Real Quick...

1. Good morning!
2. I'm giving away a Dell Inspiron computer over on Gone Childssss. For a chance to win, (you have until tomorrow night to enter!) insert commentary here and/or here. I'm writing about "teching the halls" these "appy holidays". Pun times for all.
3. Thank you all for your kind words, tweets and facebook messages about the Babble Top 100 List. Your support and kindness blows my mind. I love you guys.
4. This gift guide is my favorite on the entire Internet. So clever. So festive. So right.
5. Several of you asked after Archer's roadway set. It's called Tomica and was first introduced to us at FAO Schwartz when we went to New York in the spring. It's also for sale at Toys R Us. The stuff is genius, affordable and so SO great for kids who love cars and building for them. Archer's dream is to become a city planner and every day he comes home from school and creates these elaborate cityscapes and roadways with his Tomica, wooden blocks and imagination. Joyful stuff.
6. No plans for Saturday night? Say HELLO to your hot date that is this:

Baby sloths? Are you kidding me? I think a live tweet is in order, you guys. Animal Planet. 8pm. See you there. #slothparty



Meghan Elaine | 9:39 AM

Your puns crack me up.

Shannon | 10:38 AM

FYI I scooped up a bunch of Tomica for my kids and nephew at Tuesday Morning for a killing.

vickichristine | 10:44 AM

Babble's best!? Congrats. That's so amazing. So deserved. :)

S | 12:49 PM

Babble's best indeed! Congratulations! I think the description hit the nail on the head -- you're cooler than any of us could hope and you're so likeable at the same time.

Also, I need to figure out how to steal a baby sloth. Sloths in a bucket just made me melt. Amazing!

KH | 4:56 PM

You are an obvious choice for Babble's Best... and not just for the 'cool' factor or the 'hip' factor as the post says. The reason you deserve this is because you are a WRITER. Not just a person who writes, but a WRITER. You have an awesome ability to dig deep, and then beautifully describe what you find. That's talent!