Boheme & Reverie, Three Months

I wanted to post this earlier today but life intervened. So! Here we are, a quick post before the day is over and we forge ahead into month four with four...
Today I went back and watched the video of Bo and Rev's birth, read through some of the posts I wrote while pregnant, combed through those first photos of them, tiny and new in the NICU and miraculously, didn't shed a single tear. Which I credit to sleeping THREE FULL NIGHTS in a row, woohoo! We celebrated with a dance party that Boheme slept through as Reverie kicked very impressively to the beat. And then we all sat down to a dinner of spaghetti and milk.
Unfortunately, I forgot to post (and shoot) photos of the babes on their blankets last month so there's a little hole in our series. Bummer. Still, it's pretty fun to compare them today to the seemingly minuscule babies they were two months ago:
Bo & Rev, one month
one month
Annnnnd break-it-down in five, four, three...

You guys, we did it! We survived three months! WE SURVIVED!



Hats were homemade by my friend (and fellow twin mama) Joy @ freckletree, bloomers are next9, a gift from Rone at Mothering Earthlings and moccs were homemade with love from Susan at Freshly Picked! Thank you, Joy, Rone and Susan!


Manda | 10:04 PM

Oh my WORD! They are so, so AWESOME! With the wiggling and the kicking legs and flailing arms!! And you're doing amazing. AMAZEBALLS! Go you! GO EVERYONE!!

Ashley | 10:08 PM

That video made me want to go get pregnant. Twice. Because I need two babies. Okay, I don't need any, but they are pretty convincing. Congratulations to your whole family on making it three months!

Lin | 10:41 PM

Oops... I think that video made me ovulate. It may have also had the same effect on my husband. We were both transfixed!

I remember when my baby was so wiggly and excited! Now she's 13 months old and so fun in a completely different way. It will be a hard wait for our planned pregnancy next October!

Des | 10:45 PM

Oh, good grief, they are amazing!

Unknown | 10:51 PM

They are totally rocking the bloomers! I am so glad they finally fit.

Angelcore | 11:14 PM


vickichristine | 11:50 PM

i looove that video! haha - they may not be identical but they sure do move identically. little swimmers. :) they are too cute. yay for 3 months!

Katie | 11:55 PM

Happy three months beautiful family!

Pauline | 12:08 AM

SO CUTE!!! i LOVE this and you for providing me with an adorable baby fix

Tove | 12:24 AM

Yay three months! And congratulations on getting sleep!

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life | 12:42 AM

OMG the cuteness! Also love the metallic pink shoes.

sarah doow | 1:28 AM

All that sweet constant kicking and arm-waving is making me feel more guilty about not going to gym for a workout!

RubySaysMontana | 1:35 AM

Are you kidding me? OMG! Best ever... ever. Bless you for sharing these adorable babies with all of us. I want their outfits right now. Serious, I am pretty sure I could rock either hat with much aplomb!

Abi | 3:36 AM

Love tgwir fash & matchy matchy dance moves!

elizabeth | 3:50 AM

i love them! so beautiful at probably one of the most adorable ages. my little girl is about two weeks younger than them.

My Bottle's Up! | 4:22 AM

omg!!!!!! 3 months?!?!?!?!?


this is the first post i've read during this pregnancy that has gotten me excited about dressing a little girl. b/c holy smokes, those are some killer threads baby ladies!

Star A | 4:38 AM

May I ask where you got the blankets they are laying on? I love them and would be thrilled to buy one for my baby!

Meg | 4:59 AM

Sweet baby girls! How have TWO of my blog girls gotten the big twin surprise this year? Something in the blog water..... You and should be new girlfriends!

Elizabeth | 5:19 AM

They are so scrumptious!!! You make me wish I wasn't forty so I could make some more babies.

Anonymous | 5:20 AM

They are gorgeous!! and plump :) !! and best dressed babies-ever!! Thanks for sharing!! My little girl loves all your photos of the babies :)

Stephanie | 5:20 AM

Well, that video got ME grinning first thing in the morning. You sound like such a fab mom. And your children (babes and bigs) are just extraordinary.

Heather S | 5:45 AM

The wiggling. Double wiggling. Holy moly, double cuteness. I just about died from it this morning. Good job Mommy!

Anonymous | 6:27 AM

Three months is a HUGE milestone. During my twin pregnancy my husband and I kept chanting to one another: we just need to make it through the first 3 months. And then, magically, we did! Our twins are heading into 5 month territory and all I can say is that it just keeps getting better (although I'm not quite sure how that is possible, but it is).

Janel | 6:32 AM

My favorite (with babies in general) is the look on their face when they kick their legs. They look so earnest, like, "LOOK! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" I like to imagine they're trying to impress me.

Jen | 7:09 AM

They look like they're triyng to take flight! This brings me back to sitting with my brothers when they were tiny twinnies.

Allison the Meep | 7:09 AM

Their synchronized floor moves are impressive. Such gorgeous little creatures! They're breathtaking. And not in the Seinfeld way, either. Like in the so-gorgeous-that-I-can't-handle-it-and-it-makes-me-want-twins-rightthissecond-even-though-I'm-done-having-babies kind of breathtaking.

Kara | 7:23 AM

I wish I had their energy! Such beauties :)

Maternal Mirth | 7:57 AM

They look like they're doing little twin-y running mans... just get them some fabulous MC Hammer pants and BAM! Bo & Rev Retro 90's dance party! (kisses on twin cheeks!)

freckletree | 8:42 AM

SQUUEEE!!! They are amazing, the hats look great, I'm so excited to see these pictures. The girls are wonderful, this take me back to the days of one-sided conversations and the girls running endless laps. Love them, love you. Congrats and keep up the awesome work, mama. (and I hope Fable has fun in her skirt today!)

Anonymous | 10:22 AM

I LOVE how in sync the twins are in several pictures! Amazing! So cute!

Glenda | 10:25 AM

Love it!x2 they were definitely running laps lol and Rev is the most vocal one huh?

Keep rockin'

Bret @ Green Global Travel | 10:43 AM

Super cute! My daughter's 10 now, but I remember her first Christmas like it was yesterday. They'll love this when they get older...

Bea, OT | 10:56 AM

Love the outfits!

It took me longer to stop tearing up, but 8 months later my boy is doing well!

Congrats on your 3 months!

Unknown | 11:13 AM

Happy 3 months, Bo & Rev! I was cheesing super hard when you were asking them to smile, as if that helped anything. Love their hats and entire outfits actually.

Denise | 11:30 AM

My favorite part of this is that they appear to be situated or moving in unison in at least the first two photos. They even MOVE like twins!

Congrats on hitting three months! The best is yet to come.

Shannon Locker | 11:52 AM

Ahhhh!! They make me want another baby! They are too cute. The video kills me. Too much cuteness.

CSB | 12:03 PM

You have such a great voice - the perfect combination of loving and happy for baby ears. They obviously LOVE listening to you and watching you - what little sweeties!

I am so into Bo's moves and Rev's talky talk. Just beyond precious.

Can't wait for the 4-month video!

Molly | 12:45 PM

They are so gorgeous! And I can't believe the amount of wriggling that goes on with having two babies at the same time!

Stef | 1:03 PM

@Star A

The blankets were made by Rebecca's mom, Wendy (aka WWW)! She could totally open an etsy shop, couldn't she?

Lily | 1:22 PM

I absolutely love when you say "Hi! Hi! I love you!". Perfect depiction of motherhood.

The Joy in Living | 6:04 AM

Your Babies are MAGNIFICENT!

Christina @ busybmommy | 8:56 AM

First of all Archer's grin in that picture where he's rubbng Bo's tummy...ohemgee.

You're children are so joyful.

And the outfits! Dude...seriously.

AND blue're kidding right?!

Sarah | 6:54 PM
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Sarah | 6:57 PM

First of all, your girls are beautiful!

I just came across your blog. I also have twin girls, born just a few days after yours on Sept 16, and two older kids (both girls ages 4 and 2). I wish I found your blog earlier as we would have been pregnant 'together'.

I am looking forward to keeping up with you and your family!

McKenna | 7:34 PM

Oh so unbelievably cute and yay for making it through 3 months. I remember those days so well. Sleepless nights times two, I'm not sure I knew my name for the first sixth months my surviving triplets were home.

Brittany Bisaillon | 7:36 PM

In the video, Rev looked identicle to Fable.

Amy | 11:11 AM

Great day in the morning, those shoes are just too much! Oh, and your babies are beautiful too!