find your expressive talent beyond measure. Even if that person did 'copy' you, he/she appeals to a different clientele, more Type A, organized and balanced, an acknowledgement of artsy freedom without the real capacity to achieve it. I'll crush on both and say this...LOVES!

Anonymous | 4:28 AM

The dress you made is adorable, but that pattern/style is the most generic baby dress pattern ever, and I doubt you're the first person to ever find that fabric appealing. If you shop on Etsy you'll find tons of baby dresses made from the same fabric in similar styles, are they all copying each other?

Anonymous | 12:40 PM

I know its a standard pattern, but strictly speaking, it is illegal to use home sewing patterns for commercial purposes. Not sure how it can be monitored, but I reckon its part of the copyright regulations.

Anonymous | 1:03 PM

Hate to rain on your parade, but that simple design for a baby's dress has been around since fuh-evah!
If you look up old sewing patterns from the fifties there it is! bada-bing!
It probably goes back even further.
Did you really think you invented it yourself? Silly rabbit!
Oh and hey! The rick-rack sewn around the hem is cute and can be. You should copy that.

Anonymous | 1:10 PM

The buttons you used are simpler and more aesthetically pleasing but you really should press a garment while it's under construction and after it's finished. That big fold down the front of yours spoils what would otherwise be a cute little sundress.

Denise Karis | 4:26 PM

yeah, I saw that same dress (pattern with similar fabric) on two different blogs - one of the bloggers started selling them too. They very well could have ripped off your design - the fact that its for sale in your hometown is pretty obvious someone got the idea from you though.

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

The new law is for products marketed to children under 12... so, CLOTHING, toys, etc.

Here is an article from the LA Times:


My local consignment shop has already stopped accepting new items and I could leave items at my local Goodwill but they would not give me a receipt for it because they said they'd probably have to end up throwing it in the trash soon. Not good news for our landfills, way to go government!

larajean1 | 9:22 PM

Yours ia alot nicer! Its adorable. I'd love one for each of my daughters.

Anonymous | 10:29 PM

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Your dress is not original. It's a basic dress. If I wanted to make my daughter a dress, I would have cut it into a basic pattern, off the top of my head, and it would have basically looked like that.

I've seen tons of dresses on Etsy and eBay that look like both of these.

Really, it's the fabrics that make all those mommy-made products desirable and who makes the fabrics? Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, etc, etc. Not any moms I know. Oh, except for Anna Maria Horner. That woman rocks.

Anyway, it's like making a skirt and saying someone copied the pattern. HOW MANY WAYS ARE THERE TO MAKE A SKIRT?!

In fact, it looks like the "copy" doesn't flare out in quite so exaggerated a fashion as yours.

Also, I keep watching you on Momversation, and I keep trying to like you, I swear. But the valley girl voice keeps me from taking you seriously. Why must it take soooo long for you to spit your thoughts out? I guess because you're a blogger and that gives you time.

I didn't even get here by choice! I thought "Rebecca Woolfe" was the name of a Canadian writer I know of in her 40s.

I will say that Fable is a pretty name and that your children are breathtakingly beautiful. Fable actually looks remarkably like my 3rd child.