For Michal, Jay, Reverie and Jackson

In the last few days, several of you have brought to my attention the story of the Snyder twins and the passing of their mother during childbirth. Her name was Michal (the girl) Friedman and her twins were born last weekend, one of them named Reverie. I spent the last few days imagining our parallel lives, of two Reveries forming on either coast, of carrying twins simultaneously and all the pain and excitement and fear that happens during that time. I can't not feel a connection to this woman, a stranger, and her family. I'm overcome with grief for her, frustrated that I can sit here and watch my babies coo and flail and she cannot.
The last thing I want to do is make anyone sad or scared of childbirth... which is why I went back and forth on whether to post about this family who I do not know. Except, I couldn't not. Twins are an expensive and overwhelming production under normal circumstances and I cannot imagine not rallying around her husband Jay, Reverie and Jackson now that I know that they exist. It breaks me that Michal will never know the sleepless nights I so frustratingly curse. That she will never know how beautiful her children are. That my Reverie has a mother and hers does not.

We are all so SO lucky to be here. Sosososososoinfinity lucky.


You can donate to Jay, Reverie and Jackson here. Thank you.