Liner Notes 12/27

Eyes (Bo)
Eyes (Revi)
Boheme and Reverie's first Christmas has come and gone and tonight is the last night of Hanukkah. We celebrate both holidays, always have, and between Hanukkah dinners and gingerbread house decorating parties, this last week has been one giant celebration of friends and family and babies everywhere. I don't think either baby has NOT donned a pair of arms since we've been here, both of them being passed around like peace pipes. (Reverie anyway. Bo clings to me like a... clinging baby. There isn't a single recent picture of me without her in my arms)
Bo wears Fable's first Christmas dress with a new pair of kicks c/o Gooey
One of the hardest parts of having twins (for me) has been an inability to divide my time equally between both babies. Going through the last week of photos, Bo is always in my arms and Rev, the community baby, always finds her way into the arms of someone new. She's equal opportunity when it comes to love and attention which is wonderfully helpful but I can't help but feel guilty that my attention is usually elsewhere. (Not that Revi seems to mind, but...)
... Meanwhile, hello.
Photo_E54C42A7-D4C1-0227-A185-C5D688253F5E (1)
Some of my favorite pictures from the last week have been of my grandparents:
My Nana with Revi:
My Grandpa reading books with Archer and Fable:
My Grandma lol'ing with my mom and sibs:
They personify the joy that years of living can bring and watching them play and read and laugh with my children brings joy in spades. Their good health is our happiness.
Both babies have been sleeping through the night since we arrived, going to sleep between nine and midnight and sleeping until 5:30, sometimes as late as nine. They sleep in a pack n play down here so I think when we return to LA tomorrow, I'll bust out ours and see if that's the trick. Or maybe, at three plus months, we finally turned a corner. Amazing if that's the case.
Baby in reeeeeeeed... is sitting with me. Cheeks and cheeks:
Meerrrrrry Christmas! (Revi)
She wore a mushroom shaped beret. The kind you find as a hand-me-down from your big sistttteeeer...
We leave tomorrow, back to the grind of reality with a few exciting perks: a family getaway in Santa Barbara, tickets to see Woody Allen's New Orleans Jazz Band play Thursday night (a Christmas/Hanukkah gift from Hal) which is going to be so amazing and I cannot WAIT.
feeding ducks
Archer & Revi
holding babies
watching cars
Gingerbread Dubai
decorating cities
playing princesses
drying nails
being happy
living room, Christmas Eve
For Christmas Fable got this beautiful dress from my parents and the wings and dress-up clothes from Santa. These pictures were taken Christmas morning after she opened her gifts and promptly ditched her pajamas for something fancier:
For Archer it was all about Tomica:
my gifts:
Eyes (Archer)
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
Now let's keep dancing.



Janel | 12:10 PM

Love these photo posts. Also, my middle daughter was a clinging baby a la Boheme. Be sure to take care of yourself -- it can be very demanding to have a baby that is so devoted to Mom and Mom alone.

wonderchris | 12:13 PM

What wonderful times!! Love all the pics...such love, warmth, and joy!

Unknown | 12:30 PM

your family is beautiful rebecca! and hey, the jan 2012 issue of national geographic has a cover story on twins.

Jana | 12:43 PM

Oh, I love it! These pictures tell a story for sure. I had a clingy baby and a community baby too, just not at the same time. Good thing they're not both clingy babies!

Emma | 12:44 PM

These girls are changing every day, it's amazing- I can see you in Reverie now. And Fable looks so grown up! It's such a joy to have you share your family with us Rebecca, thank you. I wish you all so much health and happiness for 2012.
PS. Ohmygod cheeks. THE CHEEKS!

Glenda | 1:34 PM

Love the family picture of the 6 of you by the tree! My daughter, the youngest, was my clinging baby.

Looks like a wonderful time spent with family. Lot's of love, joy, peace and warmth. May that continue into your new year.

Love Bo & Rev smiling pictures.
Archer & Fable look so much older next to the girls.
Beautiful kids x4!!!

Anabelle | 3:21 PM

Oh wow, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun for Christmas and Hannouka! You have a beautiful family. Best wishes for all of you and enjoy the concert:)
xx Anabelle

Miss M | 4:49 PM

I always recognize your grandma and remember her from the antiques roadshow in my city... she is so adorable! I remember her being "flabergasted"... it was so cute!

Clandestine Road | 5:09 PM

I love your liner note posts. There was so much warmth seeping through those photos. Just beautiful.


Shelley Senai | 6:13 PM

Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with the world. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Raia | 7:26 PM

Love your blog and beautiful family. I've been reading since Archer was 2 or 3 and now I have my own daughter. Your blog gave me hope that parents could still be who they are and not wear mom jeans : ). I live in Santa Barabara and hope you enjoy our fair city. be sure to check out Alice keck/ children's world park! shoreline cafe is great with kids, too, if the weather is nice.

emily | 8:04 PM

can your babies come teach my FOURTEEN month old how to sleep through the night? It's been every three hours for, um, fourteen months. But let me not complain - this looks like a lovely Hannukah/Christmas, and you have such a delightful family.

Nicole | 8:43 PM

Great pics! I used to teach with the piano player in Woody's band! Have a fun date night!

AndreaB | 9:32 PM

Fable really growing up. She's beautiful!
Love the new nickname for Reverie, Revi. How cute.
Fantastic photos!

Sarah | 10:46 PM

Man these pictures just melt my heart!!! Such beautiful kids! Great running to you guys at Sprouts last week! Hopefully our summer plan will go through! :-)

Shannon Locker | 2:55 AM

Beautiful family! Amazing photos. National Geographic and cool photo projects on twins-

Arnebya | 5:06 AM

Oh, these pictures are so warming and beautiful. Everyone looks so happy and comfortable and just glad to be together. My favorite is of the girls and your mom on the floor holding hands.

Anonymous | 5:32 AM

Your photos are beautiful!! I love this post!! The one's with Grandma melt me ;) !!

Connie | 6:44 AM

Okay. These photos make me especially happy. Why? Because finally, after years of reading your blog, I read your book. It was a Christmas present, and I had yesterday off, so with the dog on my lap and an endless cup of peach tea at my side I started your book in the morning, and read it through till the end. Swoon. (After reading it-awesome, by the way- and seeing how comfortable you are in yourself now, it's wonderful. My friend-crush on you is palpable.). My husband and I have been -ahem- allowing for children for a few months now, and after reading your book, I hope so deeply that 2012 is The Year it works, so I get to really understand the things you were writing about! :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 10:28 AM

Oh they are precious!


c is for cape town | 11:17 AM

Your Fable is turning into a great beauty.

Bea, OT | 11:36 AM

I am such a fan of your photography, your family, and your blog in general! I'm always looking forward to reading it!

Kate | 12:45 PM

God, they are gorgeous. (Are you sure you're still shooting with the same old point and shoot as always? I am so jealous of how many fabulous shots you get! You really have a great eye for capturing all the details.)

Also: how can you look at the joy on your grandmother's face and feel guilty for 1 millisecond about not holding Rev yourself? She is in good hands.

Anonymous | 5:46 PM

The more people that a child knows love them, the better :o)

Adrianne | 5:52 PM

I don't know what it is about these pictures, but all of a sudden it's like....whoa! Fable has gotten so big. Definitely not the baby anymore. And so beautiful! Sometimes I still can't believe you have four kiddos now, and that two of them are TWINS! How awesome is that? I'm sure you have to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure you aren't dreaming:) Glad you all had a fantastic holiday!

WineWhine&Wellbutrin | 6:00 PM

You truly have a talent with your camera and such a beautiful family. This is the first post I've yet to enjoy, but I look forward to many more! You inspire me! May I ask what camera you use? My DS70 isn't doing it for me anymore.

Miriam | 7:00 PM

What cute little ones! How fun!

Evie | 6:55 AM

Your kiddos are the cutest, but I really feel I need to mention that your lovely sis has my Spirit Hair.

You know, the hair of my soul. That is all.

Mama Smith | 8:04 AM

So sweet! I'm actually amazed by how different they look but I guess it makes sense that they're different people :) you look amazing and like you've lost your bebe weight.

Nicole | 9:12 AM

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jessie May | 4:15 AM

I can't begin to describe how much I love this post! So many beautiful things.... your gorgeous family, those sweet, sweet babies (who just seem to grow sweeter with each passing day!), your incredible photography (my favourite is 'drying nails'), Bo's outfit (those oranges and reds with her amazing blue eyes is fantastic!), Revi's intense eyes, the bond between your four babies, Bo's face as she laughs at your mum, Fable's Christmas morning sleepy-eyes (oh that sweet little face!), Archer's focus and sense of peace as he immerses himself in his own miniature world.... you are just all so beautiful. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and have a wonderful new year :) xx

Christina @busybmommy | 9:02 AM

Such joy and love and magic. 'Tis endless beauty.

flybigd | 9:32 AM

Lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your family with us.