Thing of the Week: Argan & Aloe

For the last two years I've been using the same two products every morning when I wake and again, every night before I go to bed.




(my skin has never looked better)

I was unsure about the "oil" cleanser at first because my skin is of the oily variety, but my friend Polly (who was working with Josie Maran at the time) insisted I give it a spin and I have not NOT used it since. The DDF toner was something I first tried at Mighty Summit in 2009 and have used daily for the last two years. Dig it.


This has nothing to do with face wash, I know, but I have two new posts up on my Babble Voices blog. One is about Rebecca Black (Friday) and the other is about @SantaClaus and @how he's @changed @since @we @were @kids. xx