This weekend Hal and I are taking our kids down to city hall to march against Prop 8. I participated in Saturday night's rally kidless but feel very strongly that my kids should be with Hal and me on Saturday, participating in a fight for what's right.

Frankly, I've had a hard time writing about anything else this week, still in shock am I over Prop 8's passing. In shock that there are people who read my blog that supported it. A great part of me wants to tell them all to go away. Take your hate and get the fuck off my property... But of course, I cannot blame anyone for being misguided. So I make signs, instead. Stand by my friends.

(more photos from Saturday night's prop 8 rally in Hollywood/Silverlake, here.)

I invite all of you to participate in this weekend's NATIONWIDE Prop 8 protests* for your LGBTG friends as well as your children. Because one day they won't even be able to believe that in their lifetime such bigotry and hate existed. Because of you and your willingness to fight.

I believe very strongly that love CAN conquer all and that it will with the support of good people with equal opportunity hearts.

What he said.


*click here for nationwide locations!


Kate B. | 12:34 PM

I think it's great that you're going to take your kids with you. I feel pretty strongly about involving children in the goings-on of our democratic process. I took Ella with me to vote! (Although she kept thinking I was saying we were going to ride a boat, so she was pretty pissed when we only got to push buttons at the polls.)

Liz Fraser | 1:15 PM

Thank you very much for this info! I think its great to bring the kids- its the same values you would be instilling into them at home anyway.
I found the info for San Diego's rally this Saturday and the boyfriend and I are probably going to attend.

Anonymous | 1:17 PM

I second taking your kids with you! That's awesome. I don't live in CA, but I agree with you, and I was disappointed that it passed.

EG | 1:17 PM

I was surprised that it passed, too. We have this great nation that gives us freedom of religion. Separation of church and state guarantees that. And then people try to put religion back in government through laws.

Clearly there needs to be values incorporated in laws. We value life by prosecuting murderers. Of course. But there's some line between what are American values and what are religious values. And I believe that restricting marriage between two consenting adults is crossing the line.

EG | 1:18 PM

Not that I have to convince you. :) I just haven't had much chance to express myself since I don't live in CA. I voted against it in VA a few years ago, but of course it passed.

Maria Melee | 1:43 PM

Amen you sharing love with your kids. I hope when our kids are older this will be a "I can't believe once upon a time some people weren't allowed to get married" thing.

I'll be over here kicking Florida in the pants too.

Anonymous | 1:54 PM

"Take your hate and get the fuck off my property..."

Man, you are the best.

Anonymous | 2:02 PM

I am all for this. I think that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING has the right to love who they want. It is NOT for you or me to them to say who can and can't get married. It is not for you or me or them to say what is right and wrong in terms of what God intended. If we are putting this in terms of God, well he created US ALL - he created me and you and the guy next door that is gay... He created us to love and be good.. He didn't say well you can only love if you are straight. IT IS WRONG and it is awful that this even needs to be voted on. NO ONE told me "You can't marry your husband" and no one should tell anyone you can't marry who you love. IT IS WRONG.

In my heart I need to believe that a majority of the people read this wrong and voted yes they were for it and so picked yes.


Anonymous | 2:04 PM

ANd one last thing. IF the vision of two woman or two men together in love and married disgust you - then LOOK AWAY!!!!!!

foodiemama | 2:05 PM

i wish we could join in this down here but it isn't going to work for us that day. My sister is driving 45 min down to irvine in oc with her 3 kids to join the cause!
this is a major injustice. i keep thinking whats next? take away a woman's right to vote, to work? Segregation again? its all in the same vein, all civil rights being stripped and totally fucking
un-american to the core..... i hate hate hate hate that it passed.

Anonymous | 2:29 PM

Take pictures of the kids too! Will you post them?

Unknown | 2:38 PM

It's so good to read someone else who feels the same way I do. But you rock even more because you are being active. yay for you.

Steph(anie) | 2:51 PM

That video is awesome. Thank you.

Anonymous | 3:28 PM

Just thought I'd point out:

- As a supporter of Prop 8, what I've witnessed is bigotry and hate coming from the No campaign. My children and I were yelled at as we were leaving church last Sunday. Wow. And I'm called the hater?

- Amen to democracy in action.

- You are being terribly intolerant. The hypocrisy baffles me.

And, (so you can rest easy at night) know that this non-hateful, kind, and good person will get the eff off your lawn.

Stimey | 3:56 PM

Amen. My sister and her partner were married one week before Prop. 8 passed. I cannot fathom how their marriage could possibly affect anyone but them and their kids.

Anonymous | 4:12 PM

After seeing the gays grab the cross from a little old lady then stomping on it and screaming in her face like maniacs, I decided I don't really care about their "plight."

I'll be getting off your property for good, too.

Intolerant much?

Misguided views?

Judgmental much?

Hope | 4:43 PM

While I agree with your cause and your views -- I think for the same reasons you want people to respect gay marriage should be the same you should respect other peoples views. My husband is opposed to gay marriage and I call it discrimination, but I think everyone on both sides is letting it get out of hand. Stomping on a little old ladies cross or being screamed at for your view? Wow!! That only reinforces people's stereotypes. Do I think that it's a travesty that Prop 8 passed? ABSOLUTELY!! Unfortunately we live in a democratic nation and the majority of CA disagrees with you it's unfortunate that you have to live w/ that (for now). Also, aren't you just a LITTLE worried about taking your kids to the protests? I applaud you wanting them to be involved but I would be just a tad worried that if things get violent that my kids are going to be the one that gets hurt. It's one thing to put myself in harms way....but my kids....I personally draw the line there.

Amy | 4:47 PM

I am unable to participate actively in person in the rallies, as I am on the east coast. But I participated on my blog, via the Let Freedom Ring campaign organized by Modern Matriarch.

I think it's great that you're taking your kids. Good luck and I hope your great state can get this turned around!

Anonymous | 5:01 PM

wow had a comment in mind and then read all of the other comments and not sure if i want to change it or not.....

i'm going to go with my original, gut reaction to your post:

i get what you're saying about feeling like "get the eff off..." i really do. but i also think that it's a great compliment to you that so many people with so many views want to read your blog and connect with you on some level. (i don't know what comments were left opposing your opposal to prop 8 so if i missed hateful rantings i'm sorry and i'm not supporting that. i'm just going by what i just read in your current post.)

isn't it amazing that republicans, people opposed to gay marriage, people that might have other prejudices as well, can find a common ground that makes them come and read? i think so. i think that if i were you i'd be like wow, maybe the politics differ but the motherly love is the same or the insanity of motherhood...or whatever. it's like the end of Stellaluna when the bats and birds realize that they are different AND alike. and maybe someone with an opposing view who reads your blog may just think twice about their own view if someone they respect and connect with feels a different way.

that being said, i don't think you should have put it any different because that is how you feel and that's what your blog is about, afterall. i don't think you should sugar coat anything or make anything politically correct just so you don't offend anyone.

so basically, this LONG comment is just to say i get you, agree with you, i respect how you feel about those who disagree, glad you are honest about how you feel, and just think about the positive side of those with opposing views reading your blog.


(hahahah my verification word is "idesturb"!!! hope i didn't DEsturb you!!! hahahahahahahahaha!

Mirinda | 5:18 PM

After "leaving" this blog a week or so ago I found myself drawn back tonight to check for cute Fable pics :) Yet I came to find instead this post. It reassures me that getting the eff of your property was the correct choice and in wanting to see cute babies, I should walk in the other room to gaze at my own.

I'm amazed at the majority of the blogs I read. Apparently, if you are a liberal who loves Obama, supports gay marriage and abortion etc etc etc then Hey! We love you and want to hear what you have to say! Oh....your opinion is different! Well, then go somewhere else. Because in all our bleeding heart, we love everyone ways that really means the folks who think the way we do.

And republicans are supposed to shut the crap up about the unqualified, far left Obama being our president because, Hey! the country spoke and this is what they wanted! Well guess was pointed out above- Prop 8 passed. That road about accepting democracy at it's finest goes both ways.

Anonymous | 5:28 PM

Yes indeed! I'm not a Californian, but I was shocked and saddened by Prop 8. Arizona and Florida had similar disappointments. It puts a damper on my upcoming wedding. It's just not fair that I have the legal right to be wed when so many of my loved ones cannot claim that same right. The fear, hatred, and religiosity run amuck seems hard to overcome, but I agree that true love and justice will ultimately triumph. Amen, indeed!


Hmmm... I'm going to have to follow this post up with a follow-up post me thinks. I don't usually take politics personally and am USUALLY open to all sides. I've written about supporting Obama but have never slammed anyone for supporting McCain. I understand both sides of the Abortion debate and have written about the right to choose without shutting anyone down. And yet prop 8? Is personal to me and thus, provokes anger in me that I have a hard time hiding behind "pictures of cute babies" ... The people who voted for prop 8 TOOK THE RIGHTS AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS. Of COURSE you are entitled to your opinions. To your beliefs and I respect them as opinions and beliefs but to actually take something as important as equal rights away from my best friend? The people I love and would kill for? Well then you're damn right I'm going to be pissed off.

We can all bond over our babies and being parents and all that it means to love our families but the truth is this: I'm upset. Because what I have? EVERYONE should have and I'm angry that this is even up for debate. I'm angry and I'm hurt and I'm sad.

If someone told your best friend he/she couldn't marry? That it was WRONG? I would hope that you, too, would be angry.

caroline | 5:31 PM

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'm marching in DC on Saturday- hopefully if we yell and scream loud enough justice will prevail!
I'm so glad you're using your broad blog reach to let people know that H8 is NOT ok.


Thank you, Caroline.

Anonymous | 6:02 PM

I see comments here supporting Prop 8 and angry at your words. Which is their right, I suppose. But I still don't see any explanation of why they support it.

Anonymous | 6:51 PM

I agree with shawn marie -- where are the comments that explain why it's right to support 8? The ones I've seen claim that letting homosexuals marry will lead to bestiality, polygamy, incest, and rape. I find it interesting that that's where their minds go, you know? Because the first thing I think of when two people want to get married is, Yay, more love!

I think what's particularly icky about 8 is that it proscribes a behavior that really isn't anyone else's business. If you want to make it illegal for other people to mow your lawn, I definitely see your point. Or robbing -- if you think people shouldn't be able to take your stuff, I'll back you up. But really, WTF business is it of yours what two consenting adults choose to do? If you're straight, you have that right, and nothing will change that. Why is it so threatening to you that other people might enjoy the same -- not more, not special -- privileges as you?

divrchk | 7:15 PM

I don't think that this is a republican vs. democrat issue. It's a human rights issue. Sweetney wrote last week about deal breakers. I couldn't think of one at the time. Now, I have to say that being against gay/lesbian equal rights would be my deal breaker.

Robert Hudson | 7:36 PM

"I think for the same reasons you want people to respect gay marriage should be the same you should respect other peoples views."

Actually, I couldn't disagree more. There's nothing that says that all views and opinions are equal and everyone deserves equal amounts of respect. I'm truly sorry, but when your views include oppressing the rights of other people who have done NOT ONE SINGLE THING to threaten you or your relationships or your whole lifestyle, then no, they don't deserve equal respect. You earn respect by the merit of your position, not just because you have enough synaptic activity to formulate a bad one.

Rebecca, you're angry, and you should be. The people who have written defensively have not offered anything other than "waah, you were rude, and gay people are hating on me just because I want to wreck their lives!" Not one of them has offered a coherent, rational and most of all SECULAR argument for their position. They want to live a Biblical life, by their own interpretation of what that means? There is not one gay couple in the world plotting to take that away from them. Not one.

Petulance, Prop 8 folks? It's not a good fit. You might try shame. That bitter taste in your mouth is bile, and if you look deep into your hearts, I'll bet you can figure out where it's coming from.

lex | 8:15 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
lex | 8:26 PM

i don't comment much, but this gets me all riled up. folks. if you don't support same-sex marriage, don't get one. it's not hurting you when people who love each other get married.

thank you for this, rebecca. i wish i lived in california so i could have voted against this atrocity. i love being married. why would anyone think it was acceptable to deny that right to anyone else?

cindy | 9:37 PM

Amen, sister!!!
What is really wrong about the whole Prop 8 debate in my opinion is that anyone had the opportunity to vote on it at all.
It's a particularly cruel brand of 'democracy' when you give people, many of whom are heavily influenced by their church and the millions of dollars worth of propaganda that their church has paid for, the right to vote on whether or not to strip a group of people of their civil rights.

Anonymous | 9:47 PM

Rebecca, I just wanted to leave a comment here from a Prop 8 supporter that wasn't all negative. I disagree with your views, obviously, but I respect your rights to them and more than that, your rights to DISCUSS them on YOUR blog. It becomes a very emotional issue, so I'm not going to get into anything more than this.

Just wanted to let you know that we can disagree but I still love your blogs, and I think it's important to learn about other people's views because sometimes we need to change our own. So I'm not leaving as a reader because we have different opinions, and not all Prop 8 supporters are rude (as some have shown themselves to be).

Anonymous | 9:54 PM

What you said.
And Keith said.
And Rob said.

We're marching in the heartland this weekend, too.

Julie | 10:25 PM

I read but don't usually post comments, however this is an issue that is important to me. I live in a conservative part of California. The Vote Yes on Prop 8 people were EVERYWHERE before the election, on street corners, radio ads and television commercials. The message they screamed from the streets was "Vote Yes on Prop 8 or the schools will teach your children to be gay!" This is what people heard daily. The day of the election the local news interviewed a man who said he thinks that everyone should have the right to get married, but that they shouldn't teach homosexuality in schools and that was why he voted Yes on Prop 8. Voters did not think they were voting for inequality and to take rights away from American citizens, but rather that they were protecting the children from reading sexually explicit story books in kindergarden!! The Prop passed by a slim margin and it would not have passed had more people been able to see through the bullshit, this is such an injustice.

Anonymous | 6:28 AM


What is so threatening about two people wanting to be married? Why does that scare some people so much? It baffles me.

If you support Prop 8 then you support hate. Period. Accept your homophobia and wear a label so the rest of us can stay the fuck away from you.

Anonymous | 6:54 AM

I love you. Everything else was said in the comments above (from the "no" camp anyway) that I was thinking, so I will just say if you were gay and I were gay, I'd totally want to marry you! :-X

emilie | 7:37 AM

Allow human rights to be taken away by REFERENDUM is insanity. Although I'm Canadian, I have several friends in California (and Florida) who's marriages/unions have been impacted by the passing of these propositions. I deeply hope we can proudly tell our children we worked to change minds and hearts and did the RIGHT thing by our LGBT brothers and sisters who just want the state OUT of their bedrooms, so they can go on with their own lives.

Rock on Bec & Hal and Archer & Fable. The family that protests together stays together!

No to H8!

Anonymous | 7:42 AM

I couldn't agree w/ you more. And I don't even have any close friends that are gay. But, this whole thing just disappoints me to no end. I just don't get it.

And I really don't think it would have passed had the church not given so many millions of dollars to the campaign. Which I have a huge problem with. Why is the church campaigning for this? And do they really think Jesus would like them to spend millions of dollars on this campaign instead of giving it to charity? Can they really call themselves good Christians after that?

If because of their religious views they themselves wanted to vote Yes, I'm ok w/ that. But, spreading lies and rumors to convince everyone else to vote yes, not cool and not Christian.

Anonymous | 10:08 AM

you are my hero.

i'm in virginia and unfortunately due to a series of marathons in my city (who the fuck has multiple marathons on the same day in a CITY?) i can't even begin to make it to the protest location here. i am there in my heart, though. i agree with some of the people who have written above - it's a basic human right, and if you don't want to get a same-sex marriage, then.... don't.

it's crazy how many people will turn on you just because you believe something different, and as far as losing readers over this, honey i don't think it matters. those who love what you do and what you write love you for being yourself. you will never lack an audience. you ROCK sister.

Mirinda | 10:35 AM

I wanted to add that while I don't "support" gay marriage (I live in Alabama- this would never pass here to begin with folks. Let's be honest LOL) People can do what they may. Do I believe it's wrong- BASED ON THE HOLY BIBLE that I live my life by?- yes. To each his own. I don't have to stand before my Lord to give an account on anyone's life but my own.

The stance of what would Jesus do because he loved everyone is getting a wee bit old. For anyone who spouts this off is making the statement either out of justification or ignorance. He did LOVE everyone, yes He did and does. He HATED sin. And if you read The Holy Bible homosexuality is a sin. Period. Don't believe that? Fine. Am I judging you for it? No way, not my place. I'll be judged for enough on my own, thanks! But don't say Jesus would ACCEPT this because it is just not so. Read the Bible. Not Mormon, Jehovah Witness, etc. But THE HOLY BIBLE. God's own word. Til then I'm sick of the 'Jesus loves us all so it's OK to do whatever' stance. Just not so.

You can call me a bigot or my views coming from hate. You're wrong and if you can't wrap your brain around someone respecting the beliefs of their religion maybe it's you that's not so open minded and supportive, folks.


It's amazing how misunderstood Jesus was, both in life and after death. If Jesus were to come back now I'd bet he'd be a Gay/Lesbian/Transgender person.

Anonymous | 11:41 AM

oh jesus. you had to go and call jesus a trannie. you may need to move to portland for reals now.

Liz | 12:03 PM

Couldn't agree more, Bec! I'll look for you on Saturday!

Mirinda | 1:54 PM

Well Rebecca, having been a Christian for almost twenty years I don't pretend to know all there is to know about Jesus or the Bible. I know the foundations. And I don't know what you base that ridiculous statement on or how you think I might be misunderstanding my Lord and Savior but if you'd like to point it out to me I'd love to be made clear on the matter. You can email me direct if you'd like since I've always been open in posting here, never anon! Obviously I'm missing something that I've missed for 31 years of my life or we're reading a different Bible.


Anonymous | 2:24 PM

Jesus did have long hair and wear a dress.....

Amanda | 2:32 PM

Funny how Mirinda states- "I don't have to stand before my Lord to give an account on anyone's life but my own."

Yet, by voting for Prop 8 you're trying to pull people away from their LIVES, their basic civil rights. You want to be judged for your own life, then get out of other peoples and quit using God as an excuse.

IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOU! And to close your eyes and bury your head in the sand over the fact that it DOES AFFECT INNOCENT PEOPLE, is completely unjust and if 'your' bible is correct- "let he that is without sin cast the first stone".

We're all equal and therefore deserve equal rights for EVERY living being, or none at all for EVERY living being.

Mirinda | 3:05 PM

Ummm, Amanda? I didn't vote for or against anything sweetie. I live in Alabama. It wasn't an issue to be voted on. I'm not in anyone's life telling them what to do. I'm telling you why I disagree with the stance that "Jesus loved everyone' is not a valid arugement in this case. I haven't actually said in any post what I think about gay marriage but when I do, then you can tell me to get out of someone's life. If you had read my other posts clearly, you'd see my point is I don't give a crap what anyone else does with their lives. But the issue was voted on and Prop 8 passed. It's how the government works in this country. Which brings me to....

"let he that is without sin cast the first stone".
Why do you think I said I don't have to stand and be judged for anyone's sins other than my own? I'm accountable for ME. And there will be things to be held accountable for. I'm a sinner and will be judged. I don't deserve more or better than anyone else. Clearly, I can't tell you on the stupid computer my entire belief system. But you don't know me. Period.

Anonymous | 4:16 PM

WOW! I was against Prop 8 all the way from Virginia, but even if I was for it that guy would have convinced me. Way to go for bringing your kids to show your heart is where your mouth is (yes, I know the saying, i like this one better).

Anonymous | 6:59 PM

This door is wide open now,whether you like it or not!!!

Megg | 8:40 PM

jinx! I just posted the second vid too ;) Don't you just love it!

Anonymous | 9:46 PM

Yes, this issue was voted on and yes, it was passed, but this wasn't an issue that should EVER have been put to a vote. This is an issue of rights, and rights in this country are held to a higher standard than "popular opinion".

Or they should be.

Anonymous | 11:16 PM

funny how mormons were HUGE supporters of prop 8 and yet 'polygamy' was used as a scare tactic to urge the yes vote. if it's in the history of your religion, how you gonna use that shit against people who just wanna spread the love?

why can't everyone - regardless of race, religion, creed, or color - embrace the fact that LOVE is what holds the universe together? not the bible. not rules that you'd like everyone to live by. not puritans who don't believe in sex-without-procreation. i'm talking good, pure, mother-effing l-o-v-e.

ugh. some people are such turds.

in the words of my dad: if you don't believe in gay marriage, don't marry a gay person!

Anonymous | 9:21 AM

Hey Rebecca,

Here's what I don't understand: Pro8 folks brought up this big thing about teaching our children about gay marriage. So? What's your point? It's as if the gay lifestyle were a perversion, but they don't want to come right out and say that. Trust me, MY life was a much bigger perversion than my gay best friend's.

F**k this tolerance crap. Where's the acceptance? The embracing? I'm a Christian and I'd lay down my life that the good Lord embraces all His children with love.

Anonymous | 10:45 PM

Amen sister! And it's great that you went to the protest. I couldn't make it but you bet your ass I'll be finding other ways to help fight this!

This is a civil rights issue, not a debate on what the bible does or does not say. Who cares what anyone's religion says? In this country it's supposed to be separation of church and state. It seems a lot of Prop 8 supporters can quote the bible back and forth but they haven't read a lick of the numerous papers and essays outlining the reasons and logic that the founding fathers based this country on. Sorry, but it chaps my hide when folks talk about getting back to "traditional America" when they're not even educated in what the real America is all about.

We'll kick this thing to the curb.

Whit | 6:59 PM

Man, people go to great lengths to justify their own ignorance. Sure, hate begets hate, but that doesn't make supporting Prop 8 anything less.

It's hateful and shameful and I can only hope, for their sake, that they have better luck convincing their god that they did the right thing.

I'm late to this post, but I'm glad to see the protests have continued and spread- maybe something good will come of this yet.

Sara | 9:09 PM

Sigh. Great post, seriously. Thanks for all you write here. One thing that really upsets me is the idea that gay marriage/unions 'threaten' marriages between men and women. I often hear the religious right fearing for their rights and this, to me, is ridiculous. So yes, people are angry. Sometimes this leads to inappropriate attacks (yelling at 'old ladies with crosses'), but this is in response to the way many Christians use religion to justify bias.

Although I am not a Christian, I grew up in a liberal, Christian household. My father and mother have always been upset with this issue because, to them, marriage shouldn't be an issue of the state (i.e. there should be state sanctioned unions). All people should have the right to be married.

Growing up with such a human perspective of faith has left me with the strong sense that we must fight for equal rights. And I will teach my daughter what this means, and take her to rallies and explain why we must work so hard to make it happen.

Anonymous | 2:45 AM

From an outsider looking in (I'm an agnostic New Zealander living in the UK, from a conservative Christian background :-)), it seems to me that one of the big reasons people seem to be talking past each other is because of their view on the Bible.

If you take a conservative Christian who believes the Bible is inerrant, they'll generally take everything the Bible has to say literally (except of course those pesky "sell everything you have and give it to the poor" verses ;-)).

If you take a liberal Christian who believes the Bible is a product of its time and culture, but want to take an overall guiding message from it, they would probably say "Jesus wouldn't support Prop 8" (as many liberal Christians already have in these comments).

And I don't know how you're ever going to reconcile those two perspectives, because for conservative Christians, an inerrant Bible is at the heart of their religion. And the Bible is (sadly) condemning of homosexuality.

Anonymous | 12:14 PM

I couldn't believe that prop 8 passed. It seemed so obvious to me that it was wrong and that I just couldn't fathom the idea of more than half of a state being willing to deny people the right to marry. It just saddens me, so very very much.

Mama Bee | 7:49 PM

Hi GGC! Just discovered your blog and slowing catching up on your posts, but had to write a quick note on this one. I applaud everyone who has the cajones to take a stand on their blog in opposition to Prop 8! I, too, have a ridiculous conservative Republican readership (who knows how the fuck I accomplished that?!) and I think that it takes courage to blog not only your thoughts and opinions, but to stand up for what you believe for on such an important issue.

Can't wait to catch up on some more posts! Keep up the good work :)

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