Carded! (Shutterfly winner chosen! Woo!)

The following post/series/hot giveaway action was sponsored by Shutterfly. Send holiday joy with with a custom card from Shutterfly. Hooray!
As you can see, I went with a completely different card than "what fun" (even though it WAS and still is my favorite) because one family photo just would not (could not!) do and I wanted to capture the essence of our little-humongous brood. And yes, I just used the word "essence". Essssssence. Anyway and without further ado...

...the winner of the Shutterfly + camera prize pack isssss... commenter #686, Mary! Hooray for Mary! shutterfly
Thank you to all who participated! This was a really fun one for me and BONUS, pushed my ass to finally finish our holiday card. Now to find the time to send the thing...



Kim | 1:43 PM

Wow, I'm the first commenter. You left your last name on your card. Not sure if you wanted to do that

Anonymous | 9:09 AM

Was about to comment on the surname bit. Feel pretty jazzed to know though. :)
Happy Holidays guys.

*mary* | 7:22 PM

I am still in shock that I won this! Stoked beyond belief! Thanks again, Rebecca!