Best Year Ever

In 2008, I...

Kissed my husband on New Year's Eve, made a wish. 
Peed on a pregnancy test. it was positive.
Was robbed.
Was broke.
Experienced the publication of my first solo book.
Got my first bad review. Cried. 
Got my first good review. Cried. 
Mourned the death of a best friend.
Signed books at my favorite bookstore(s).
Road-tripped from Portland to Vancouver in a hot-boxed Subaru.
Helped Archer pick out his first show-and-tell.
Carried a human-child in my body.
Celebrated my twenty-seventh birthday.
Learned to sew. (Thanks, Mom.) 
Wrote my first pilot.
Came to terms with the fact that most likely it wouldn't sell. 
Wrote a short film. In Production. 
Gave birth to a perfect daughter.
Spied on my son as he whispered in her ear that he loved her.
Participated in electing my first President.
Protested in the streets in support of marriage equality.
Camped out in the living room with my family during a power outage.
Said goodbye to a best friend who had to move away. 
Received my millionth unique GGC visitor.
Cried in my children's hair.
Re-fell in love with my husband.
Finally fell in love with my life. so grateful.



sweetmelissa818 | 7:32 PM

That was a great post! You never fail to leave me in awe of your views on life. You have a great outlook!

Anonymous | 7:35 PM

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. You have a way with words like no one else. :)

Suzi | 7:47 PM

That is such a lovely post. 2008 was a great year for you, hope 2009 is even better. So happy I found your blog!

Maternal Mirth | 7:53 PM

You know all that angst during the tween, teen and young adult years? Isn't it nice NOT to know it anymore?

Many wishes for more joy in '09 :)

Anonymous | 7:55 PM

you look so happy in that first picture. it looks good on you.

Angella | 7:56 PM

Awesome. Just awesome.

Happy New Year!

Mommynightowl | 8:01 PM

you have had such a great, eventful year. Congrats in all your accomplishments this year, you have a beautiful family Rebecca and I wish you another happy and great year.

M | 8:03 PM

Happy New Year. THANK YOU for your honesty and beautiful point of view.

Be blessed,

Barry and Amy | 8:08 PM

Happy New Year!

What an amazing year you had!

I hope God continues to bless you!

Desiree | 8:42 PM

I must say -- this sounds like an incredible year <3

<3 Also, you've been chosen for a little award -- visit my blog to see, or visit this post in particular:

Much love!


honestly. i look at that list. and i think to myself, how can this person be the same girl who writes SWF boil-a-bunny love notes to her spendy skinny jeans?

who needs skinny jeans when you have that much passion in your life? pash for halonso morning, pash for A+F, pash for your projects, pash for RVs, pash for passion. your life has always loved you. i love watching you love it right back.

you make me happy. deeply.

p.s. hot-boxed my ass. the windows were open.

Anonymous | 11:15 PM

you are so cool and great and cool and great... i can't think of the words. when i read ur posts i cry b/c i want that inner peace and happiness that u have and just can't seem to find it. i have the hal (but his name is greg) i have the a & f (but there names are a & n. i have everything to be happy about, but i just stay irritable. anyway, i'm so glad i found ur blog, i love ur hair, ur style, ur outlook and i especially love your friendship w/bmc. what a cool girl she seems to be and what a great friendship the 2 of u have. xoxo, t

Little Nut Tree | 2:07 AM

Happy New Year for 2009 and best wishes from LNT


Amanda | 3:21 AM

what a great list! Happy New Year to you and your awesome family!

Anonymous | 5:31 AM

Awww! When most of the 2008 wrap-ups I have read thus far are negative, good-riddance-type-posts, this one makes my day and totally motivates me to make the best of 2009. Happy New Year!

Hillary | 6:19 AM

Here's to happiness and more of it in 2009!

Francie | 6:38 AM

What a lovely year you've had. Happy New Year!

Fairly Odd Mother | 6:44 AM

You've done more in 27 years than most have done in twice as long! Have a lovely 2009.

Motherhood Uncensored | 6:49 AM

Awesome Bec. You're inspiring and so freaking prolific.

Happy New Year... xo

Danielle | 7:00 AM

Truly, what a wonderful year. Now I need to write my own list. Happiest of New Year's to you and your family!

Anonymous | 7:20 AM

OMG YOU WERE ROBBED??? Maybe that was posted earlier in the year and I missed it. ROBBED???

Anywho - congrats on all the happy, sucessful things you have accomplished this year and i hope next year is 10x's better!

Anonymous | 7:23 AM

Can you please bottle and sell some of that happy vibe? I'd buy a case.

You are a tremendously lucky person. I admit sometimes to wishing I had some of what you had: a grandmother to hold my kid; a mother to still be teaching me things; amazing talent you've been cultivating since you were a teenager...and on and on.

The thing about you is that because you come off as genuinely grateful and appreciative of every blessing you've got, it's hard to begrudge you your good fortune. I envy your life. I know it's not perfect. You're just really, really cool.
I wish you a 2009 every bit as positive, fun, crazy, and wonderful as you deserve.


Anonymous | 7:45 AM

great post. made me happy :)

but that swing that archer's sitting in looks awfully uncomfortable.

Anonymous | 9:02 AM

Happy new year to you! And I wanted to say how glad I am to have found your blog. I became a mom this year and I don't have many friends who are mom's and being able to read about other mom's struggles and such has been a huge help. I hope to find time to read your book sometime soon. May all your wishes come true in 2009

Dianna | 9:38 AM

Happy New Year (almost)! Hope 2009 is even better for you and your family.

Vodka Mom | 9:42 AM

It sounds like you had an INCREDIBLE year.

I am so very sorry about the death of your friend. Each painful moment helps us to relish the joyful ones.

peace be with you this new year.

Vodka Mom | 9:43 AM

yeah. LOVED the damn post, btw.

Anonymous | 10:12 AM

Simply lovely.
All of the best in the New Year.

Bellamarin | 10:38 AM

awww crap this stuff always makes me cry. No matter how good or bad the year has been...I always cry. This year I am crying for you too. Happy and sad tears!Happy New year may it always be better than the last. Oh and I am copying your blog idea:)

My Bottle's Up! | 11:29 AM

what a great year for you and your beautiful family. i hope 2009 brings you much love and happiness.


Anonymous | 12:49 PM


How can someone I have never met enrich my life so much? Thank-you for making my 2008 better.

Peace and love~

Anonymous | 3:22 PM

Glad you had a good year, mine... not so good. Well I did find out my best friend/closest thing to to a sister I have is pregnat. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a positive test next week. 2009 is gonna be my year (I feel like Liz Lemon saying that).

Anonymous | 5:04 PM

lovely. =)

that 2nd picture of all of you is darling. i feel like it should be the picture already placed in picture frames when you buy them. you all look so perfect and so happy. you have a beautiful family!!

Anonymous | 5:44 PM

Lovely list. Such a better way to ring in a new year, looking back on things you want to remember. Happy New Year.

Anonymous | 6:11 PM

Awww! What a great list! Happy New Year!

Unknown | 7:15 PM

Dude, you simply rock the universe. The world is a better place with you in it. I am grateful to have you in my life, and look forward to lots of good times, laughter and tears together in 2009. BIG KISSES TO YOU AND THE FAMILY! XOXOXOXO


What an incredible year! I hope 2009 brings even more happiness to to you and your beautiful family.

kittenpie | 10:35 PM

one hell of a year, all around. happy new year!

Anonymous | 6:25 AM

Your family is so gorgeous! You even colour-coordinate with your oranges and browns... Supermom!
Love your blog, loved your book... you're one lucky lady, all the best for 2009!

Anonymous | 7:33 AM

What a great post. So many people are blessed in so many MANY ways and yet they focus on the negative and never appreciate the many blessings.

You do have a great life and it is great that you dedicated a post to just that - the simplicity of your life.


motherbumper | 2:05 PM

Happy New Year GGC, may this year be as wonderful as the last.

Anonymous | 2:44 PM

Sounds like 2008 was good to you (minus being robbed). I love your list. Especially the ones that had to do with your children and with re-falling in love with your husband (that must be an awesome feeling). Good luck with your producing your short film. It's a dream of mines to become a filmmaker (I know it'll never happen, but it'll always be a dream of mine): so it's great to see anyone out there wanting to do more or less the same thing. I hope it works out for you.

Take, care. =)

EdenSky | 3:02 PM

I hope 2009 is just as good! Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours.

Anonymous | 3:09 PM


I have been speechless since the commencement of 2008, when I discovered your blog, stunned into silence by the richness of your words--words that are organic, and palpable and inconceivably real. 2008 was the "BEST YEAR EVER" for me, too. So many losses and gains; so many tears of sorrow and joy; and so many first steps, first words, first times. And somehow, while spinning within an incessant cyclone, I was deposited into your world, full of magic and beauty and new beginnings. In short, I, like so many others, stand in awe of your gifts--as a writer, mother, wife, friend, healer, comedian and, beyond all else, AUTHENTIC human being.

In many ways, you remind me of myself; somewhere in this life, I have walked some of the same streets and floundered in the clutches of similar disappointments. Yet, when I really thought about it the other day, I realized that I see you as the self I hope to BE one day, a woman surrounded by her own foursome, or trio or pair--anything but alone. I've gone from a self-absorbed addict with no dream, save for an early death, to a healthy, grateful, self-nurturing, career-oriented woman whose body longs to nourish a child and be held by someone--male or female--who loves her.

I have spent my life alone, mostly by choice, and yet my boundless fears have imprisoned me, too, forcing me into a solitary existence where the thought of intimacy, to any degree, has seemed impossible. Reading your blog has inspired me to move forward, to confront the sexuality that I have alienated for so long out of fear, traumatic memories, abuse and self-hatred.

You are everything I aspire to be as a woman: honest, in touch with herself, open about her sexuality, the partner of someone who respects and adores her, and the mother of Perfection: namely, the parent of an Archer or a Fable of her own.

When I read your blog, I see my future: a previously nebulous cloud of nothingness that gets closer by the moment, instilling me with hope and assuring me that Nothing will be Something one day. That I, too, will have a laughing child to come home to and nurture with all of the love that I have kept from myself. That I, too, will get beyond the trauma that holds me back and, one day soon, be FREE.

Thank you for inspiring me to unlock my prison door. Thank you for proving to me that my future IS POSSIBLE. . .and likely closer than I think.

May you and your family continue to love, laugh and thrive!


mom2nji | 6:15 PM

I got a little teary reading this! Congrats on a wonderful year! I love your blog.

The Mommy | 7:00 PM

Great post. I hope to accomplish the last item this year.

Brooke | 8:11 PM

What an awesome post. You have such a way with words, and I look forward to your posts.

Here's wishing you an even great 2009!

Mom101 | 8:41 PM

No fair getting all that done by 27. And in one year too? Pfft.

Much deserved, lady. Lots and lots and lots of love to you all.


Thank you all for your words. Making me weepy over here. A happy new year to all of you! Much love and laughter.

Anonymous | 6:51 PM

Happy happy new year to you. You deserve all the best. It's so great to see that 2008 was so amazing for you. Here's to homing that 2009 rocks the casbah as well.

Coachdad | 10:32 PM

Wow...great year indeed. Hope 2009 treats you even better!

Anonymous | 8:46 AM

Oh, yay!

Loukia | 10:48 AM

Wow... amazing post. Made me cry!

Nell | 8:25 PM

What a roller coaster of a ride this life is. Such beauty and such sorrow and some laughter and curse words along the way.