Next week I'll go back to posting actual posts. As in, with words. For now, though, I had to post a few photos I snapped today. My words are pretty much hollow in comparison, anyway.

a few more, here. 



Unknown | 9:47 PM

I already said it on your photostream, but I love love LOVE these shots. So freaking precious.

Desiree | 11:17 PM


Unknown | 1:31 AM

*faints from cuteness overload*

Heza Hekele | 3:59 AM


Anonymous | 5:40 AM

really, really nice

April | 7:25 AM

*loves it*

Anonymous | 8:06 AM

i am going to rip her tongue out and eat it!!! oh my god she is too much!!!!!

and i love archer's little smirks. he is going to torture her one day (and she him) Enjoy!!!!!

Vodka Mom | 8:34 AM

love it, love it, love it!!

Anonymous | 9:09 AM

I can see why you have no words to say. I can't find any either. Except for 'oh my god the cute is killing me'.

emilie | 9:56 AM

wow. so, my girl junk just went into overdrive. squirms uncomfortably. need baby in me now, kthx.

Anonymous | 9:59 AM

man, that first one is a framer.

Unknown | 10:23 AM

There is nothing sweeter than siblings bonding... cherish those moments, because soon it will be siblings fighting LOL. I adore Fables smile and Archers sweet innocent smirk, like "this is MY sister!

sweetmelissa818 | 10:38 AM

They're both so beautiful separately that together it's hard to imagine anything better.

Anonymous | 1:18 PM

what kind of camera are you using for these beautiful shots??

Dawn | 2:33 PM

Those are awesome shots! Wow. The first one in black & white is priceless.

radiolariat | 3:09 PM

These pictures just short-circuited my ovaries, they're in revolt. What stunning bebes you have.


I have your garden variety canon powershot elph. Nothing fancy by any means.

Anonymous | 7:54 PM

you are fancy.

Mom101 | 5:01 PM

With photos like these, words are overrated.

Swistle | 7:04 PM


Anonymous | 7:55 PM

You grow some preeeetty babies.

Jaelithe | 7:16 AM

Adorable explosion. You're making my ovaries hurt.

It does not help that your son looks so remarkably like my son (aside from the hair color). I can almost see my own son holding the baby sister he's been asking me for for years. It's a good thing my husband is at work right now.

Anonymous | 8:11 AM

Simply adorable. Beautiful pics, wow!

Catherine Just | 8:19 AM

LOVE these photos! makes me even MORE excited to have our first baby in March!!!
Love your blog too. Thank you for writing it.

carrie | 10:10 AM

I LOVE that big, wide-grinned smile of hers!

*His isn't so bad either! They are adorable.

Anonymous | 10:15 PM

These photos (almost) make me ready to have #2!

Anonymous | 9:18 AM

They are perfect.

Anonymous | 11:59 AM

I had my first a few weeks before you had Fable. Now I'm ready for another, if only for the disgustingly adorable photo ops. I vomitted up cuteness just looking at these.

Wendy | 2:04 PM

These pictures are so precious. How lucky you are, new mommy of TWO!! :)