Infant Jest

Miss Fable : Five Weeks Ancient (Dress c/o Auntie J!)

Several weeks ago I decided that because  Archer's first few years are/have been documented in a book, I would make Fable her own version in music videos, highlighting shiny moments in Fable's early life. (Beginning with her Prologue, of course.)

Without further ado Volume One, Chapter One, "Infant Jest":

*This comes a week late, I do realize. Then again, what is time? 

**Musical Credit: I'm not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend by: Black Kids (which also happened to be track one on the GGC Push Mix.) 



EG | 1:54 PM

So cute! And hey, did you ever post the entirety of the Push Mix? 'Cause our hospital recommended John Tesh and Yanni and classical music with birdie noises in the background. I will stab you in the eye if you come near me with John Tesh while I'm in labor.

foodiemama | 2:43 PM

my god, she is beauty! and that dress looks fab on her chunky little bod. So, you single handedly (or fables awesomeness did, haha) thru me into this baby fever i am trying to come down from. i know the time isn't right but man i am losing it, haha. can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous | 2:57 PM

Holy diabetic coma from all the sweetness that is Fable. How can you stand it?

PunditMom | 3:19 PM

Love it! Share the "push mix?"

Anonymous | 4:51 PM

Oh come on, let's just have another book!

Wendy | 5:11 PM

Aw! How sweet that Archer keeps kissing her! I can barely get my 6yo son to even *touch* babies. lol. I really love the one at 3:30. Her expression is priceless. And her eyes! Holy cow. She's going to be a real heartbreaker one day!

April | 5:18 PM


Anonymous | 5:21 PM

She's a beautiful baby. Congratulations and she'll treasure the videos one day

Rhea | 5:29 PM

She's beautiful and adorable.

Anonymous | 5:47 PM

how are her lips still attached? i would have eaten them off long ago.

and her fingers.

and her toes.

Shanying | 6:16 PM

really? That sounded just like The Cure to me.

also, absolutely adorable video! I demand more videos of Fabel blinking!

cargon | 9:04 PM

Oh my...I'd forgotten how swell-my-heart adorable teeny tiny little baby coos are. How sweet.

Anonymous | 10:58 PM

...that was just so fucking beautiful...tears through smiles. thanks for sharing...

Jess | 12:06 AM

Lucky girl.

Anonymous | 4:45 AM

Cutest damn baby ever (except for mine, and Archer, obvs). And also? AWESOME song choice!

Unknown | 12:00 PM

Love it, so sweet.

pamela | 6:09 PM

i just want you to know that i had a really shitty afternoon... and this put a smile on my face, especially those little coos at the end. so sweet, it makes you forget about troubles eh? sometimes i just want to lay with my little babe and melt away into her little world...

Windy | 7:48 PM

Cute idea? How did you make the videos??With what program? | 7:25 AM

Dude. I totally want to have another one, now...

She's absolutely gorgeous. How is she 5 weeks already??

Mom101 | 7:55 AM

Your love for your family is bursting through the screen. It's remarkable to have the ability to express just what you're feeling so that we all feel it too.

Anonymous | 12:37 PM

The first video and the last video made me cry! You've definitely captured the moment!

Anonymous | 4:29 PM

She is such a little cutey, great idea! You should send some of your photos of her to me for our Kid of the Week contest! No favorites of course, but she's got a good shot :0)

Anonymous | 6:23 PM

Oh my goodness, I thought I was keeping my composure well. That was, until the big blinking peepers and baby noises at the end. I'm done!

Chrissy | 8:31 PM

de-lurking to say w00t w00t for a reference to David Foster Wallace's fabulous, if dauntingly giant novel! Fable is ovary-aching adorable. She's beautiful, as is her name.

Sara McGinness | 4:25 PM

i love the idea of a monthly music video, amazing. She is so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous | 2:30 PM

That's so beautiful!

Miss M | 9:20 AM

Can you share the rest of the "Push mx" with us? Of course I love the video, but I also love the song :) Your Fable is precious!!!