She Thinks I'm Hilarious

(12/3/08 = Fable's first laugh.)



Unknown | 9:40 PM


Kaitlyn | 9:49 PM

So darn adorable.

Barry and Amy | 10:18 PM

absolutely precious!!

My Bottle's Up! | 4:28 AM

you can tell she's totally peeing in her pants. :)

just another mother | 5:17 AM

how funny!! great capture!

Anonymous | 5:24 AM

she is the cutest baby in the whole entire world!! maybe the universe (those martian babies are pretty cute though)

Anonymous | 6:14 AM

omg, cute beyond cute, she throws her head back! I love that they learn to laugh so easily and with their whole body!

Dawn | 6:53 AM

That's frickin' adorable.

Anonymous | 7:47 AM

I think my heart just exploded. Adorable!

Anonymous | 8:09 AM

I love her!

Mrs. Cline | 8:28 AM

omg, she is adorable.

emilie | 8:43 AM

she's joy personified! you, are an adorable goof. ;)

Tito and The Gang | 8:45 AM

You're making it hard to resist getting pregnant again.

Amy | 8:58 AM

hey what kind of carrier is that?

Anonymous | 9:01 AM

Awesome shots. What a great moment to capture :-D

Mother Ship + inFINcible | 9:18 AM

What an awesome series of moments captured. I bet you could stand there all day making her laugh!

Anonymous | 10:54 AM

matchy mcmatchbags laughs.
haha! i wish i could fit in that pouch with her. i miss your bosom.


Totally matching, I know. I'm *that* mom, already. Pretty soon we're going to be wearing matching dresses from Laura Ashley.

Carrier is an old-school Bjorn from Archer days and a Bjorn cover from:

Cover was care of PunditMom and Cool Mom Picks! Thanks Joanne and ladies!

Fairly Odd Mother | 1:37 PM

Too, too cute. Love that last photo where you can almost hear her laughing through the screen.

Anonymous | 3:59 PM

Cute doesn't even begin to describe...

Rachael | 4:56 PM

That is just too adorable!

April | 5:45 PM


Vodka Mom | 5:51 PM

That is SO freakin' adorable!!!

Binky | 5:52 PM

That is one big ol' first laugh. My surly kid has yet to open up that wide and he's got a few months on her.

Of course, it's entirely possible that I'm just not funny.

You, on the other hand--I'd expect nothing less than Fable's reaction.

Unknown | 6:20 PM

and a precious one at that!

Kecia Greer | 7:01 PM

I don't know if I've ever seen 3 photos that relay pure joy between two people as these do. Definitely going into my Google Reader Favorites.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous | 7:59 PM

That almost made me want more babies. So, cut it out.
Damn, you are both so gorgeous.

Leigh | 8:59 PM

those photos are sickly cute!!! i love your carrier, btw :)

Erin | 9:21 PM

Sooo sweet!
loving the boob painting in the background ; )

Anonymous | 9:55 PM

I am a lurker but I just have to say....


Anonymous | 7:55 AM

i just died of the cute.

pamela | 8:07 AM

love the mirror pics! i also love the fact that you are not stingy with your coolness. you always tell people where to find the best clothes, accesories and music without hesitation. and that in itself makes you awesome!

kittenpie | 2:39 AM

OMG lookit you two cuties! Mine has a strange little strangled laugh, but it's still heart-melting. And you are doing so well! Posting posts and everything! Good for you, mama.

Anonymous | 6:38 AM

This is too too adorable. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous | 8:03 AM

AWWWW.. my heart just melted a little bit.

BTW - whats the deal with the half naked chick on the wall? lol

Ophelia Mourne | 9:48 AM

I found your blog through Blogher and Momversations. I likes you alotz! lol

Your baby is precious enough to eat or at least bottle up her cuteness and sell it. teehee

Hope you both have happy holidays ♥

katarina | 1:24 PM

made me smile a big time too:-) great shots

Mom101 | 2:16 PM

So cute I hardly even noticed the BEAUTIFUL Bjorn cover she's sporting.

A future fashionplate, just like mama

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

I wish it was a video!

PunditMom | 4:57 PM

As it should be.

Anonymous | 4:57 PM

these are soo freakin cute! I really love the last one!

Heza Hekele | 11:59 PM

Baby laughs are so intoxicating.

I love that artwork on your wall.

Chelsea | 1:29 PM


Anonymous | 2:27 PM

Yes what is the lady on the picture holding?...and where did you get it unless you are the aritis?


Anonymous | 2:46 PM

Oh I forgot to mention that I have a 3yr old expecting another one in Jan. so I hope I am dorky happy when this happens:) I have liked some paintings pictures with breasts or behinds in good taste exposed but my toddler has lately been fixated on "boobies" ...I guess cause he knows and we talk about the baby breastfeeding. I guess I was just wondering how do you know when toddlers are going through a phase...because mine wants to rub mine and likes to touch his aunts and grandmas's ahh i hope its a thing he picked up at daycare.

Abi | 7:28 AM

Awesome photos!

I *heart* your Baby Bjorn! So stylish!

Anonymous | 7:44 PM