He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

Lately Archer has had quite the fickle heart. Never mind that he seems to have a new girlfriend at school and his imaginary friend has all but disappeared. He goes back and forth between showering me with kisses and hugs and kicking my ass. Luckily my transition committee was fully prepped by friends and family who warned me of what I would soon be up against when Fable appeared on the scene. 

And now? I'm learning to love life with my bipolar three-year old who in the blink of an eye goes from sweet to scary. 

Luckily, his lashing out has only been at me and his father. Archer adores his sister and spends most of his time as close to her as humanly possible. If he could his mouth would be permanently pressed to Fable's forehead and every night I have to pull him kicking and screaming to bed because "NO MOMMY! I WANT TO CUDDLE WITH FABLE!..." which is totally cute but I draw the line at cuddling with Fable past 10:00pm, which, yes, I admit, is Archer's bedtime but only because he's napping from 4-7 right now. (Don't even try to talk me out of naptime. Naptime is a very important time for all of us and when it is taken away? Terrible things happen.)

Of course, amidst the chaos of two children-dom, there are moments that make it worth it times infinity. Times like today, when Archer, Fable and I fell asleep on the couch together in a heap like a bunch of puppies. Times when Archer forgets he's at war with me and goes back to his formerly sweetness-and-nose-boogered self.

Times when Archer smiles at me and tells me he loves me. Right before he slugs me in the face. 

In other news, morning playdates are quickly becoming pre-dinner meet-ups. I guess this is what life is like with two small children. 


Badness Jones | 3:52 AM

That happened with the Princess when Bad was born. And then it got better. And then he got big enough to start wrecking her toys...and she started taking it out on him. Luckily, he's more than able to defend himself. Good luck!

April | 4:46 AM

aw, same thing happened with my first when the second came around. they sure love each other, but sometimes MOMMY IS THE DEVIL. for no apparent reason :-/

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

I hope you were joking when you wrote that Archer hits you. That's REALLY scary if he does.
Well, at least he doesn't want to kill Hal and marry you.

Anonymous | 9:15 AM

Yeah, sigh. I don't know why this happens either - my son is like this. But don't worry, it gets better when they are seventeen or so. Ha ha, no, not really.

Maggie May | 9:44 AM

bundling like puppies is my favorite part of a family. it's why i want a trillion billllion kids!!!

ok maybe four.

hoppytoddle | 10:53 AM

We do that, too! We call it 'Puppy Ball!', & when we get up & have to trounce all around the house, going potty, letting the dogs out, DD sings out, 'DOG PARADE! DOG PAH- RAAAAIID!'

Our 3yo is has also pushed her nap back to the point that she's also a late night party girl. Yes, people (who weren't even asked) tell me we should just drop the nap & put her to bed earlier. But my Huz works until 8pm, if were lucky, so if I did that DD would never see him.

Just do what works for you. Then perfect the art of smiling (really creepily, mind you) at the people you offer the 'helpful, unsolicited advice' & nodding your head.

Anonymous | 11:42 AM

My 21-m-o spent a full five minutes SCREAMING in the bathtub the other night for no apparent reason other than the fact that it sounded cool. And then he snuggled on my legs and said, "I wuv oo." I totally get the abuse/love thing. The screaming I can handle. The headbutting sucks.

So it goes.

The Panic Room | 8:25 PM


Amazing T-shirt in the last pic. I just found out what it was like to get your feelings hurt by a kid today. I am new at this, it sucked.

Anonymous | 6:34 AM

You can see his point, right? Imagine if you came home one day and Hal said...
Hal: "I'm so glad you're back. I just got some wonderful news!"
You: "Really? What?"
Hal: "We're going to have another wife!:
You: "Huh?"
Hal: 'Another wife! A friend for you to hang out with and have fun with!"
You: "Are you high?"
Hal: "No! I just found out she's moving in next week. You'd better make some space in the closet for her stuff and we'll need to get a bigger bed ... oh my God, I'm so excited."
You: "Hal, this is stupid. I don't want another wife. I'M your wife."
Hal: "What you're feeling is normal but you'll see, it'll be fun. You can share each other's clothes (when you lose some weight; she's thinner than you are...) OW! OW! Quit it! That hurts!

Anonymous | 11:44 AM

Awww, he'll get over it. Which you already know. He's really freakin' cute, though!