Liner Notes 12/19

We arrived Saturday evening after a chaotic morning that involved many tears and tantrums, and I'm not talking about the kids. Ahem, exhaustedfightingparentsandmehystericalomg. We hit the road around 2:30 and didn't arrive until nightfall. Yes, I just wrote "nightfall". It makes me feel like a romance novelist. "Before nightfall, Sven entered the cabin..."
"... and held the babies so his lover wife could pour herself some coffee."

Anyway. Here we are at my parents' abode, waiting on my sister who arrives tonight and my brother who flies in tomorrow. Hal took the train back to L.A. last night because, sadly, he'll be working all week. Celebrity news must go on!

After writing about how AWESOME Bo and Revi were sleeping last week, they decided to psyche us all out with super-awesome all-night party-time. Luckily they're adorable and we love them with our whole (exhausted) hearts.
Yesterday we went to pick out a Christmas tree at the local lot, next to the grocery store where my first boyfriend worked, across the street from the 7-11 I bought a Playgirl magazine on my 18th birthday (because I could), the vacant lot where things happened between boys and girls in pickup trucks, Weezer blasting "In the Garage". Where first hickeys were had and rumors took hold and break-ups occasionally occurred.

It should be strange to return home to the refurbished and reclaimed areas of one's past and it used to be, years ago, returning to my childhood haunts as an adult. I used to avoid the vacant lots, fearing I may be sucked in and spat out as my teenaged self, freaky friday style. I have no desire to be young again. Or younger. Maybe that's why, after years of dragging my feet, I now find myself excited to come home. Has it been so long that even the ghosts have died?

"When I was your age, this Christmas tree lot was... something else."
I noticed the halo of light around Archer's head just after posting these. Pretty cool:
And later, at home:
When I was pregnant, one of the things I was most looking forward to was THIS. Being home with my family and all four of our babies, listening to music and consuming large quantities of delicious food and just, you know, EXISTING together. I had a picture in my head of what all of this would look like and the reality is even more beautiful than that.



Arnebya | 12:26 PM

Oh, how Bo and Rev make my uterus scream NOW'S THE TIME! And how Fable's bob makes me want one. And how Archer seems so very delighted in every photo. And how your mom is smiling at the obvious wonder, comfort, and joy of all that she has, all that your entire family is. Happy holidays. I hope you have the best Christmas possible w/your four (plus).

Shelley | 1:10 PM

All of your children I just so beautiful, I love seeing all of their varied expressions. And, I hate to say it b/c I know it sucks for you *but* I must admit I get a lot of comfort from the fact that apparently my husband and I are not the only ones that have crying-tantrum-fights. We are both pretty strong personalities and while we love each other deeply we fight *a lot* sometimes. For some reason I've always assumed that other couples don't fight often or to the point of tears like we do. Thank you for being so honest.

Mama Smith | 2:51 PM

They're getting so big! I love getting glimpses of your mom's place and also that Archer brought his cars... I showed my blog skeptic husband that picture from an earlier post where Archer was working on resolving traffic issues of the future and had that awesomely elaborate set up and even he was impressed. Enjoy your trip!

KM | 3:34 PM

I remember anxiously leaving Bowling Green for Christmas each year during my 5 years of grad school there....I was always so excited to get home to my 5 little nieces and nephews. I know exactly how your sister is feeling right now, she's probably jumping out of her skin (and also exhausted after finals!) on that plane. enjoy every second!

jessica | 4:28 PM

so beautiful. i don't have any family besides the one i created and i always wish that i had one like yours. yes i'm happy for what i have blah blah blah...i'm just telling the truth. you are a lucky lucky lady.

Loukia | 5:34 PM

Sigh. So, so lovely.

Unknown | 7:06 PM

The babies' faces changed! They're getting so big (and staying so cute). Heh. I also really just love those baby legwarmers. Making a note for my future babies, heehee...

Your children are so beautiful. They just glow with light and love. They totally get it from you.

Merry Christmas!

Glenda | 7:55 PM

Beautiful family x6 and all the memories you are making.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous | 8:09 PM

Beautiful, warm, post. Love family time and decorating the tree:) Love the halo mark too!!! LOVE those babies...they are way too cute...the way you dress them...oh my...god!!!! :))) Babies with high fashion taste...should have a magazine dedicated just for babies and fashion :)))

c is for cape town | 10:30 PM

It always makes me happy when mammas and their babies are with THEIR mammas. Grannies rock!
Have a wonderful twinsome winsome awesome Christmas lovely lady.

sahara | 3:16 AM

I love the Name - Price is right Christmas Trees - Very kitsch. I am new to your blog and am so addicted. I can't stop staring at your beautiful baby girls. I think I just ovulated. Thank you for sharing your life, you have a gorgeous family and I hope you have a wonderful christmas and your baby girls sleep well for you.

Anonymous | 5:58 AM

Your children are always smiling. : )

Cindy | 6:23 AM

Here's to the Happiest of Holidays for you and your family only to be blessed by many many many more.

Also, take full advantage of all the people that want to hold and watch those babies. It means extra nap time for you! Christmas miracle!

Erin | 7:31 AM

That last photo is my favorite!! Enjoy having your time with your mommy and daddy.

Amanda | 11:21 AM

I've been LOVING these posts. Such a beautiful family.

Also, I totally went to Circle K and bought a Playboy when I turned 18. Because I could.

stella | 12:56 PM

Thanks for sharing such lovely moments with us. I am treasuring every moment with my little toddler girl this xmas and my heart feels like it will explode from all of my feelings right now. I feel like I am reliving the holidays of my childhood all over again except I get to share this wonderment with my lovely husband. We drive eachother crazy sometimes but oh how I love him and the child we created together. I sure miss having my mom around - passed away 10 years ago - but her angel is drifting around us, sprinkling us with love and peace. Have a wonderful holiday, Rebecca and co. and look forward to spending 2012 with you.

Erin | 2:51 PM

Love the last paragraph. love.

Kate | 6:18 PM

Yup, loving those babies. I like how Bo looks like a normal adorable baby, and Rev has that gorgeous and arresting "tiny adult" look.

Anonymous | 9:39 AM

I loved this post. It reminds me of all my Christmases growing up.

I has a miscarriage in September, and have been feeling particularly bummed about everything this Christmas. I've been following your blog for a couple years, and while one might think that looking at other people's babies would be the opposite thing to do, it has somehow always made me feel better about losing a pregnancy and hopeful looking forward to future pregnancies and babies and Christmases...I don't know why but your blog has helped me somehow get through the last three months, and I just thought you should know that. :)

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday with your family!


bbgHappY1 | 6:42 PM

Have a wonderful, joyous, peaceful loving Christmas.
I so agree with the last paragraph about just existing and being together with family!

Wendy @ mama one to three | 12:27 PM

Oh stunningness! As crazy as I am with my twins plus one-- this made me want another set. :) cheers!