Olay Presents... Defember! (Sponsored)

We all know about Movember, yes? Well, this year Olay is instituting its first ever "Defember" campaign where women pledge to de-'stache (de-fuzz) in support of Breast Cancer research and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which promotes early breast cancer detection and offers free mammograms for women in need.
(For every woman that pledges to defuzz in Defember on Olay’s Facebook page, Olay will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, up to $50,000.)

Yesterday I played around with MISStache Swap on Facebook, which boasts a wide variety of mustaches to choose from. Since I've been told my whole I look like my father, I couldn't NOT chose the "Larry Woolf" model mustache to pin to my profile pic. Damn, if it isn't strapping:
(apparently my dad loves him a red polo?)
Hi there.

...And speaking of hi, hello and Larry Woolf mustaches, here is a picture of my parents the summer they met and fell in love at UCSD. My dad was a graduate student and my mom was a smitten twenty-year-old who looks so adorkable in this picture I could die.

...It's my favorite photo ever and lives permanently on my desk where I sit typing this so NATURALLY I had to include it in this here post about 'staches. (My dad has NEVER not had a mustache. Ever. After wearing one for two hours I can say with authority that THAT is some serious commitment, people!)


And speaking of commitment: pledge to support Breast Cancer research whilst removing your "miss-stache" here. Big ups to Olay for sponsoring this post and fundraising for such a noble cause.


Amanda | 9:38 AM

I love old photos of couples almost as much as I love working toward greater awareness and funding for breast cancer research. You rock, lip jacket or not.

Christina @busybmommy | 9:46 AM

My dad has had a 'stache the entire time my mom has known him.

We joke that when he dies we're gonna shave it off just to see what he looks like without it. HAHA

JBirch22 | 10:09 AM

So.... let me get this straight...they're "supporting breast cancer" by encouraging women to slather carcinogenic chemicals under their noses?

That makes a lot of sense.

Sure sounds like they're supporting breast cancer to me... By helping provide new patients to raise funds for! HURRAYYYYYYYYY

Anonymous | 10:51 AM

Your mom looks like your sister!!

Jessica | 10:52 AM

1. Your parents are adorable and lovely.
2. Your family is delightful.
3. Fake mustaches are always fun.
4. This campaign is so offensive on so many levels I can't even begin. Talk about pinkwashing and feminine beauty/hair issues. I get that they're a company and this is their job: to sell their hair removal.


Jessica - I see your point re: pinkwashing. Personally, I thought it was a cute campaign/play on Movember. Silly and harmless for a good cause. Sorry it you were/are offended!

Jessica | 11:18 AM

The difference for me is that Movember as a movement isn't sponsored by Bic, Axe or Old Spice. This campaign is a corporation's attempt to piggyback on a charity by playing into women's insecurity/beauty issues/whathaveyou.

[sidebar: I know, many women get rid of different types of hair! I do it too! It's just... there's something here that hits wrong with me]

What if I don't have visible lip hair? Do I not get to participate? What if I'm comfortable with my face the way it is, little fuzzes and all? Does Olay then have no use for me because I will not be buying or encouraging my friends to buy their product? Also, can we talk for a second about how Olay is encouraging women to lose their body hair for breast cancer when side effects of treatments for breast cancer include... losing your body hair?

And to be clear, I'm offended by the campaign and the company. It is nothing you have done or not done. And if it makes you feel good, go for it. :) I'm actually glad you brought it to my attention.

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

"Fundraising for such a noble cause"? REALLY? You mean, the noble cause of making women everywhere feel abject shame for having body hair? And urging them to go to possibly harmful, possibly cancer-causing lengths to get rid of it? And linking that with breast-cancer awareness?

There is so much wrong with this campaign, I don't know where to start. I get that you have to put on a happy face for your sponsors, but this is embarrassing for everyone involved.

Anonymous | 12:01 PM

OMG, I totally love that pic of your mom and dad.


Anonymous | 12:50 PM

Your dad totally looks like Kevin Kline!

lola + oliver | 5:04 PM

I think this campaign is terrible, offending, and insensitive. As a woman with a fuzzy upper lip, I am offended that Olay dare tell me it's something I should get rid of.

I could go on and on, but instead I'll just post this... something I wrote about my "mustache" back in August of 2010:


NodToStyle | 7:22 PM

i've always felt that you tie in your sponsored posts quite nicely so they are entertaining regardless of the product. this? left me with a bad taste. i don't like the idea that women should be encouraged to obsess about yet another thing in the name of breast cancer awareness. it's very off putting.

chesapeake | 9:54 AM

I have to agree with everything Jessica said.

This whole campaign churns my stomach.


Still love you and your awesome family, Rebecca!

Anonymous | 12:25 PM

Setting aside the "pinkwashing" issue... Your dad looks like Nicholas Cage (when he was younger and not crazy) and your mom looks....like she's 12...and adorable. As others have said, definitely see a resemblance between you and your dad. So cute.

Unrelated to this post, I don't write in much (ever?) but my favorite pictures of yours are the ones with Fable and Archer with the twins. The cuteness is almost unbearable.

Laura | 9:36 AM

I love your site, but I have to agree with all of the other comments about how offensive this campaign is. Beauty ideals pushed by corporations are very rarely harmless!

Paige | 2:12 PM

This is Paige - I'm the girl who drove by and shouted "I love your blog" from my car at the corner of Fairfax & Beverly a couple of weeks ago. I have a 2-year-old and an almost-three-month-old just a little younger than the twins.

Just wanted to say YEAH UCSD! That's my alma mater. Go Tritons. Yeehah!