Merry Everything

With love, 

The GGCs


sweetmelissa818 | 9:35 PM

They're amazing! As one of my best friends says "A very merry Krismahannukwanzika"!!
Oh, and that shirt Archer's wearing in the first picture looks familiar. Did you get it at Target (I bought one from the clearance rack for my daughter and it cost me about $2).

mames | 10:15 PM

i would love to plant endless kisses on their deliciousness. merry all of it to you too.

Anonymous | 10:32 PM

my dude made us add 2 extra candles to our 'norah' tonight.

Vodka Mom | 6:07 AM

Have a great, great holiday!!

Mrs. Cline | 6:48 AM

love, love her. not sure how you haven't eaten her yet, because she looks just too good! merry everything to you too, and all the best in '09!

Unknown | 7:32 AM

Happy Holidays!

Barry and Amy | 9:47 AM

So very precious! You have been so blessed, with two beautiful children!


yo. archer's hair looks PERFECT. kisses on your hind quarters. everybody's -- so that's 8 kisses.

love you.

Julie Marsh | 10:19 AM

Back atcha! And hey, where can I get a coat like Fable's...about sixteen sizes bigger?

Rachel | 7:25 PM

Happy Holidays! They look so adorable together!

sarah! | 9:08 PM

happy holidays :)

just wanted to inform you that i asked for, and recieved your book (Rockabye) for christmas this morning :) cant wait to start reading it.

Anonymous | 12:51 PM

I hope you and your family had a great Hanukkah! Those are great photos. I especially love the one of Archer holding Fable and a view of the tree. Precious. Beautiful tree decorating by the way. I love the teddybears. =o)

mo-wo | 2:42 PM

Blessings indeed.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Best wishes for happy happy '09.

The 'wo's

BOSSY | 7:03 PM

Happy merry sweetie!

Maremone | 8:49 PM

She has the most amazing eyes

Anonymous | 8:10 AM

It's a pleasure to look at them.

Melissa | 7:25 PM

Awww! What little sweeties! Love Fable's jacket.

Avalon | 7:45 AM

Hey Rebecca, not sure if you'll be into this at all but I saw this and instantly thought of you and Fable.

It's some cute vintage baby clothes for really cheap. Apparently there are more going up over the next few days.

Hope you and yours had a good holiday!

Shoshanah | 8:05 PM

I used those same candles this year!

Happy Hanukkah and hope you have a happy new year!

Anonymous | 6:50 PM

Your kids are absolutely beautiful and your killing me with the skinny jeans! love it. - cici and mo

Suzi | 7:48 PM

I love that jacket on your daughter. So precious.

Unknown | 7:23 PM

OMG! Not only is she wearing the hoodie I gave her...but it got TWO shout-outs! I RULE!

For anyone who's interested, it is the Barefoot Dreams cozy-chic hoodie and it totally comes in ADULT sizes too (not to mention robes, blankets, wraps and throws) rejoice, rejoice!

Sorry. I'm just so excited to see that I gave a good gift. I know I'm silly that way. Going away now.