Boheme and Reverie, Seven Months

I gave up on our monthly photo spreads last month when I realized they didn't matter became too lazy to deal. This month, I knew better than to even try - both of them completely mobile and on the move. They're not yet crawling but can pull themselves slowly across a room on their bellies and have taken to rolling (even across the hard wood floor) as their sole mode of transportation. I don't even know why I bother putting down mats anymore. They'd rather be head-banging against wood because they don't even care, you know? They don't even care.
These posts always feel a little sad. Every month that passes seems to be a reminder that... another month is passing. (I am a rocket scientist, clearly.) I feel the same sting on the second and twenty-third of every month. I don't know that that will ever change. And now, at seven months, the girls are rounding second, headed for their first birthdays, creeping, literally creeping, knees bending spastically as they pull their little bodies around the nursery with their dimpled elbows, faces planted in one another's spit up.

The last month has revealed their most significant changes. Not only are they more mobile, playful, grabby, alive, but Bo has transformed into a mild-mannered and permanently happy little girl. Always giggling, she smiles at every face she sees. Revi has become extremely sensitive. Fearful. Cries when she meets strangers, needs to be held at all times. Bo sleeps through the night. Revi wakes up two to three times, always ends up in our bed, only naps in the Ergo. At their last check-up two weeks ago, (14 lbs & 16 lbs) Bo didn't even cry when she had her shots. Revi screamed and didn't stop for nearly an hour. I held her and rocked her and sang to her while Bo slept soundly... snoring.
It's amazing. Like nature knows better than to give parents two high maintenance babies at the same time so the girls are switching off. And now it's Revi's turn. Fair enough, girl. Fair. Enough.
Meanwhile. Bo is a buttery cloud full of sunshine and peace, all smiles, all the time, best friends forever.
Revi (of course) is ALSO a buttery cloud of sunshine. So long as she's attached to a body, a pair of arms or is being doted on with funny faces (but they can't be TOO funny or else she will get scared and scream for ten minutes.)
Bo and Revi, at seven months of age have racked up many a hobby and interest. Those things in no particular order, are...

Feet: My other kids were never this into feet. Revi sucks her thumb so it makes sense that she would suck her toe thumbs as well, which, yeah.
Bo's a little more subtle.
Toys: They have become so grabby, especially Revi who will pull every flower out of every vase, every fork out of every hand, and phew, girl, this one's going to be a challenge. She's my getter-into-er. Bo's also grabby but gentler. She carefully takes while Revi swiftly yanks. Bo is soft in her movements and Revi is full of mischief and curiosity. They are puppy and kitten.
Eating Smearing Food all over their faces: Apples, rice cereal, sweet potatoes... the last few weeks we've been rocking some serious solid food action and it's fun and sweet and the biggest mess of all time.
especially if your name is Bo
(Revi keeps it kosher. Zing.)
"Ha ha! My mommy is so funny!"
Daddy Guitaring

Looking Deep Into YOUR SOUL!
Archer and Fable:
Being Held at all times:
Taking Really Short Naps (unless they're being held):
Sitting up (Bo):
Rolling Over... and over (Rev):
(she isn't rolling in this picture but I love it anyway.)
Each other:
(I have since cut Bo's nails, by the way.)
Happy seven months, sweet little dreamboats. Daddy done write you a song and it goes a little something like this. HIT IT...




Mama Smith | 8:57 AM

The photo of them holding one another's little hands is just beautiful. What a mysterious and amazing bond twins must share. Your family is gorgeous!

Anonymous | 9:00 AM

The foot thumb.... ack!!! So funny~ and your pictures/commentary are utterly delightful- love.


Cynthia | 9:04 AM

laughing tears at the photo of revi sucking her toe. they are just precious.

Mama D | 9:09 AM

You have the best pictures...

I was lamenting the passing of time after Isaac turned 3, mentioning that Avery would be 5 soon. Ave said, "Mama, will you be sad when I'm 5?" I hesitated, realizing that it shouldn't make me really SAD so much, 'cause I'm thrilled that she's getting older and I haven't broken her. My husband saved the day, saying, "Mama's a little sad...but she's a lot happy." So that's our line. I'm a little sad that I'll be losing this age and time, but I'm a lot happy that they're growing and happy and looking forward to whatever comes next.

Jasie VanGesen | 9:10 AM

It pains me how big they're getting. These are bonafide babies. They're not new anymore. *sniff* Beautiful.

Kristen Chase | 9:10 AM

What next, driving? Holy cow time flies.


Carryn M | 9:13 AM

There is something about baby arms and baby legs that make my heart ache.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 9:16 AM



Pauline @aspiringmama | 9:23 AM

my ovaries....they want to make babies like yours! so beautiful. so sweet.

Shea Goff | 9:25 AM

Everything about this is so exquisite. Again I am glad you are here. Thank you for sharing.

Kerry | 9:34 AM

Ha! In that last "rolling" picture of Rev (with the polka-dotted pants) she looks like she's telling a story.

"So moms, check it out. I says to this guy, I says..."

Kailee | 9:37 AM

Holy moly. They are heart-achingly beautiful little girls, aren't they? What sweet little souls.

Sarah | 9:49 AM

every time you post I think, I need to take more pictures of my kid. I only have one, and I take about 1/8 of the pictures you do, how do you find the time???

Christina @busybmommy | 9:57 AM

You couldn't have even dreamed of all this magic could you? I mean the last of those "Had I had all of my wishes 10 years ago, I would have sold myself short" kinda moments. Much love mama. Much love.

glenda | 10:09 AM

Gorgeous family!!! R&B are precious. A&F are the best big bro/ big sis. <3

Have a great weekend!

Clandestine Road | 10:12 AM

Oh man, they are just beautiful (all six of you)! Have a wonderful weekend.

kelly | 10:20 AM

Sweet, beautiful babies. You done did good, GGC.

Lindsey A | 10:22 AM

OMG, they are beautiful. I had my daughter in September of 2008, right before you had Fable. I had my son in August of 2011, right before you had the twins. I see these posts every month and I too feel sad that your babies are growing as fast as mine! It's terrible because I feel sad TWICE! Once for mine and once for yours! Now I want Twins. Your blog may be dangerous for my mental health! :)

vickichristine | 10:22 AM

7 months!? how can it be?? they are so beautiful. and i love watching them grow and change. xoxo

Maggie | 10:54 AM

This post is just pure joy.

Lindsay | 10:55 AM

Those eyes... Oh, those eyes, they are striking! What a gorgeous family you have!

Annie | 11:00 AM

Ah! That second to the last photo, of the girls laying together looking toward the camera...that's a forever photo.

Thanks for sharing. Just love these little girls, even from afar. :)

Joanna | 11:06 AM

Beautiful - all of it - the babies, your family, your words.

Those eyes! How do you get anything done with all those gorgeous eyeballs staring back at you?

My little Virgo turned seven months old (young?) yesterday. He's just a day older than your girls. I've been following since your pregnancy and I can completely relate to it feeling bittersweet when they reach their monthly "birthdays."

Although, I have to say, I'm totally in awe of your ability to pull motherhood off with such grace and wisdom at your age. I'm almost a decade older than you and at 30 I was still partying in nightclub basements in NYC, kissing all the wrong boys. Three kids later, I've definitely grown up, but wow -- you are wise beyond your years, girl. Truly an inspiration.

Unknown | 11:06 AM

Really, what is there to say besides ohmygodtheyarewaytoocute!?! All four of them. All SIX of you! I'm eight days away from my due date with #2, and didn't think I could get any more eager to get this baby out of my belly and into my arms already! These photos have made me want to try every old wives' tale to induce labor and BRING ON THE CUTENESS ALREADY! (I can't stop with the exclamation points! Yipes!)

Angela V | 11:07 AM

Their eyes are just too beautiful! Love them! You have an amazingly beautiful family!

Joquena | 11:08 AM

My baby does the same thing rolling across the hardwood floor. I cringe every time I hear a "thwack"

FSURia | 11:31 AM

Your babies are so adorable and precious! I love all your photos of them. Bo with the food all over her face is priceless! All of the pictures are, as are the cutie babies themselves. :)

Entwined Essentials | 11:32 AM

I was sitting there reading this while rocking my little one to sleep and just started tearing up. I love your beautiful little family.

Hippo Brigade | 11:34 AM

lovies. all of it.

Jessica | 11:42 AM

GREAT pictures and video - bonus! Love it all!!

Katie | 12:22 PM

You are a very beautiful family :-)))

Red Stethoscope | 12:43 PM

Thank you for posting this! My favorites are Bo's face covered with rice cereal, and the picture of Archer and Fable feeding the girls--one on each side. They are such good big siblings!

nicole | 12:49 PM

Aww, they are both so yummy. I think Bo looks A LOT like her mama. ;) Thanks for these updates; they make my heart happy. xo.

Keri | 1:01 PM

Oh my gosh, they are precious. I am done having kids, but these pics make me want more...and preferably twins! Good thing my husband had a vasectomy haha...

Jen | 2:12 PM

beautiful! my twins finally figured out the nap thing between month 7 and 8, so maybe this is the month for you! They are now taking a good morning and afternoon nap (like good babies should!- in my mind anyway!) after months of 30 minute cat naps! naps are so important (for mommy time that is!) especially when you have other children

Amber | 5:05 PM

It has been a while since I've stopped by, but wow! Haven't they grown. They both have the most beautiful eyes I've seen. Gorgeous!

Amanda | 6:26 PM

They are so sweet! My twins switched off on being difficult and easy. I was always grateful that they weren't both difficult at the same time.

I love how Reverie is looking more and more like Fable!

An Bui | 6:52 PM

Your twins have the most gorgeous eyes! They look so happy!! Thanks for sharing photos that makes my biological clock tick. - An

Jenny Rae Rappaport | 8:20 PM

My daughter is almost exactly two months older than the girls.... she eats noses, too! They're fascinating, wonderful ways of expressing your love! Except now she has teeth... =)

dna | 10:14 PM

I can't, I just, I just can't. Those babes are so damn cute. AH!

Sam | 1:14 AM

I have melted into a puddle on the floor. So much cute! I love the video of Hal playing guitar. My dad played guitar for my siblings and I - those moments are some of my favourite memories.

Happy 7 months, Bo and Rev!

robin | 8:22 AM

The look so different...but then there's a picture you throw in here and there where they actually look like twins (or sisters, at least!). They are the cutest! I wonder if you realize how lucky you got it-4 out of 4 sweet, adorable kids! Amazing. You'd think the odds would be in favor of having at least one dud in the mix :)

17 beats. | 9:10 AM

that last photo destroyed me ! a life full of love, how spectacular. :-)

Kate | 12:34 PM

thier eyes! every time, I just can't get over those saucers.
and you - you look amazing, as always.

please remind me of your camera again? I know that cameras do not make the photos - photographers do. But you have so many great close ups of their faces that I don't know what I'm doing wrong with my 8 month old. You make me want to whip out my camera and try, try again!

unfounddoor | 7:10 PM

Ay ay ya, too too wonderful. So much love.
really didn't expect the sadness at my baby growing up (dwarved by my happiness at him growing up, but still) to happen so quick, but at five months I've been feeling it at each of his weigh ins for a wee while -- glad to know that's normal.

Emily M | 7:15 PM

So sweet! Love the shots of them together...
Don't be hard on yourself about the little things- you are doing an amazing job and have lovely, happy sweet children (ok, this is also one of my own goals- I have an 11 month old and am constantly hard on myself for what I am NOT doing when I am doing a lot right! :) )

Erin | 8:35 PM

man you have cute kids!!

Anonymous | 9:26 AM

Huge favor to ask: will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post some kid lunch box ideas? I am in a rut and running out of ideas. Gracias.

Kristin | 9:37 AM

Your family is absolutely stunning. All of you!

Are these all Instagram photos? How do you keep them from getting grainy?

Emily | 12:51 PM

My daughter is seven months old today. Your girls are so gorgeous! I love your blog!

Lori | 8:57 PM

Holy shit... That is way too much cuteness for me to handle. You are so super lucky. Love them to pieces. Thank you for sharing your babies with us. Oh and you are looking mighty gorgeous. I am super fond of you. My favorite blogger chick fo shizzle.

eela | 5:18 AM

I LOVE your photos - always such a dreamy quality to them. Could I ask: what post processing are you doing on them?

BTW, have never commented before but have been reading your blog for a couple of years now - you are such an inspiration. I had a baby boy 8 months ago and am hoping that you rub off on me just reading your blog.

Mamalang | 9:09 AM

I think you had twins so that Archer and Fable didn't have to fight over the baby :)

Maricris @ SittingAround | 5:57 PM

Beautiful! They are so cute.

Anonymous | 6:33 PM

I am preemptively nostalgic about the photos of you and the girls here, like I'm already looking back through the looking glass, 20 years from now. Beautiful.

BonJoey | 4:09 PM

This post made my day. Those babies are SOOOO beautiful!!! Both of them, and each in a completely different and unique way! The pic of Revi with both feet in her face - I died laughing. So classic. Bo's blue eyes are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your amazing babies with us. :)

Anonymous | 9:38 AM

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