Gone Style: Tee Time (Sponsored & Giveaway)

the following post has been brought to you by Stylemint.com. Thanks, Stylemint!
That's right. We're still talking about postpartum fashion! Because I'm still... postpartum! Anyway. Here we are again, with another exciting post about comfort + style in the fourth trimester... which lasts nine months a year indefinitely I've decided.

A few weeks back I hand picked three comf + cute tees to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. Stylemint.com is Jewelmint's sibling site which means it's ALSO subscription based (all featured monthly tees are $29.99) for those of us looking to update our wardrobes with wearable essentials without fitting room angst. It's also backed by fashion's favorite twins: Mary Kate and Ashley who I once went as for Halloween. I love them. I also love taking fashion quizzes. (RIP Seventeen Magazine) and wearing things that fit me because, hi.

Here are three outfits I wore this past week that made me feel... enthusiastic about leaving the house. (See photo above for proof.)
Tee: c/o Stylemint
Harem Pants: Fluxus
Shoes: Nicole
Glasses: Oliver Peoples
cardi (below): Zara
If it isn't harem pants it's leggings. And if it isn't leggings its denim. I'm still a good three waist-sizes away from my pre-pregnancy weight and have refused to purchase jeans to wear in my fourth trimester. Until my mom bought me a pair this Christmas because I was annoying her with my lack of pants. (Leggings aren't pants! They are too! They are not! They are so! They are SO not!) So here is what I wore yesterday, paired with the necklace Archer made me earlier that morning. (Thanks, Archer!)
tee: c/o stylemint
jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters)
boots: FRYE
assorted necklaces: gifts from Archer & my aunt
scarf: sidewalk sale/bin thing
My favorite of the three shirts is probably this next little number which I wore with leggings last week. Yes, leggings. And leggings are PANTS. They are PANTS PANTS PANTS!
tee: c/o stylemint
necklace: jewelmint & gift from mom
card: Fluxus
beanie: Forever 21
lipstick: MAC
leggings: AA
boots: thrifted
Wanna win a Stylemint tee of your choice? Just tell me which tee is your fave and how you'd style it and I'll choose one winner via random.org next week, January 5th. In the meantime, you can shop with discount code GIRL for 15% off your first tee purchase. Happy tee-ing!


Updated: congrats to commenter #82: My Bottle's Up for winning a stylemint tee (wheee!) and thanks to all of you for participating with your stylish comments! xo!


Robyn Devine | 11:51 AM

i love that second tee you're wearing - i'd style it for everyday with my grey cardi and my Old Navy jeans!

post partum fashion is such a conundrum to me ... i'm down to my pre-preg weight, but i'm definitely a size bigger in pants now, which i knew might happen but was still somehow surprised by. so i've been overcompensating buy buying new tees and cardis (even if buying a new pair or two of pants would be the better option) and would love wearing that army green one!

Christina | 11:57 AM

Stripes! Stripes! Stripes! For sure my favorite! I'd pair with skinny jeans, boots and either a long sleeve tee underneath or cardi.

Heather | 12:08 PM

I love the Lenox in white! I think I'd dress it up with a pencil skirt, bright tights, nude pumps and a chunky necklace.

Claudia | 12:24 PM

Stripes...oh my word, these are so my go-to lately!

Autumn | 12:25 PM

I went to the site and chose, Magnolia. http://www.stylemint.com/shirts/magnolia

It looks comfortable, and simple but different enough that it stands out. A bit artsy. I would match it with a long skirt (my patchwork skirt) and a cute scarf. I could pull this off with my hippie clothes.

Catherine McNeur | 12:27 PM

I love your pink tee! I'd pair it with my gray skinny jeans, boots, and a cardigan, most likely. Work that postpartum bod!

Azure | 12:33 PM

I like the Hudson. Interesting site!

vickichristine | 12:38 PM

totally agree on the leggings as pants note. totes. also, any tee i can wear with leggings (pants) makes me happy. so yeah, i'd do that with the broadway tee in red, hands down.

sucker4acoustic | 12:44 PM

I'm four months post-partum now, so I don't fit in either my post-partum clothes or my pre-preggo cloths. Love the Rush shirt (which I think is the first shirt you are wearing actually)

Jill | 1:01 PM

Very cool site. I'm so into stripes right now. I love the silhouette of the Fillmore. I'd probably pair with skinny jeans and boots. (And big statement earrings!)
Love the olive green one you wore, especially with Archer's necklace. Jewelry made by kids is the best!

JB | 1:07 PM

That Prince tye dye would help spruce up the ol 'drobe. At 7 weeks pp I am dying for something NEW and leaving the house at this point is too troublesome so online shopping it is!!!

Stephanie and Matt | 1:07 PM

I love the third tee. I'm not a great stylist, so I would wear it with jeans and flats!

krista | 1:27 PM

it's a toss up between the lincoln and the michigan.
my baby is four months old and i am sporting the "i can't find cute clothes that fit my body" look. i wear the same four articles of clothing over and over.
tops are the hardest. i have one pair of grey jeans and two maxi skirts i wear regularly. so a fresh top would certainly help.

Fran | 1:31 PM

I've been ogling the Stylemint tees for a while now. The problem is that I can't ever choose. Don't make me choose. I like them all. Lincoln? Fillmore? Rush? aaahhh!

Fran | 1:32 PM

oops, my previous comment didn't link...

Dranrab | 1:33 PM

The Melrose T. Classic. Gotta love it!

Unknown | 1:35 PM

I'm 6 months postpartum, and still very much in the 4th trimester. I've been rocking the loose on top/tight on bottom look as well. I'd pick the Michigan cabernet T and pair it with skinny jeans and boots (ala the second outfit) which is pretty much my uniform these days - though the red would make it much more fun.

Rebekahamy | 1:45 PM

I love your first tee. I love the polka dots. I would style it with a red cardigan, skinny jeans, and boots. Yes please!

Courtney | 1:53 PM

I love the silhouette of Magnolia

Althea | 2:00 PM

I really like the 'Almost Not Crazy' shirt, because...well...true...
I'd pair it with high waist Joe's Jeans or whatever fits my currently 11 weeks pregnant bottom half.
WIth long chain necklaces and plenty of cocktail rings.

Megan | 2:25 PM

I like the Pacific tee. Simple no fuss.

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian | 2:38 PM

1200% the green shirt in #2. I'm weirdly addicted to that color.

Plus, it looks fantastic for working from home.

Anabelle | 2:52 PM

My fav is the first one, the one with dots. I'd wear it with my favorite Levi's skinny jeans. Hurray, 10 months after giving birth to my little Swann, I am finally back to normal :D
You look fabulous by the way :)

cora d | 3:18 PM

I love the Abbott Kinney. I'd pair it with black cords, leather booties, pashmina scarf and big hoops. Thank u!

Unknown | 3:31 PM

I like the Sunset in blue. It would go with so many things but I love skirts and would probably pair it with a cute tight pencil skirt!

rachelopoly | 3:38 PM

I love Broadway in red with skinny jeans and espadrille heels.

And leggings are only pants if one's butt is fully covered. They leave far too little about other people's butts to the imagination.

Autumn | 3:50 PM

Oh that last one is wonderful- love the bright stripes! I am a few months away from delivering my second and am already dreading the 18 months or so of suckbody that will follow. Something cute and bright will make a world of difference!

Unknown | 4:04 PM

I love what I've seen so far, and created a style profile, but I'm kind of wary of committing because I'm that person who forgets to log in to important things. It's probably not for me, but damn those tees are cute! (Plus, seriously, who doesn't love Mary Kate and Ashley? I grew up watching their movies.

I really like the Venice in red. I'd pair it with leggings -- because leggings are so pants, and I wear them every day -- with boots.

Anna | 4:05 PM

The striped tee is fab. I'd wear it with skinny jeans and boots, or tuck it into a black or grey pencil skirt for work. Also, LEGGINGS ARE TOTALLY PANTS.

Mama D | 4:27 PM

Of yours? I really like the green middle one. I like the little buttons on the sleeves. For me? I love the Broadway. I've been into the whole sailor, stripey thing lately and I salivate over the layering possibilities...

Erica | 4:36 PM

I was wondering how you get the vignetting around all your pics? I know iphoto has a vignette effect but it is so dark. Yours is a lot more soft and charming.

I love your blog. Just came upon it yesterday while researching baby names. You have the most wonderful choices for your kids names!

Love and Light

eliza | 4:50 PM

Queen, Abbott Kinney.

laurie | 4:58 PM

I like the polka dot one! I would definitely pair it with a pencil skirt and red heels, with either a blazer or a black cardigan. And some fabulous earrings!

Tina | 5:08 PM

I like lioncoln

Kelly F. | 5:29 PM

The second one is my favourite. I love green! I'd wear it with dark denim and tall boots too (I have a pair that are burgundy-ish.)

Kristin Baldwin | 5:36 PM

I like the polka dot one the best. Or stripes. Prints are my jam.

And yes leggings are pants!

Anonymous | 6:01 PM

I love the striped tee..because i love anything with stripes!! I would pair it with a long tank underneath ( I have a super long torso ) and then skinny jegging things and flats...because I can't admit that yes, it is WINTER here in N.Y. Boots are in the mail though since it dipped to 20 degrees last night...yeah.

Love your style!! Too cute....so not fair!!! I need to learn to be more cute!!!

Political Mamma | 6:28 PM

I like the red striped and would definitely wear with jeans. I like color but after multiple babies, the shirt HAS to be a little loose around the mid section!

Anonymous | 6:46 PM

LOVE the green one!!!

Trisaratops | 6:47 PM

I LOVE the red one, and I'd wear it with some skinny dark wash jeans and a cardi and OMG I NEED YOUR RED BOOTS PLEASE.

By the way, THANK YOU times infinity for the Tomica tip--JUST what we were looking for for my 4 year old boy, and he is now in car/train heaven!

Bridgitt | 6:58 PM

I didn't read all the comments, but I don't think anyone has said - and I'm shocked because it's totally true - that I am SOOO jealous. I'm 1 year and 2 days postpartum with 1 child and you're much thinner looking than me already after twins! Seriously, you look great!

Madeline Wilson | 7:40 PM

i'm definitely loving the second shirt. i'd pair it with an oversized sweater and...leggings. because leggings are pants. i am post partum as well and they are most definitely pants. also boots and a cable knit hat like the third photo.

Miya Goodrich-Phillips | 7:55 PM

You are WAY too cute.

Berit | 8:14 PM

The second (green) one. When I'm post-partum, in about a month here. I'd have to do black leggings (for the above reason) and I've a pair of green/grey/black/maroon 70s books that would totally make the outfit. Thanks for another cool giveaway.

andrea.d | 8:26 PM

Loving the Hudson! What a great concept.

L.L. | 8:34 PM

Third tee all the way and I would also style it with some sort of black stretchy pant since I am also in the "fourth trimester" accessorized with the necklace I got as my push present and some Old Navy flip flops. My baby girl (who looks like your Rev and who's middle name is Boheme) was born a few weeks ago in the car on the way to the birth center.

Hyatt | 8:35 PM

I would go for the second tee and I would wear it with dark wash jeans and a pair of ballet flats.

Peachy | 8:43 PM

i love the striped top! i'd tuck it into my black pencil skirt, tights, heels, blazer.

Maggie | 9:06 PM

The striped one... love the colors! The black and white is adorbes too!

Unknown | 10:13 PM

The GREEN one! I love green and I'm a Greenwood, how fitting! I would wear it with leggings OR jeans... so versatile! HA :) I'm 6 weeks postpartum so size me up! <3

nmg915 | 11:18 PM

Oh that polka dot tee is gorgeous! Would look perfect with skinny jeans and my purple boots.

And thanks for the discount code!

Caitlin | 4:22 AM

aw, your mom is right, leggings are not pants- but who cares. also? you're one hot mom. i know you want to get back to your pre-preggs weight,but come on- you had twins. two humans equals nine extra months for you to get your bod back. you look a ma zing. so congratulate yourself for rocking (<3 the stripes and archers necklace)and worry less!

holly | 5:26 AM

I would choose this one : http://www.stylemint.com/shirts/pacific

Probably in black, paired with my skinny jeans and my grey knee high biker boots. And maybe my grey slouchy touque (in Canada this is a winter hat :) )

Ashley | 6:01 AM

Gosh, I love the striped tee on you, but the polka dot one reminds me of a shirt that I have long out-grown after two pregnancies. I used to wear my black and white dots with a mustard yellow bell sleeved cardigan as a weekly wardrobe staple. How I miss being 24 and having a perky bod. :)

Robyn | 6:18 AM

I like the Fillmore tee. Would be perfect for the weekends to go with some jeans!

Lindsay | 6:39 AM

I really like the filmore in heather gray/navy!

Courtney | 6:46 AM

I love the third one, with the pink stripes. I'd probably style it similarly, maybe instead of tights, I'd do skinny jeans and black riding boots.

Anonymous | 7:31 AM

My favorite is the Wilshire in Pink. Not sure how I'd style it, I kind of stink at that but I'd probably wear it with my jeggings and tall black boots.

lori_r8 | 7:33 AM

I love the Broadway striped tee...would be perfect for bumming around the house with my newborn!

Unknown | 7:49 AM

I just lost over an hour of my life, catching up on your gorgeous, gorgeous family! (I've been out of the blogosphere for a while - sorry!) They are beautiful, all of them, and you are stunningly lovely, and your other half is tremendous.

And now I'm out of superlatives!

Mama Bee | 8:40 AM

Love the polka dot tee. I'd style it with my (finally repaired) fave skinny jeans, red cardigan, fun print scarf and my cheapie slouchy brown/tan boots.

Unknown | 8:44 AM

The second one you have on! And, since I'm 5 weeks postpartum and all squishy, I'd pair it with leggings or my maternity jeans. I'm with you on refusing to buy new clothes at this stage of the game.

Superdumb Supervillain | 9:09 AM

I like the Bixel with big, stompy boots and colorful printed leggings-that-may-or-may-not-be-considered-pants. And I'm 4 years post-partum…

Amanda | 9:20 AM

I'm definitely diggin' Stylemint (and Jewelmint). Especially because I love me some style quizzes.
As much as I love stripes (my wardrobe which is about, at least, 30% stripes proves this) I gotta go with the Michigan shirt. I'm looking for longer, more basic pieces to mix and match with since I tend to be what I've dubbed A Method Shopper. What I've been watching, listening to or reading influences what I buy and consequently my closet is a bit hodge-podge.

I'd pair it with leggings (PANTS! They are totes pants if the shirt covers your ass/crotch-al region!), flat boots and accessorize that puppy up!

Glenda | 9:36 AM

I think you look amazing!
I love the layering of tees and cardi's.
Love skinny jeans tucked in my boots.
I'm loving the polka dot one #1 with a pair of black skinnys, black boots and a gray cardi.

Love that your mom went out and bought you a pair of jeans you can fit into. A mom... always watching out for her child!

Leslie | 9:38 AM

I love the Broadway style. Stripes always makes me feel better.

Sarah | 9:42 AM

I love the Fillmore style shirt! I'd copy their pairings to the tee, I love that look!

Ally | 9:42 AM

The Augusta would be perfect to wear with jeans and boots during the cold winter. LOVE the stripes and the green shirts you're wearing though. Super cute!

Danielle | 10:34 AM

i liked the hudson AND the michigan! i can never have just one favorite of anything!

Alyssa | 10:47 AM

I LOVE the pink and red striped shirt. I'd pair it with an epic pair of hot pink skinny's I bought myself just before Christmas because I, too, am postpartum and my pants don't fit either! :)

Warrior Woman | 11:33 AM

Black polka dots is my fav! Since you had twins, you get 18 months and I have every confidence you will be back to your pre-prego self long before then. It doesn't matter though because you are beautiful always!

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From | 11:53 AM

LOVE the black polka dot tee! I'd probably wear it with grey skinny jeans, chunky biker boots and a bow in my hair. I'm 20 months post-partum with twins and still not back down to size:( This will be my only new years resolution!! I have GOT to be back to me before they turn two... I mean COME ON!!

Keri | 12:01 PM

The colorful striped tee you are wearing is so vey cool! I would wear it with the maternity jeans I'm STILL wearing. Le sigh.

Amber S | 12:05 PM

Stylemint said the Charlton is my style, and it's what I would have chosen, too! I have one pair of skinny jeans (prAna) that I'd wear with it, along with my Patagonia Addie boots (look them up, they're the BEST!). I'm 5 weeks postpartum with twins, totally digging the baggier top with skinnier jean look.

Linda | 1:30 PM

I love the Lincoln Tee. I think it would look great tucked into a black pencil skirt and with some amazing earrings. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Tender Allure | 1:31 PM

I think that the Lincoln tee would look really cute with skinny jeans tucked into boots. Get some great bracelets and maybe throw on a cardigan and you're ready to go! Thanks for doing this giveaway

candace | 2:05 PM

I like the Queen - high front, low back look. I can pair this with a white tank, red scarf, black skinny jeans, and some duck boots (cuz it is winter here).

beyond | 2:59 PM

i like the prince!

Marie | 10:27 PM

I'm totally in love with the first one -- the polka dots. Maybe with a black pencil skirt, my new red tights and a chunky scarf?

Tricia | 11:06 PM

Love the pink stripes!

Bronwen B | 12:18 AM

I really like the polka dot one!

How I would actually style it: ratty jeans + sneakers, because that's how I "style" everything.

If I were actually trying to be cute: my dark skinny jeans, my red flats, and a bright-colored bracelet.

My Bottle's Up! | 10:10 AM

eeeeeee!!!!!! i love that first tee, and would totally wear it with some rockin' harem mc hammer pants i have. but really, i just like that one because jackson calls polka-dots "pokie dots" and i melt.

also, these look like they would be decent maternity wear tshirts before i get too large, so please pick me.


Donna Y | 3:56 PM

Abbot Kinney! I'd wear it with dark blue jeans, just a little bit of jewelry, and my black sparkly heels. Throwing on a fitted blazer would be good, too.

Kimbo | 4:08 PM

Mmm I love the stripey Lennox in black and cherry tomato. I'm think under my new short sleeved sweater with grey leggings and black boots.

Can't resist a new ear giveaway! Great work this year btw. :-)

Katie | 7:16 PM

I love this look! A simple, elegant tee with skinny jeans is my favorite. I like the Bixel and the Broadway T dress.

Christina @busybmommy | 9:05 AM

army green please.

Paired with black cardi, denim cutoffs, black tights, and black faux docs (thanks target!).

Perf SoCal winter outfit as it's practically late Spring around these here parts.

D Lilly | 9:35 AM

Love the green tee! I'd wear it with my new Make It Good leggings and black Justin boots.

janie | 10:42 PM

I love your tees and the styling but can't wear any of them. (hello shortness my old friend...;D)

I am kind of obsessed with the I'm almost not crazy tee. I admit it, I secretly love patterned, graphic t's that I really shouldn't be wearing. (fanta t-shirt in bright orange how I love you!) I cover up all of my ridiculous t's but this one, this is one I would WEAR out in the open. I think I would wear it with black waxed skinny jeans, black boots, some glass bracelets, and a super-tight unbuttoned cardigan. Yes, yes I would because I'm crazy enough to wear this shirt! love it! janie (at) deodand.com

Rachel | 7:24 AM

My favourite is the stripes and (now I've seen it on you) I would style it just like you did, minus the hat as I just can't wear a hat with any conviction. Thanks for all the great style advice Bec!

Poozoe | 10:00 AM

I would love the RUSH in ivory with black dots. I love how flowy it is, but not baggy. I would wear it with my straight leg cords and my Tom's or black flats.

mandaA | 12:01 PM

Love the green tee in the second picture! I'd do it with my cream/metallic striped cardi and grey skinnys and boots! Thanks for the giveaway!

Laura B. | 8:09 PM


Jenna | 9:40 PM

I am one year post-partum, mom of 4 and back to my pre baby one weight, YIPPPEEEE! I love the green one, and would wear it with my favorite new pair of bootcut jeans and my fave pair of Durango boots!

Michigan Web Design | 7:36 AM

This is a great post! I really enjoyed reading your blog :)

jessicamichelle | 12:29 PM

i love love love the second one. for one, you paired with boots. for two, it's like army-green ish, for three, the little button tabs that hold the sleeves up. love it. yowsa.