Thing of the Week: It Chooses You by Miranda July with photographs by Brigitte Sire

"Dorothy had been at that wedding. She'd probably thrown rice at her best friend. And then what did she do? How did she spend the rest of her life? I could call her right now and ask. It almost hurt, remembering that Joe and Carolyn were part of the world, surrounded by an infinite number of simultaneous stories. I suppose this was one reason why people got married, to make a fiction that was tellable. It wasn't just movies that couldn't contain the full cast of characters - it was us. We had to winnow life down so we knew where to put our tenderness and attention; and that was a good, sweet thing. But together or alone, we were still embedded in the kaleidoscope, ruthlessly varied and continuous, until the end of the end. I knew I would forget this within the hour, and then remember, and forget, and remember. Each time I remembered it would be a tiny miracle and forgetting was just as important - I had to believe in my own story."