Memo to Husband: You're Cute



Amber | 4:03 PM

You know how when people have been together awhile and they start to resemble each other....that's you and Hal

The Panic Room | 4:35 PM

That was rad!

Cool to hear what these guys are saying. I am such a blabber mouth about everything I would have never started my blog if my wife felt weird about anything I might say. She does surprise me sometimes wondering why I didn't get into more detail about certain things. And all of the sudden I'm like: "Baby, this is going to be public on the internet"

Anonymous | 4:57 PM

hal has the whitest teeth EVER!! i was totally mesmerized.

Heather | 5:13 PM

Hello! they are all adorable! I loved the whole groping convo LOL!


Ha! He'll love that you think his teeth are white. He's very concerned with his teeth for some reason. And they are all adorable. Good sports for sure.

EdenSky | 5:33 PM

He really is cute, I love the permanently surprised look. Does that expression change if you do shock him? It's hard to see how his eyebrows could get any higher.
I only just realized that I haven't even told my (husband? boyfriend? baby-daddy? spousal equivalent?) that I started a blog. Is that bad? I should probably have checked with him before my last post. whoops, Sorry I told the Internet we have sex in public places honey! Hope you don't mind.
As for the attachment parenting: Me too! Totally came out of no where and blindsided me too. First kid was totally independent and now, with number 2 I have become all crunchy and weird. I gave birth at home on purpose for god's sake, and I use cloth diapers and slings! Where did that come from?

Erin | 5:57 PM

That was ubercute.
Hal is a hottie girl.
: )

Anonymous | 7:01 PM

hahah hal is precious.

Shannon | 7:02 PM

OK, your post title is too much! He IS cute! That was a good video, and worthy of me coming out of lurk-dom to comment on. But the post title got me, so sweet :). Gotta love the great men behind the great women!

Anonymous | 7:44 PM

dear hal,
without hal there would be no ggc -- no archer, no fable. no attachment parenting or babytalk, babytalk. so how the hell does he think he's gonna get a hall pass on being subject matter? psh, halberto V05. you *are* the story.

dear bec,
and on the other hand, you finally quoted me correctly. you never babytawlked with archer. high pitchy, maybe. but never downright babytalked since i've known you. until now, of course. for some reason it matches your fancy eyeshadow: annoying on most other people, but doublesexy on you.


NICE! Those blogger-loving menfolk are totally good sports, and it was really fun to hear them talk. Hal is completely adorable.

Anonymous | 6:37 AM


What a good sport he is, and adorable to boot. It was nice to get a chance to hear from the the other half of the dynamic duo.


Anonymous | 9:42 AM

memo to you: you're cute, too

that was rad

Jess Kiley | 11:28 AM

I'm guessing it was his full lips you first fell in love with?

Avalon | 3:12 PM

yep, your husband is a hottie, not going to lie. nice work on scoring that one! :P he seems like a really cool guy, too.

Anonymous | 4:26 PM

Awesome segment :-D. I like hearing from the guys. I often wonder how my husband feels about it so it's cool to get the input without actually asking him so I don't have to hear him say "I hate it" hahahahah

Desiree | 9:26 PM

I loved this a lot.
Nice to hear from the boys!

Vodka Mom | 4:15 AM

I loved it...

Mirinda | 6:11 AM

The thing that was so wild is how much everyone speaks and has the same mannerisms as their spouse (esp Heather/Jon) That is so funny! And cute!

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Anonymous | 2:07 AM

Rebecca, I moved to Australia, and now every time I go to read your blog on Babble, it sends me to some lame-ass australian babble black hole with no fun blogs! This is such horseshit! Is there seriously no way to read your babble blog anymore?

[sniff. Maybe I should move home.]

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Shelia | 12:00 PM

Love these guys!

And for Hal? OMG... yummy yummy. His lips are deelish.... you are a lucky woman!

Of course, I imagine he's completely imperfect by way of leaving dirty underwear behind the bathroom door, having chronic halitosis in the morning, and cries every time he talks to his mother. What? It's what I do. You know... to balance out the perfection that is Hal from this viewpoint!

(Feel free to correct the imperfect list, Bec... it'll just make us hate you more!!)

HA! My word verif is: maters

Yes... yes you are!