Captured! (Sponsored + Contest Giveaway)

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The first firefly I ever saw was in New Jersey. I was five or six at the time and remember clear as day that first night, in my cousin's backyard, mason jar in hand, sweaty palms, the air balmy and bloated with the kind of eastern humidity my west-coast self was not used to. That feeling of seeing and chasing and trying to capture while the fly while it's "on fire" is exactly how I feel taking photographs, specifically of my family. Which brings to me the first and one of my all-time favorite images ever taken... singing, "baby you're a fiiiiiirefly.." And indeed this photo was.
album cover
I took this picture of Archer and Fable Thanksgiving, 2008 when Fable was about the same age as Boheme and Reverie (two months) and Archer was a few months older than Fable (3 1/2).

I remember the moment clearly. Archer had asked to hold his sister and when I placed her on his lap she smiled. But it was the one picture of them NOT smiling that took my breath away. It was the first time Archer and Fable looked like partners. Like, "don't mess with us, we have each other's backs" and three years later that is still and absolutely the case.

This was the picture that launched a thousand moments, the beginning of the bond Archer and Fable so clearly hold and even as I type this now, in a room across the hall from the bedroom they share, I can hear them whispering back and forth between their beds, these SAME children in the picture, now reading stories with babies in their laps, Archer's eyes full of the same intensity and pride in big-brotherdom:
That's what I love about taking pictures: So many questions behind the lens, so many answers in front of it. Like spotting a moment, flashing in the dark, and in an instant, trapping it with eager hands.

I'm partnering with my ad network, Federated Media, to offer a $500 Best Buy gift card to those of you interested in sharing some of your favorite family photographs. Just upload your photo(s) to and tag them with #CapturedPhotoContest_GirlsGoneChild. Be sure to make them "public" so I can see them. You may submit up to FIVE photos between now and December 24th, when the contest ends. I'll be judging them based on creativity, image quality and storytelling-through-family-photo ability and contacting the winner through flickr mail. In the meantime, I'll be posting some of my faves here on GGC, contest rules and regulations are here. Oh and I'd also love to hear the story behind your images so if you feel so inclined please share. Can't wait to see your photos! Good luck!



Arnebya | 11:30 AM

So, there's a pic of Rev in your last post (in the Bjorn) and I thought to myself, wow she looks like Fable. But holy crap! The pic of Archer and Fable has me gasping like daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Fable looks like Rev/Rev looks like Fable. Amazing. And beautiful. And Archer and his sisters. It's an undeniable bond that I can't imagine how compelling it is to live when it's this direct through photos.


Aw, thanks lady. I think Fable looks like a Rev/Bo combo. Like if you combined Boheme and Reverie you'd have Fable. But yes, Reverie is DEFINITELY more Fable. Funny because when the girls were born I thought Reverie + Archer looked alike and Fable and Boheme... I'm sure as their looks continue to change I'll keep flip-flopping. xoxoxo

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 11:39 AM

Oh, I am so on this one! Thanks!


Dianne | 11:47 AM

Just discovered your site. Enjoying the photos!

Defunct Lisa | 12:02 PM

my brother and I shared a room until I was 13. Our house only had 2 upstairs bedrooms. When I was 13 we moved to a bigger house and, as a teenager, I was happy to have my own room... but... I have never slept well alone. I always feel like someone is missing. I agree with you completely - why do babies/small children need their own rooms? Do they understand having their own "space"? or is it just an enforced isolation that is unnatural for us as social animals?

Glenda | 12:39 PM

The first picture of Archer and Fable I definitely think Rev looks like Fable.

I too agree when the girls were born I thought Rev looked like Archer and Bo like Fable.

I'm sure as they all continue to grow they will all look like the other. Beautiful x's 4!!!

ashwitt | 12:57 PM

Love though photos! I've entered 3 in the contest.
My fave:

Zakary | 3:40 PM

I'm in. Wicked giveaway.


bbgHappY1 | 4:13 PM

You are an amazing photographer. Perhaps, you could teach photography in your spare time.. right like you have spare time...
Anyway, is the contest open to Canadians?

Leslie | 6:26 PM

I am so excited about this contest. What fun to show off my favorite photos.

Your children are so gorgeous. All of 'em. I agree that I thought that Bo and Fable looked alike at birth, and now Rev looks more like Fable. Whatever. All of them are COMPLETELY adorable. :)

*wellesleypiffy on flickr, photos not up yet (must finish school work first. Stupid semester ending soon).

nb | 7:14 PM

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Ophelia | 8:24 PM

Fable's expression is the same ...

Meghan Elaine | 10:02 AM

They are beautiful. LOVE the pic of Archer on the couch with Fable. I started uploading some of my favorite photo memories but I'm not sure if I did it right. I usually use picasa but I set up a flickr acct. What a fun, creative contest!

Megan aka mean mama | 4:05 PM

Pick me, pick me. I uploaded 3. They are taken on my old school Pentax 35mm camera. Come on pick me. I want a nice digital camera.

Two of Otto just scream, little boy on a big adventure. He's just go, go, go. One, we're at the Flight Museum in Seattle and he's racing / flying by the planes. The other one we're on Vashon Island and we're about to hike down to the beach. And he's like come on already.

The baby one, is baby Oscar. Come on look at those eyes! I had to take 8 pictures - get them developed - to finally "see" that shot. I would love a new camera. :)

Anonymous | 12:49 AM

wow that Archer is just going to be the best big brother to your other children. His eyes just reflect such a natural protectiveness. It is so so gorgeous to see.

Anonymous | 11:20 AM

I remember this picture very clearly. I stumbled upon your site a couple of days after you had shared it - and this, more than anything kept me here and made me your frequent reader. I can hardly believe that baby Fable is a big girl now.
She was by far the prettiest baby of your adorable four. :)

Samantha | 2:49 PM

My photo is not showing up! Here it is: