Kissing My Parent's Asses Once Again

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I pretty much worship my parents. My family is my happy place for sure and I can only hope that one day Archer and Fable will feel the same way about Hal and me and our merry little foursome. Today's Momversation is about becoming your parents...

A girl can dream. 

Also, because so many of you have asked, (which is super flattering! Thank you!) my eye makeup situation equals the following:

MAC "honey lust" shadow for lid
MAC "humid" shadow for crease (if you have blue eyes i recommend .... "plumage" for crease.)
MAC "showstopper" shadow for under eye and across the eyelid with MAC* eyeliner brush
MAC liquid liner for edges of eyes. 
L'Oreal Lash Architect mascara in Black/True Brown. (I've tried every mascara, designer or otherwise, and this is by far the very best.) 

Also swear by an assortment of pinky MAC lipsticks including Twig, Hug Me,  Fabby, Pink Plaid and Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Watermelon, Raisin and Guava. (Pink lips make green eyes POP! If your eyes are blue, go with red.) Blush by: Tarte Cheek Stain for cheeks and Studio Fix powder (in Hi! I'm super pasty!) for the face. 

*I've been using MAC products since 7th grade. MAC doesn't test on animals, gives a shitload of money to charity and has superior products all around. Except for their mascara. It sucks. 

Happy Makeuping!



Amanda | 11:30 AM

I'm happy with there mascara. Man I love MAC in general.


Really? Maybe I just have squatty lashes. I've tried over the years to like their mascara. Good to know you dig, though. Viva la MAC!

Anonymous | 11:49 AM

meh. their eye makeup remover is pretty bunkus too. but i think it's mineral oil free, so there's that.

kisses on your mons.

Lindsey | 11:58 AM

I was actually just thinking the other day that I love how you rock pale pink lipstick. I'm hopelessly flawed when it comes to make up. I usually just end up looking pleasant but you manage to have a 'style' associated with you and your make up and it looks fun funky and nice.

Deanna | 12:14 PM

There's shadow for underneath your eye? WTF? I have no idea how this girl thing works. You're doing a great job though and you look great!


It's just eyeshadow worn as liner, applied with an eyeliner brush for smoked eyes!

cJessicaPyne | 12:30 PM

I love MAC, always have, and have one of those nifty Employee 30% off cards because I use their products in photo shoots. You're right - always go with a different mascara!

Anonymous | 1:15 PM

I have never used MAC's eyeshadows but (erm, see my last post!) I second that their mascara blows. Your eyes are gorgeous though so I could be convinced to try their shadows! Thanks for the tips. Any chance you'd show off technique with a little how-to video?

Anonymous | 1:49 PM

i totally second that how-to video request. i could use a tutorial. your makeup always looks gorgeous.

Jennifer | 2:02 PM

Thanks for the advice about the makeup. I, as well, love MAC. 'Buried Treasure' is my favorite MAC eyeliner. Do you have any lipstick advice for people with light-brownish-goldish eyes?

Just started reading your website and am already addicted. Fable and Archer are adorable. I have an older brother and seeing them together makes me miss him so much. (He's in LA, I'm in Italy.) Thanks again for sharing your life with the world!

hoppytoddle | 2:08 PM

I just wanted to say that although I haven't been blogging that long, the entry I wrote on my Dad is by far my favorite. It's long, but I'm proud of it because I finally put what I felt into words, which is the point, right? It was only like the 3rd post I wrote, so I felt like no one read it. But, I miss him. The post is:

& youse a pretty girl.

Anonymous | 3:34 PM

Hey, what about us brown-eyed gals?! What color makes us pop?


I think with eye makeup it's all about contrast! So if your eyes are gold like Jennifer, I recommend a dark purple like: deep truth, contrast, something dark violet or dark plum... For brown eyes I think coppers look beautiful and greens, of course. It's only the blue eyes that I'd say trade the dark green (in crease) for a color with more blue... green shadow and blue eyes kinda clashes. Just like blue shadow on green eyes isn't the best combo either. Brown eyes you have a lot more options but I say go for copper/golds with a splash of bright color (greens and purples for fall!)

Re: the makeup tutorial. Sure! I'd be happy to!

Anonymous | 4:13 PM

i have brown eyes and in all the makeup for dummies kits the preferred color is purple. i just get the Almay color system. it has 3 colors and tells you exactly where to apply them. otherwise, i wouldn't know. for real.

glad you love your parents. wish i had the same experience but i am the opposite. it does give me hope though that my daughter is 14 and still says she loves me (which i certainly would have never done to my own biological bitch.)

i hope my kids say kind things about me when they are older just like you do about yours. of course they will. i bake cookies. (although bmc would smack me for considering plopping some tollhouse on a silicon mat baking. sorry!)

Brooke | 5:32 PM

You are so fun! I agree, I hate MAC mascara, and find I have better luck with the stuff at the drug store. All the rest of their products I love. The holiday color palattes are fun too, I'm just better at buying them than applying them.

And if I were cool and lived in LA, I would so want to hang out with you.

kittenpie | 7:55 PM

Okay, I am forever looking for a mascara that does not a) clump like a mofo and b)smudge. My lashed like to stick together even with nothing on them, and I think I must touch my eye area a lot, because I always have smudging issues. Think your lash architect would hold up? I also keep hearing how awesome DiorShow is, so I was about to ask nadine (Martinis for Milk) the same questions about that one. Am hopeless, myself, so usually wear nothing. Gah. Am in constant awew of people who are on top of this stuff.

Anonymous | 9:10 PM

i have blue/green/yellow eyes and use purple, when i actually put the stuff on.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} | 11:01 PM

I've only just stumbled across your blog and man... you're beautiful and hilarious.

I can't wait to get the time (who knows when that may be, 2020?) to sit and read through some old posts.

Looking forward to more of your bloggin'. xx

Amanda | 4:22 AM

I love how much you love your parents. That kind of relationship seems so rare these days. I think my mom is a SAINT (my father passed away nearly 9 years ago).

Prasti | 5:28 AM

oh i love MAC too. they just opened a MAC store close to where i live so i'm ecstatic. i also like that you can take your empty containers in to recycle them. pretty neat.

btw, when do you find time to put on the make-up? i only have one tot and most days i don't have time. i don't know what i'll do when baby 2 comes around.

Daisy, Just Daisy | 7:53 AM

Any mascara is AWESOME if you use a base-prep. Lancome and Chanel both make them, and they can make your oldest, cheapest most dried out tube of mascara make your lashes amazing.

I also have green eyes & I've found charcoal liners really make my eyes pop when I'm going for an everyday look. I like Armani's pencil liner a lot. Perfectly smudge-able yet it stays on all day with drifting down my cheeks.

Andrea | 10:44 AM

Okay, but doesn't Mac mascara stink? Reminds me of a very old lady's closet and I'm not even pregnant.

Anonymous | 11:14 AM

MAC mascara totally does blow. I am a sever mascara addict and am always trying to find the best in the biz. My new favorite is GIVENCHY Phenomen’Eyes. It hardcore rocks and it has a funky brush.

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

If you weren't so damn likable, I'd have to sorta hate you for such awesome makeup wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

Maja | 5:53 PM

Oh yes...a tutorial would be marvelous!!.

Have to share my favorite sweet gal from London England Lauren Luke she rules with over 27,000 subscribers...I believe if you watch her you'll see how lovable she is :)

Mommynightowl | 10:33 PM

The first time I wore MAC makeup, which was only about 2 months ago, my friend did it for me. Its my picture to the right, I loved it and I think it looks nice. Growing up, my mom always kept me away from their section of the beauty department because of how much makeup the artists wear. I think it depends on how you wear it and I think you look great. I would LOVE if you did a tutorial because I have no idea how to apply makeup myself.

Heather B. | 11:36 PM

I just started using their skin products. AMAZING stuff there. Also they have so many color options and they have excellent foundation with SPF 15. Also their sales people are wonderful and helpful and I have never been disappointed.

Wonder if I could get a job shilling for them or maybe they need a blogger.

Sage | 12:54 PM

I'm thinking the make-up doesn't really matter. You can't buy eyes so captivating. Really.

Anonymous | 11:43 AM


Anonymous | 7:42 PM


Anonymous | 9:55 AM

Which shade of Tarte Cheek Stain do you use? Appreciate the info, thanks & happy new year :)


Tarte in TICKLED. Best!!!

Anonymous | 1:11 AM

Hey, is that Tarte Tickled Peach or is there plain tickled aswell? also I can't find the mac showstopper on their site, could you please recommend an alternative shade?

Thanks heaps!

PS. just recieved your book from amazon - LOVIN IT!!