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On the Green
There's something flawless in the lawless. This picture of Archer (above) is one of my all-time favorite shots; from the motion of him running, arms open, the seersucker jacket that was JUST too small but not so small he couldn't wear it one last time...

The photo was taken days before Archer's fourth birthday at my Nana's 80th birthday party at a local golf club. Some kids were outside playing golf on the mini-course and we asked if Archer could join them.
setting up the shot
making a shot
Thirty minutes into his time, one of the security officers approached us.

"Is that your son in the jeans?"

"Um, yes?"

"No jeans allowed on the green! He must vacate the premises immediately."

I tried to reason with the guard. Nobody was there! It was just us! They're nice jeans! But it didn't matter.

"I don't make the rules ma'am, I just enforce them. Please don't argue with me or I'll have to call for back-up."


I reluctantly adhered to the security guard's orders, called for Archer to come back inside. He was crushed, of course, and I explained to him that there was a dress code and that...

What's a dress code? time we'd remember to dress him in slacks or khakis or whatever the hell little boys are supposed to wear on golf courses, stupid archaic rule that make no sensewhatsoeverwhatthe....

What's a rule?

And then we talked about rules. Specifically silly rules that seem silly even to adults but how we must follow them anyway. Usually. Not always but usually. It was the first time we discussed what it meant to follow rules, to break them, to understand the sometimes arbitrary nature of rules and laws... of order and when it's important to fall in and out of line. That it's okay to disagree with rules but that there's a time and place to fight them. That one can follow rules but still lead. Break rules and still be ethical.

What's ethical?

He'll be seven in May, which might as well be tomorrow. Seven. He is the most law-abiding rule-adhering person I know and yet, when he grows up he wants to "change things" (specifically the Los Angeles traffic problem).
towards the ball
Spring 2009
Fall, 2011

I often think back to the day on the green, of Archer in jeans and me all pissed off trying to explain to him (and myself) that even when they make very little sense, there are rules that we must follow...

At least until we're older and clever enough to find a way to change them. Archer Sage, I'm looking at you, kid.


Your photos are amazing, you guys. I'm having so much fun checking them daily, marveling at how beautiful your families are, your lovely stories. I'll be featuring some of your photos next week and am already completely overwhelmed with the task of picking a winner. I mean... how in the what? If you haven't already but would like to participate for a chance to win a $500 Best Buy gift card c/o my ad network, Federated Media, upload (up to five) photos to and tag them #CapturedPhotoContest_GirlsGoneChild. Don't forget to make them "public" so I can see them. For more information see: my last "captured" post. For rules and regs go here. Best of luck and thanks for sharing!



Unknown | 10:48 AM

I have to know... Where did those road pieces come from? I have looked all over for those. My son is very similar to Archer (also counts Priusus) and I think he would love those.


Tomica! His world revolves around Tomica. He wakes at 6am and plays until school, comes home and plays until bedtime. Seriously. And he makes these humongous intricate cities and roadways with his sets. And takes a thousand pictures while he does it. Awesome.

(They sell it at Toys R Us.)

Meghan Elaine | 11:21 AM

Love seeing everyone's photos! I posted mine right after you shared the post, but I'm not seeing it come up when I click you shared?

I'm new to flickr and I hope I tagged them correctly.

Glenda | 11:22 AM

oh Archer... he's so handsome... and yes them pesky golf rules even for a 4 yr is totally ridiculous... really!?


Love your shots, Meghan! But you're right! For whatever reason they're not showing in the gallery. Looking into it now! Stay tuned!

Heidi | 1:24 PM

Have you taken Archer to see the Chris Burden sculpture, Metropolis II, at LACMA? It would probably speak to his innate sense of order and it too deals with the L.A. traffic problem.

Meghan Elaine | 1:49 PM

Thanks for taking the time to check it out :)

Grumble Girl | 2:34 PM

Oh, how I WISH I was eligible for this contest - and I believe I JUST SAID on le Twitter how I need a new camera...

You capture such lovely images, lady. Really, you do! xox

Kammy | 6:00 PM

Hi Becca,
First off, I can't believe they kicked a 4 year old off of a golf course for wearing jeans. WHA? Lamelamelame. Archer is gorg, by the way.
I uploaded a few and I can't see mine, either (like Meghan). I am Flickr dumb. I tagged the photos but I don't know if it worked?


Jana | 6:51 PM

Meghan (and others)--I was having the same issue with my photos not showing up in the gallery. I had to click "You," then "Your Account," then "Privacy and Permissions." Make sure on this page that your stuff can be added to a gallery, and isn't hidden from public searches. That should take care of it!

My stuff is here, if anyone's interested :)


Thank you, Jana! Have been trying to figure this out! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Rachel | 7:54 PM

Funny thing is, as I was reading and scrolling down and looking at the pictures I LITERALLY thought, "Aw, look at those snazzy little jeans he's dressed in."

Meghan Elaine | 8:27 PM

Thank you, thank you for your suggestions! But BUMMER! For whatever reason, I tried allowing everything possible under 'privacy and permissions,' but I still don't see mine. Thanks Kammy for the hint. I must be missing something. Oh well, it's fun to see all the great images- adorable family love all over the place.

Jana | 9:15 PM

Meghan, I want you to figure it out because those little bare butts on bikes photos are to die for! Everyone needs to see those!! :)

Wendi | 6:37 AM

i seem to be having the same problem that others are having... i've tried everything but no luck. here's a link - Thanks!

Shawna | 9:23 AM

I loved looking at everyone's photos.. I would love to win this gift card for a new good camera.. Most of these were taken with an old camera or just my phone's camera...


Wendi - Ugh! So sorry! Still looking into it with the Powers That Be. I'll post an update as soon as I have one. Apologies again!

Wendi | 11:00 AM

no problem at all.... i really just like showing off the kids :) ha!

Ashley | 11:34 AM

For some reason mine are doing the same things as others in that they aren't showing up. Here is the link for now and hoping I can figure out what is up:

Ashley | 11:46 AM

When I do a search in "Everyone's Uploads" with the tag title capturedphotocontestgirlsgonechild, my photos show up in date order among all the other photos but when I go directly to the link of all the tagged photos, they are not there. I'm still trying to sort it out! =)


So! FM is looking into this. In the meantime, if your photos for whatever reason ARE NOT showing up in the gallery PLEASE send me the links so I can include them! Thank you so much and sorry about the inconvenience!

Molly | 7:48 AM

First of all, your child is a stylish badass. Second, I'm with you, i'd be seething over the stupid guard.

happy birthday in May little dude!