Holiday Travel, Weight Loss, and a Very Special Surprise!

Today on Momversation, Holiday Travel Funtime! Asha from Parenthacks talks Holiday Blahs with Maggie, Mindy and Me.

Speaking of the Holidays, is this time a year a bad time to try to lose 20-30 pounds of baby weight? Because... I wasn't really thinking about that when I decided on this week as week one of Operation Lose the Baby Weight and Be Hot Again... Duh, Bec. Duh.

Those following me on twitter and/or facebook might have heard the news but I had to break it here, anyway: Archer pooped on the potty for the first time yesterday (which coincidentally was the day he turned 3 1/2. Archer's always been a numbers guy but still... Weird, right?). Archer also chose last night to sleep for the first time without a pacifier. Ever in his life. I'm serious. This is big, people. This is huge. Bust out the Champagne and low-calorie snacks and let's freak nasty on the party bus! 



Erin | 10:39 AM

YEA! 2 HUGE milestones in one!
Congrats Archer!!

Chelsea | 10:49 AM

You put a smile on my face.

Prasti | 11:01 AM

woohoo! yay for poop in the potty!

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

love this new weekly thing. so interesting! (also thanks so much for the e-mail about my hair)


Anonymous | 11:14 AM


That's very, very exciting!

Anonymous | 11:23 AM

NICE! Congrats!

Unknown | 11:28 AM

Yay Archer! I remember I thought I'd have to work to be super excited and congratulate my son on his first potty-pooping success, but the truth was I was really THAT happy about it. Parenthood, right?

Anonymous | 12:50 PM

It's so great to hear that there is hope that my little guy 3 and 1 month will some day poop on the potty and give up the paci!! Maybe in 5 months?

Way to go Archer!! Yahoo!

Anonymous | 1:24 PM

One little question, why is a 3 1/2 child still using a pacifier and not potty trained?


Oh, lovely, classy anonymous... What would I do without your endless love.


Oh, lovely, classy anonymous... What would I do without your endless love.

sarah! | 2:02 PM

i'm only 20, and i'm a college student without kids/my own family, that whole thing. however, i really love reading your blog and I just wanted to let you know that :] i love seeing moms with awesome music taste ALSO! (myspace clued me in haha)

Anonymous | 2:05 PM

haha great response to anonymous and just so you know i am a pre-k teacher and there are plenty of kids still in diapers in the 3 yr. old class. mostly boys. and let's not even get in to the whole speech delay thing because that just adds to it tremendously. oh and then there's the whole stubborn, gonna do it when i'm good and ready thing. geez bec, next time all you have to do is squeeze it out like toothpaste don't you know? you have total control over whether or not he poops in the potty. i think you just like changing diapers. yeah, that must be it. duh.


Ha! Totally. One day I want to collect boneheaded comments and make a coffee table book out of them.


And to everyone else, THANK YOU!!! It's been a looooooooong road. Uphill. With the e-brake on.

Anonymous | 2:27 PM

Yay for Archer!!! That is totally cool, and 2 milestones in the same day/night?! Yowza!

Unknown | 2:55 PM

Great response to Anonymous. Obviously, no one needs to tell you not to listen to such nonsense. But really. I love how having a kid (hell, it starts with being pregnant) brings all the tactless unsolicited-advice-givers out of the woodwork.

Anonymous | 2:57 PM

WOOOO!! Congrats Archer! 2 milestones in the same day is seriously awesome.

Anonymous | 5:18 PM

I feel ya on the baby weight. Just this week I hit my pre-baby mark. Now I just wanna get rid of those five pounds that, you know, you'd always like to lose. And accept that my pre-baby weight self NOW is still a different body then it was then. Things they be looser.

I did it the old-lady-like way. Weight watchers. It worked for me. Either that or it all melted away thanks to the magic of breastfeeding.

And one more thing: yummy breakfast. Cook one cup bulger with one cup water and one cup pear nectar and one cut up pair, a big dash of nutmeg and a little dash of salt. When it boils, turn to low (real low) cover and simmer 15. Eat with a dollop of yogurt. YUM.

Anonymous | 5:20 PM

Oh, God, I wrote pair instead of pear. That really irks me!


Anonymous | 6:01 PM

omg screw that chick...
that said that.
3 1/2 and still potty training. It's not like Archer is 13. AND you were pregnant for 9 months! Jeez... people are so dumb. I have seen celebrity kid's around 5-6 in age running around with pacifiers... so screw you anon.

April | 6:34 PM

1. YAY FOR THE POTTY!!! My son turned 2 last week and i can't tell you how many people are up my ass about when i'm going to start potty training him. LAY OFF PEOPLE. how about a potty training momversation???

2. YAY FOR THE PACIFIER!!! ... or lack thereof.

3. We're broke and still expected to travel to my parents. every year we get the "well, it's probably your grandparents' last holiday 'with us'" talk about guilt.

at least it's not a flight. four hour drive sucks, but we can pull over if need be (once the little one screamed for FIVE hours straight... you know, because it's never actually what mapquest says it will be).

Toni Jean | 9:11 PM

More prop 8 pictures from a friend of mine.

Love your blog, you are amazing.

Anonymous | 10:31 PM

Go Archer Your an official Big boy, soon you'll be moving out to college!

one out of diapers/pull ups its a start. Think of the money you can just save on not getting pull ups and spend on Stage 2 diapers. How things change

Anonymous | 6:06 AM


Potty milestones and a bink-free bedtime go Archer! Noble turns 3 today, no pooping in the potty yet, and still using a binky. Send the haters this way...oh wait; I'm too chicken to blog.


PS You look fantastic NOW, but I know where you are with the weight. I gained 70 pounds with Kaden Truth and 40 pounds with Noble Otis, all within 2 years (they are almost 13 months apart). It was a lot of losing and gaining in a short period of time! Of course now the weight has accumulated over 10 failed IUI’s and 4 failed IVF’s (our post testicular cancer attempt at #3). Things change…but that weight issue for me never does ;) I feel you sister!

Anonymous | 7:36 AM

You are giving me such hope - my just 3 yo daughter has NO, ZERO, zip interest in the potty. I was hoping her desire to imitate her older sister would be pulling her along, but no dice. And we've only recently banished the binky to bed time. So thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me that sooner or later, we'll get there.

Congrats on the achievements!

barbara | 8:09 AM

There are so many changes from age 3-4, it will astound you. Your little boy is growing up!

The Lowe Family | 8:15 AM
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Anonymous | 9:20 AM

Isnt it amazing how all of a sudden, kids can stop doing whatever they HADTODOEVERYSINGLEDAY? Congrats. Love that feeling of relief and accomplishment.

And girl, you look great. Seriously. I hope you take some time an enjoy some pie this week. I mean, if you have pie for breakfast, then you can burn the calories off throughout the day, right?

Unknown | 6:43 PM

I'm thinking your baby boy is growing up!! my oldest was also 3 1/2 when he stopped with the pacifier.. maybe they would just rather do things on their own terms..and im Ok with that.. I see he pooped on the potty AGAIN TODAY! WOOT!!!!

Janel | 7:33 AM

Whoa, that is awesome!!! Kids are like magic, aren't they? Who knows why they just suddenly decide to do things, but all you can do is just be happy about it and not question it!!!!

Anonymous | 4:38 AM

Wait! He's 3-1/2 and he had a bowel movement in the toilet for the FIRST TIME EVER??? WTF? He's been in diapers for 3-1/2 years? I have no words to express my incredulity.
Same for the pacifier.