Gratuitous Face

a post-breakfast stretch-sesh

Fable's "why are you always looking at me like that" face. 

I took this last photo with my cell phone so the quality totally sucks but I couldn't help posting it. I love it. I love her. I love you. I love your children. I love your shoes. I love everybody and everything amen. 



Unknown | 9:58 AM

Yay for happy blog posts, much love and gratuitous baby pictures. Love all three.

Mrs. Cline | 10:08 AM

she is unbelievable gorgeous. i can't imagine one single thing about fable that is not perfect.

barbara | 10:11 AM

we love you too.

Anonymous | 10:17 AM

as we say around here, "we love you more"

(i want to kiss her all about the face and zerbert her neck. and i don't really like babies.)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 10:22 AM

She is just precious! One of the most beautiful babies I've seen for her age, to be honest!


Anonymous | 10:40 AM

I love the pic you took with your phone. It looks like something you would see in a dream sequence in a movie. She is honestly gorgeous!

Rachael | 10:41 AM

She is so freaking adorable I almost can't stand it.

Anonymous | 10:47 AM

she's so beautiful


Anonymous | 10:54 AM

aaww.... we love you too.

She's precious.

Rhea | 10:59 AM

Those photos make me love the world too. lol

She's adorable.

Anonymous | 11:58 AM

She's so precious.

I swore my daughter would not wear pink ... then I discovered all of the pink/brown combos. I see you have fallen victim as well.

Anonymous | 12:20 PM

AHH! So adorable! When I saw the first picture... I yelled AHHHHHHH! and my bf came running(thought something was wrong)~ she is too cute. those lip's are to die for.
You guy's breeded such beautiful little creatures!

sweetmelissa818 | 12:28 PM

Much love to you too!

Anonymous | 12:54 PM

I LOVE the last shot! She is so amazingly adorable.

Nannette | 12:59 PM

She just seems so all-knowing. Gah. And those lips! Move OVAH Angelina.

EdenSky | 1:31 PM

you forgot to mention how much you love our hair, but that's ok, we love you anyway.

Mary | 1:33 PM

OMG! In that second photo, she looks JUST like you!! LOL!
happy turkey day!!!
we love you too!!! LOL

Amy | 1:52 PM

Did you notice that Fable's eyes in the second photo are in the same exact position as your eyes in your blog photo? That is sooo cutedinidli

Valeta | 2:39 PM

She's so tiny and sweet and all of that stuff.

Gina | 3:36 PM

I love it when you post Fable. She really is a pretty baby! Just so feminine and perfect!

I remember being in baby heaven like that. They seriously put a spell on you, don't they?

The Polar Bear | 3:55 PM

your baby is so cute!!! i mean, come on, are you serious???

April | 5:47 PM

i can't speak for everyone. but i love you too :-D not in a creepy way. just in a general, you're cool peeps way. ya know.

Anonymous | 6:02 PM

she truly is one adorable babe. if she wasn't i probably wouldn't get on and say "hey that's an ugly kid" but i also wouldn't be gushing about how freaking cute she is either. and i am gushing. high pitched squeeling, OH MY GOD, gushing!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 6:13 PM

She really is a beauty!

Unknown | 6:41 PM

I LOVE that second shot, she looks like she has a lils ly smile goin on!! absolutely adorable lil girl you have!

karengreeners | 7:22 AM

She is gorgeous. And she looks like she knows a thing or two.

Anonymous | 8:24 AM

you should change your blog name to "girls gone fable"

Anonymous | 9:29 AM

Oh my Gosh, she is too, too cute! Thanks for posting something so happy:)

Anonymous | 9:51 AM

Oh my god. The adorableness is making my ovaries ache. NEED A BABY NOW.

Meemo | 8:46 PM

Those lips! Perfect bow shaped lips. She's gonna be a heart breaker.

RhoRho | 8:47 AM

That baby is seriously almost as cute as mine. I mean really close.

Anonymous | 3:15 PM

she looks so much like you! and you're right, the last one is gorg.

Anonymous | 6:59 PM

i was just looking through your flickr pics (not a stalker, just looking for your boxer- i have a puppy and am obsessed with other boxers now) and saw a pic of Archer and Jack (don't think it's the same Jack though) with the caption "peace protest 6pm, wanna come?" And archer really was at a rally with a Jack all these years later!! talk about foreshadowing....

Vodka Mom | 5:09 AM

Those are SO adorable. for real.

Vodka Mom | 5:10 AM

Those are SO adorable. for real.

Vodka Mom | 5:10 AM

I meant it so much i said it twice. Oh, and that's my favorite age. They don't talk, and can't call you a fucking bitch. (you just wait.)

Anonymous | 11:17 AM

Fable is just beautiful...I want another baby now! :(

Run ANC | 1:43 PM

I keep meaning to comment - she just has the most gorgeous baby skin I've ever seen. It's ridiculously flawless - even by baby standards.

Swistle | 7:06 PM

The kids had three days off school last week, so for the last five days I've been thinking, "I don't want a sixth after all. Good! Now I can stop suffering about it!"

Thanks a lot. Your darling, darling little baby started it ALL UP AGAIN.

Anonymous | 9:27 AM

And I love that you post these kinds of pictures!

Anonymous | 9:55 AM

oh, she's so gorgeous!! i haven't been here in a while and i was just thinking, i bet she's had the baby by now and wow, what a beautiful daughter you have!! i hope that archer is adjusting well. best wishes...

Anonymous | 9:43 AM

OH my God, she's amazing. You and she and Archer are gorgeous! Sigh...I want another baby.....