First of all, this:

Fable Lue at 10 Weeks

Second, today's Momversation is about Oprah which reminds of me the 30 Rock where Liz Lemon says "Liz Leeeeemmmooooooon" , which coincidentally I have been saying (to my own amusement) for weeks and can't stop. (Seriously. Please send help!)

Third, Do you use an IUD? More specifically a Mirena? Because we're talking all about Inner Uterine Devices up in here. Come on down and join the fun!


Sorry! I know. I'm like a Jewish Grandmother except I'm only 3/4 Jewish and not a grandmother. I do refer to bottoms as "tushies," though. So, you know... Shalom aleichem!


Oh! And thanks so much, Christine, from's Storked for featuring a short excerpt of Rockabye, here!  


Pat | 11:37 AM

first of all your little girl is tooo cuuute!
Second, I had a baby exactly 2 months and 2 weeks ago and I did get the no hormones IUD a month ago and its the BOMB (well for now) because I dont have to worry about anything; my hubbie and I can get to shaking the bed with no worries
Third, PLease tell about your diet
it seems that you have lost so much (and for me not even breasfeeding works..)
and I'm not jewish but "Shalom whatever you said" to you too..


Oh, CONGRATS!!! Our babies are one day apart then? Very cool.

Also, glad to hear you're digging the IUD. I'm back and forth between the Mirena and the no hormone IUD. I think I'm going with the Mirena, though.

Re: the weight. I have 18 pounds to lose, yet. 30ish pounds if I want to get down to my fighting weight so thank you so much for your kind words but I'm not even close to pre-pregnancy weight!

I have lost close to 40 pounds, though, I assume because I'm eating really well but I eat pretty well usually so it isn't so much a diet I don't think... I've been eating especially low carb, low (one sweet a day) sugar, high protein and tons of hearty high-fiber grains. Drinking green tea daily (Green tea helps with weight loss in ways I don't quite understand), Hiking when I can and pre-making all meals. (Boiled grains for breakfast, Quinoa and veggies for lunch and hearty vegetable and legume soups with salad for dinner.) I'm also staying away from cheese, which is my ultimate weakness. Especially this time a year.

Good luck and again, congrats on your new baby! Woo!

Anonymous | 11:48 AM

Oh God, I haven't been able to stop saying 'Liz Lemon' either, seriously. It's like a song being stuck in your head, only worse.

Adorable pictures of Fable, as always.

Barry and Amy | 12:54 PM

What a BEAUTIFUL girl! And a killer outfit!

About the IUD, I personally don't use one for religious reasons, but I have know several women who have used Mirena- 2 of which love it, and 1 who had some serious cramping, but she swears by it now as well.

Angella | 12:58 PM

She is seriously the cutest baby on the Internet.

Miss M | 1:23 PM

Fable is absolutely adorable! How fun! I remember the days when I could make mine laugh like that. So sweet! I can't wait to start over again!!

Anonymous | 1:28 PM

and i quote, "So, you know... Shalom aleichem!"

jesus, you funny. and fable's just darling. happytime, babytalk.

Maria Melee | 1:32 PM

She is such a dollbaby.

April | 1:38 PM

oh, i LOVE fable's sweater!!!

Anonymous | 1:44 PM

Firstly -- such cute pics of Fable, she will never have the embarrassing baby photo album moment because you dress her so fab!

Secondly -- one of my aunts used an IUD for years, and loved it until 1) it made her sterile (she sued and got lots of money and adopted her 2 kids) and that was years ago. But because of the infection that the IUD originally caused, it ballooned back out of hiding like 5 years ago (some 15 years after she went thru with the lawsuit) and it caused like this massive hugely dangerous tumor which they couldn't really remove because of all the blood vessels it was infringing on. Even though it wasn't cancerous, they still had to get it down and out -- so they nuked her (radiation) and gave her tons of other drugs. Made her sick for years. Finally had to have a hysterectomy last year. With all that happening to someone so close to me, I am 100% against them.


Ah, yes. The oldschool IUD's were baaaaad. Made many women sterile and caused a lot of damage. The new generation of IUDs are a different story and are unfortunately overlooked because of yesterday's models.

Anonymous | 2:07 PM

First of all, Fable is beautiful! Secondly, I don't know you. hahaha Finally, I'm a 20 year old girl who is NOT a mommy but who came across your blog and now reads it. I think you're an amazing writer and damn funny! So I thought it was only fair to let you know that I just ordered your book off of Amazon and I can't wait to read it! :] :] :] Thanks Rebecca!


Anonymous | 4:35 PM

i am going to snap fable's legs off and beat her with them - she is so freaking adorable!!! i would seriously pop her head off if i ever met her (guess you don't want to meet for lunch then, huh?)

i am on the pill. thought of going off of it and then i did for a month and when aunt flo came to town i remembered why i love the pill. it's not just aunt flo, it's more like aunt floodgates without the pill. does the iud do anything for that?

fallgirly | 5:07 PM

Are you serious with this beautiful stylish baby? Holy crap she may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. SERIOUSLY. Oh I hope mine is cute like this. Love your fabulousness!!

Anonymous | 5:33 PM

Seriously I just don't get how you have the time to just look so AWESOME - you and Fable look like something out of Hip Mom Mag or something cool like that.

I am so with the poster that wants to hurt Fable because she is so darn cute except mine is a little less violant ~ I just want to squeeze her. My God-Daughter is 8 months and she literally looks like a ham because she is so darn chub and I squeeze her and she yelps.. WHY am I bragging no idea?

So onto IUD talk. In a nutshell did not work for moi. It gave me cramps for 3 weeks out of the month. So basically I had 1 week to rub uglies with my husband. Not the best with you are newlyweds. I held on for 9 months but then finally could just not take it and had to get it removed. MIGHT consider it again after I have our little baby in May but that is a BIG MIGHT:)


Anonymous | 5:36 PM

AND I wish that old school IUD would have made my mother sterile - Seriously she had two kids after getting the IUD. TWO extra kids that I kid you know NO ONE wanted around. I was 10, my brother was 8 and we were set. OUt of left field two new girls came and it was hell.

I am only slightly kidding about wanting it to make her sterile.

EdenSky | 5:53 PM

wow, this post consisting entirely of pictures and a video clip has given me so much to think about! I have been considering an IUD and now my research is half done. Thanks! Also, having read that exerpt from Rockabye on Storked I now love you even more and will totally go buy your book because you were so fully in the same place as me and now you're my hero. Now for the obligatory: Fable= CUUUUTE!

Anonymous | 5:56 PM

Rebecca, I just wanted to comment on what loverly eyeshadow you wear, and how you're always the glamour girl of momversation.

Vodka Mom | 6:19 PM

A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. (did I just spell adorable? I think so...)

Dawn's Daily Journal | 6:29 PM

Hi! About to get all TMI-y over here. :) I had the Mirena put in a month ago due to severe cramps. I have been spotting since then. The doctor said I would do that for two months and then it would stop. He's got three more weeks til I go back and punch him. I mean come on!! On the plus side, once you get past the two months, I am promised lighter and lighter periods til they go away for 5 years.....and when I did have my leetle monthly visitor she was an easy one. :) I say go for it. It hurts like a mutha (heehee I just wrote mutha) when they put it in. But it only takes them around 10 minutes to do the whole procedure. I then went home, took a long nap and drank some wine for dinner. I say go for it. If it doesn't work they can always remove it. I haven't had any crazy mood swings or anything either.
Good luck!

Backpacking Dad | 8:14 PM

Blogger is playing little jokes tonight :}

As much as I'd love to link to all of your posts for no other reason than because they're worth reading, I can honestly say I was not prescient enough to encode a link to this one in a post I wrote two months ago. I'm just not that good.

But since I'm here, I definitely have not tried the IUD. It looks uncomfortable. My preferred method of birth control is giving the toddler coffee two hours before bed and then sitting back and watching as the twinkle leaves my wife's eye.

Anonymous | 8:33 PM

Okay, I LOVE that sweater! It's so cute on her! Baby girl clothes are THE BEST.

Anonymous | 9:28 PM

Kate has that dress. Gotta love Baby Gap!

Anonymous | 9:38 PM

I think "tushie" is HOT!

The bambina is adorable. Congrats.

Anonymous | 4:07 AM

I just read your book, and I loved it! Which is no surprise to me, but I wanted to let you know. Thank you so much for being just as truthful about your struggles as you are about your happiness. Your children are adorable and you are an amazing mom.

sweetmelissa818 | 7:45 AM

The biggest difference between the hormone iud and the hormone free is the bleeding. I believe my aunt had the hormone free, and her words were "I bled like a stuck hog".

foodiemama | 8:48 AM

fable is amazingly adorable! when am i going to get to see that bundle of cuteness?

oprah makes me gag... no thanks! really, really no thanks, haha!

iud- i have pondered them. the mirena specifically. it sounds great and while i never want to procreate again i still can't get behind putting hormones in my bod. probably because the pill made me manically depressed and fat. i am traumatized. if you do it i can't wait to hear how it goes. it sounds like a nice low dose of hormones when my ob described but i am so not sure of crazy stuff floating around in here.

B | 10:06 AM

I left mu IUD comment over at SFTB. Mirena=Bad. But I am with all the others, I would like to steal Fable. So stinkin' cute!!

Anonymous | 10:15 AM

I'm using and LOVING the Nuvaring.
It's in for 3 weeks out for a week and it is comfortable and easy. Think about it!

Anonymous | 1:43 PM


I just found your site yesterday through (whose site I go to once in a blue) so I decided to take a look at your site (and I found through Novelle360 at as well, whose sight I read religiously). I loved reading your entries titled, "Before It Get's Complicated" and "Happy Trials." Just from those two entries alone I can tell what a wonderful writer you are. And I wish I had found your site in 2005 when you began writing as opposed to now.

I also see that you have a book out, "great cover." I'll have to pick that up one day. Well hope this doesn't seem too weird, me randomly commenting you (who knows maybe I'll start reading you daily).

Take, care.

P.S. Congrats on your new baby girl! Those photos of you making her laugh (below) are adorable. =)

Anonymous | 8:45 AM

Your little girl;s gorgeous!

Interesting about Oprah. And how come you always sit soo close to the camera? ;)

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

Am I crazy or did your eyeshadow change half way through? It was pinky and then it was goldy-green. Cute either way

Anonymous | 7:42 PM


Erica | 6:40 AM

Check out my post here ( about Mirena. Yeah, it's not a high percentage, but...ick. Love your blog. Your babies are beautiful!

Nell | 8:31 PM

Okay, OMG, I'm totally in love with her middle name too. Fable Lu. So darling.

Just like Ivy La Rue is totally adorable (Steph's baby with AdventuresinBabywearing). Sweet little girl names.

I'm stuck with all sweet little names. I did manage a couple rad boy names though. Still not quite as much fun as a sweet little girl name with sweet little girl outfits and sweet little girl colors ;)

Enjoy her!