Liner Notes 12/4

girl talk
This week Bo and Rev before their maiden voyage in the side-by-side Maclaren (Twin Triumph). We came back inside approximately two minutes later because a wind storm was knocking the fronds off the local palms (not ideal) but for a moment, it was pretty fun seeing the lil' ladies sit side by side, their differences even more pronounced.
... the girls will be three-months next week. THREE WHOLE MONTHS!
Bo knows: smiles
This week I went to see about another Steve, except this "Steve" was not a rental. He was an Essssssteban and he was for sale. I even went so far as to tour Estaban with our Real Estate Agent and as I type this, am compiling the necessary docs to go over loan possibilities with our mortgage broker which seems like the most adult thing of all time for some reason. After spending the last two months looking at Steves we're starting to think that purchasing an Esteban may be a better plan. More on that as soon as I have... more on that. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of Esteban #1, who is very 1920's Spanish handsome on the outside but on the inside has him some serious baggage requiring therapy in the form of a full-on kitchen renovation, etc. Still. Dude has perfect bones.
In other news, Reverie is still the easiest baby of all time.
"My name is Fable. I like to dance."
I spent all day Saturday with my friend, Dani who insisted on wearing one of the babies at all times, even in the dressing room of Zara, where we spent an hour plus trying on roped cardigans in every color. It's a really lovely feeling knowing your friends love your children and your children love them back. Also lovely? Being able to get out of the house with someone happily willing to stop every block on a walk to adjust blankets and clean pacifiers and rock babies to sleep in line at Starbucks... Dani's like a thirty-year old version of my mom which is pretty much the greatest compliment I could think to give a person.
with Bo
...and Rev
Boheme and Reverie started laughing this week, those little baby giggles that sound like super-hiccups and make you want to cry because they're so damn beautiful.
Another exciting thing that happened this week: Reverie started sleeping through the night (EIGHT HOURS x three nights = woohoo!) If only Bo was interested in following her sister's lead. (Come on, Bo! You can do it! Bo-oh! Bo-oh! Bo-oh!)
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.



Anonymous | 7:39 PM

Good luck with Estaban. He sounds like a great addition to the family.

Amanda | 7:53 PM

Congrats on getting one of the girls to sleep through the night!

Jen | 7:59 PM

Absolutely gorgeous pictures (and children!)


Wow, but Fable suddenly looks so much like you! Total mini-Bec in that dancing picture!

Your little ladies are beyond lovely, and I can't believe you're closing in on three months. Double-wow.

Sending you lots of love and good thoughts for house-finding, sleeping-through-the-night, et al.

Julie | 8:28 PM

Yay, Esteban looks gorgeous. We just bought our first house in LA in an up-and-coming/still kind of ghetto neighborhood (Beverlywood "adjacent") and it's so nice having a sense of permanence, and feeling like at least a small percentage of your monthly payment is an investment each month. Good luck!

LauraLowe | 8:38 PM

Reverie's SHOES!!!!! Those tiny little yellow things are incredible

mom2nji | 9:06 PM

When did Fable become your clone? I am waiting for Arabella to get the memo about the 8 hours of sleep thing. Also the giggling! EEP! I hope Estaban works out!

Christine | 9:45 PM

These posts make me want to have twins. Although that would make them kids #4 and 5, so not in the cards. Nice to follow vicariously!

Unknown | 9:47 PM

There's so much to say about your beautiful fam here - I'll try to keep it short. Fable is most awesome in her striped leggings and shaking her groove thang. Yay for Reverie living up to her dreamy name and sleeping through the night! My Zoe has gone about 6.5 hours so far, but let's hope she follows Rev's lead. Double yay for giggles x two! And best of luck with Esteban -- entering the world of home ownership can be a scary thing, but it's oh so worth it.

Maria | 9:54 PM

Wow as much as your new babes are growing; Fable is growing up so much as well.

Crossing my fingers for y'all and Esteban. ;-)

Glenda | 11:19 PM

Crossing my fingers for Esteban.
The girls are totally gorgeous xs 2!!
Congrats to Rev on sleeping through the night!!! Yay!!!

sachi | 3:24 AM

Thanks for sharing. My god Bo and Rev are sooo darn cute!!!

Billie | 3:44 AM

Dancing fable = you!!!
Rev = fable
Bo, in every picture from the day she was born = my Sage!!
Esteban = excitement
You = awesome


Arnebya | 4:35 AM

Giggling (yet rolling my eyes, ha!) b/c my 2 yo still doesn't even sleep through the night. He's no longer calling for us when he wakes, but we hear him get his cup of water and maybe hum to himself awhile. Real estate is always exciting. Good luck w/Estaban. And boy those are some cute kids you've got there.

Anonymous | 5:41 AM

Hi Rebecca, love your blog! Can you (or have you) done a review of the Ergo baby carrier? I bought one when my first child was 9 months and I loved it. My second child is on his way and I would like to buy the insert for newborns. Do you have the insert? Do you find it useful, how does it work? Thanks for any info you can share.

Bless with a Boy | 7:30 AM

I love love love the baby laughs. 3 months old?!?!? That went by in a blink. Of course I'm not the one up feeding them all ours of the day and night.

You are a rock star mom keeping 4 kids happy at once.

Have an awesome day!

Jaclyn | 7:49 AM

ZOMG babies! That's pretty much my reaction to every one of your posts but I thought I'd share.

Elizabeth | 8:51 AM

Your family is so sweet that I almost always tear up while going through your posts. Everyone is just so damn cute and the love you all have for one another is so evident in your pictures.

Alos, LOVE Fable's Yo Gabba Gabba dance. :)

Cindy | 9:24 AM

Those babies....almost (I mean almost) make me want one of my own. They are so cute.

We bought our first house this year. I turn 36 in January and it seemed like I was doing a very grown-up thing for a change. Like I'm finally getting around to doing all the things my peers have already done. I'm slow.

My Bottle's Up! | 9:42 AM

good gracious your ladies are so beautiful.

i cannot believe it's almost 3 months. nutso!

your friend, dani is supremely gorgeous.

bbgHappY1 | 11:06 AM

All the best with Esteban.
Once again, did not disappoint with the blog...

Anonymous | 12:14 PM

Esteban es muy guapo!

Fingers crossed that it works out for you guys! While buying a home was insanely stressful it was awesome having OUR house.

Anonymous | 12:36 PM

Fable is so sweet :)
Good luck with finding Steve - owning a house is a dream!

TriciaR | 1:46 PM

I'm sure you must have posted this information at some point, but can you tell me where the print above your changing table is from?

Sam | 2:14 PM

Oooh, so exciting about an Esteban - I hope everything goes well with that. He would be handy.

These posts are some of my all-time faves in Blogland. They're like crack for my ovaries or something. I swear my estrogen levels actually increase from them! Holy crap, babies (and kids in general) are awesome.

Anonymous | 9:27 PM

Always loved reading, now the photos of the twins leave me smiling and helpless (in a great way)! Love them. Hope Esteban works out.

Anonymous | 5:46 AM

Thank-you for the chance to look at my family through my pictures..something I truly love doing.

I love how real your photos are. I love real. :)

Miz Kizzle | 5:55 AM

It's better to buy if you expect to be there at least four years. Get your parents and in-laws to cough up some buckage.
On that topic, my MIL loaned us $5,000 when we bought our first house right out of law school. We paid her back on schedule with interest and she still tells people that she bought us our first house.
I hope your MIL is more in touch with reality.

Anonymous | 6:01 AM

i have so enjoyed your blog the past months, my baby was born about 3 weeks after bo and rev and i have a daughter fable's age. thanks for sharing!

kacey hb | 9:31 AM

thnk you for your last post on the Snyder family.. it touched my heart.. and how I look at my babies and the things I complain about


robin | 10:39 AM

I love your pictures. Such beautiful babes. It's a bit awesome that Rev is such an easy baby, that way the baby work load is not quite doubled. And sleeping through night??? She must be in tune to your needs. Maybe she's part Archer. My baby is 9.5 months and I can count on one hand the number of times he's slept 8 hours.
Good luck with the house!

Kate | 11:36 AM

The love is pouring out of these pictures. Your kids are so lucky.

Anonymous | 5:17 PM

I will never tire of seeing photos of those cute kids! Archer is such a protector. And its so interesting - the twins look more different every day.

Anonymous | 12:35 PM

We had a Baby Bjorn baby sitter 1-2-3 and it was the best investment we made at the time! Just love those things!

Expat Mom | 7:40 PM

Rev and Fable are such look-alikes! They even have the same little smirk/grin. I can't believe your babies are already 3 months. Ack.