Joe the Plumber, Ashley Todd, Avril Lavigne and Puff the Magic Dragon Walk Into a Bar...

Introducing Hal as Joe the Plumber!!!

Joe rocks his safety goggles like a TRUE AMERICAN!

Bec as Ashley Todd!!!

Hope? Try... uh, Nope.

See? The B isn't backwards, I swear! Oh, wait...

Ashley Todd + Joe the Plumber = GOP Love.

Archer as Puff the Magic Dragon!!!!

Puff the Magic Dragon lives by the Hollywood sign...

...And does his own face makeup.

And let's give a BIG GGC Halloween welcome to... AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!

"When you feed me formula it makes me so constipated!"

"I feel like babies dressed as pop-stars on Halloween are undder-aaaaaaaated..."

"Yes I'm cute! In my boots! And my suit!..."

"Now if you'll just whip out your boob and feed me. So effing long I've waitteeeeed..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah...





Heather | 1:30 PM

I love all the pictures but Fable's boots ROCK. I want to see a picture of them. Did someone make them?

Linda | 1:36 PM

You are hee lair ious!!! Ashley Todd..I almost spit coffee out my nose! Gawd, you are so creative.
And Fable rocks the Avril outfit! That little girl is a beaut!!
Archer is cute as always, always, always!

Mirinda | 1:39 PM

The babes are adorable as always! But making fun of someone mentally ill? Won't that get you kicked out of the democratic party and all that?


Yes, Heather! The boots are AMAAAAZING. A friend of mine made them for her. She's a pro designer-person. Obviously. I wish I had a link to send you to to buy! They're amazing!

You can get a better look, here.

She's wearing them over neon green babylegs, btw.

Misha | 2:24 PM

OMG, you have just once again confirmed that you guys are the COOLEST FAMILY ever!
I have been suffering from election anxiety tremors, and this helped calm me down a bit. Thanks!

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

That would be plumber. Joe the Plumber.


Oy. Thanks. | 4:29 PM

Avril Lavigne was a hysterical choice.

Fraulein | 6:37 PM

Oh my God, that's hysterical. I love it!!

Anonymous | 7:20 PM

My favorite is Joe the Plumber. That is so creative!

Anonymous | 8:05 PM

Brilliant! Avril Lavigne, really brilliant!
I didn't grow up with Halloween because I am from Italy, but I always try to dress up...
Love Joe the Plumber idea - I have to send it to my relatives in Italy because believe it or not he is also a celebrity over there (the newspapers talk about Joe the Idraulico (plumber in Italian))...

sweetb | 8:59 PM

You guys kill me. Love it and love little FLI's Avril sOOt... and puff.. well, ya. we had Harry Potter over here. Obvi, my fave. ugh. haa.. no, cute and NOT FRIGGIN HANNAH MONTANA, right????!!!! love you!oxoxo

Julie Marsh | 9:00 PM

LMFAO at all your costumes. Love all of them.


Anonymous | 12:20 AM

You were right the other day. She DOES SMILE already!

pamela | 4:50 AM

you are effing hilarious!!! i love the ashley todd costume and thought it would be brilliant to be that psycho. the babes look great too... check out zoe's homemade chicken costume if you so choose.

Reed!! | 7:01 AM

You all look great, but Avril Lavigne looks fantastic. Leave it to you to have a child who kicks some serious ass at a month old -- hey, she's a month today, no?

Motherhood Uncensored | 9:58 AM

Pure genius -- lyrics and all.

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

Oh God. Your costumes are, hands-down, the best I've seen this year. I'd totally give you extra candy if you came to my door.

Erin | 10:35 AM

Ashley Todd? That is just brilliant. And incidentally, on a somewhat random note, what kills me about Ashley Todd (aside from the fucking insaneness) is that she could've just scratched an O into her cheek and not worried about it being backward. But I guess crazy bitches don't think like that!

*the mama | 10:46 AM

uh, hysterical. just a lurker here...but nice work, really.

Anonymous | 1:16 PM

very cute. what made you think of avril?

Marie-Ève | 7:33 AM

You guys are too funny. It was LP's first trick-or-treating so we kind of didn't know we were supposed to dress up in costumes as well... We looked like asses. People are taking this amazingly seriously in my neighborhood (much to delight of the kids). We'll know better next time, but it looks like you and Hal were perfectly appropriate in your clever sarcastically political costumes!

Gemini Girl | 8:27 AM

I love Fables costume!!!!

My kids were:

Forgotten | 10:52 AM

So adorable!! You gotta love dragons and of course Avril...

Very awesome indeed.

Maternal Mirth | 12:15 PM

You make Ass-ly Todd look purdy :)

Anonymous | 8:47 PM

You guys all look awesome. I love Joe The Plumber.

sweetmelissa818 | 11:09 AM

I love it!

Anonymous | 2:19 PM

Archer looks like a little man already!

JBirch22 | 1:50 PM

BTW, when you google image search "Ashley Todd", yours and Hal's picture is the 6th one that appears. Whaaaaaat! hahaha