Out of the Box (Sponsored & Giveaway)

The following post + giveaway is sponsored by Wittlebee. Thanks, Wittlebee!
You know when things appear on your radar and you wish you thought of them first? And then you're kicking yourself because OH, WHAT!? GENIUS IDEA. SIMPLE GENIUS.

Yeah. That's pretty much what I said when monthly kids clothes company Wittlebee approached and asked me to check out their service. Genius of the wish-I-thought-of-it-first variety because lordy knows, I love me some kids ensembles with flare. I mean, I live with this girl hello:
Not that Fable would ever in a million years let me dress her. Or even have an opinion on her ensembles. I buy things in stores that I think might suit her and watch her "Fabes" them out with rainbow leggings, layered tank tops, two different shoes...

Style subscription clubs are all the rage as we know. But until now, I hadn't heard of any for kids which makes LOADS of sense considering how fast they grow and how difficult it can be to find well-made essentials that are equal parts adorable, especially for boys. (Wittlebee sent me a box of boy clothes to check out as well and THANK YOU, YES. Every single piece was a keeper. Lots of faded blues and forrest greens, earthy graphics. Very cool stuff. (Brands for both boys and girls include Tea and American Apparel.)

Here's how it works. You subscribe for $40 a month, choose a style that best suits your kid (you can create your style profile here) and Wittlebee puts together a box full of lovely things sized appropriately. Here are some photos of some of the sample boxes and here is the box I received for my girls. (The sizes only go up to 5T, hence the lack of stuff for Archer.)
Here's a picture I took of Fable moments after she plucked a pink tank out of the box and immediately put it on. (Peace out, butterfly shirt!)
And here are Bo and Revi in their Wittlebee hand-selected styles looking very delicious for (not) a change. (Bo's shorts match Revi's dress.)
photo-2 ...which, they share.
photo-6 photo-1 photo-7

Wittlebee has offered one GGC reader a box of Wittlebee goodsTo win? Leave a comment below and please don't forget to leave your email address! I'll pick one winner at random next Tuesday, June 12th.

For more information on Wittlebee go here. Or you join them on facebook here.  Use discount code RW15 to get $15 dollars off the first month. Good luck and happy dressing! 


UPDATED: Congratulations to commenter #525, Allison! And thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway! More to come! 



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Anonymous | 3:26 PM

I would love to be the winner winner veggie dinner. :)
Jmanzanedo@ctdn.org. My girl is a month older than Fable. :)

Anonymous | 3:44 PM

pick me! pick me!

andreadimond at hotmail

Megan | 4:28 PM

I'm facing the task of dressing a baby boy -- and I have no clue what I'm doing. This would be a great thing for me!

Molly | 4:30 PM

Amazing idea! Thank you!! mollyd312@hotmail.com

Courtney | 4:44 PM

dahhhling. (courtney.lang@gmail.com)

Leslie | 5:32 PM

Love this idea!

Emily | 5:50 PM

Do you ever just think to yourself- "miracle of miracles, both of these little humans grew inside of me at the same time!" Because I would think that all the time if I had twins.

My little girl is 8.5 months, very close in age to your two amazing little girls. I love your blog!

Diurla | 5:50 PM

Ah! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this for my son Nikolas!


Unknown | 6:00 PM

I love the brand Tea and will check out this website- looks like clothes I would really enjoy dressing my baby in!

Amber P. | 6:24 PM

Yes please! With a two week old baby girl and two other kiddos at home my time for shopping is non-existent. This is perfect! ambular1818@hotmail.com

gretchen | 6:29 PM

what a great idea! reasonable price too!


Erin Trew | 7:19 PM

Love the clothes and the idea, definitely have to look into this with 4 kids. erinfigge@hotmail.com

Andy and Jenni | 7:25 PM

Oh.how.fun. Especially for boys. jbetz1383 at wideopenwest.com

Anonymous | 7:51 PM

I love the way your girls dress. Most of all, I love the handmade dresses your mother makes for them. So special and beautiful! stephaniednava@gmail.com

Piper | 8:00 PM

Niiiiice. piper.t.anderson@gmail.com

Sarah | 8:11 PM

can't get over the cuteness! and i think to "fabes" something out is just the best. own it! sarahg2806@gmail.com

Anonymous | 8:12 PM

Love this idea! The pieces that came in your box are just plain adorable... my 21 month old little guy could really stand to have some new duds! Pretty please, Wittlebee? :)

Unknown | 8:13 PM

i've always wanted to try them!
this site has the same idea but with kids/parents essentials & stuff


Courtney | 8:13 PM

I would love something different for my son!

caryn | 8:19 PM

I just found you today and for about 19,789 reasons I am wishing I had found you years ago! I have laughed and cried with the posts I have read tonight. I have twins, and were my children not 9 and 7 (boy/girl twins), I'd be ALL OVER your giveaway. (In fact, I've got a 3-year old niece who would LOVE this...so, include me, please!) Why, oh WHY did I not find you sooner?

Anonymous | 8:24 PM

Very cute! noir.jane@gmail.com

Unknown | 8:32 PM

Where can I find that awesome print dress in adult size?!


Unknown | 8:33 PM

Where can I find that awesome print dress in adult size to fit me?!


Jen5253 | 8:34 PM

Oh, I LOVE those clothes!!

jenrange (at) hotmail (dot) com

Unknown | 8:40 PM

Oh, we could definitely use some style here!

Alma Boheme | 8:51 PM

awesomeness in a box!!! My little girl is a 4T

Alma Boheme | 8:51 PM

awesomeness in a box!!! My little girl is a 4T

Tracy | 8:54 PM

Genius! I spend enough time searching in consignment stores. This is way easy.

Lex - @laprimera | 9:11 PM

Love these clothes! I'd love to get these for my twins!

Jack's Mama | 9:17 PM

I am sooo picky when it comes to my sons clothes! There is so much crap and so much over priced crap! And truly are some great priced gems! My son is 2.5 this would be perfect...and one day I hope to have more kids, handy downs :)

The Jowers Family | 9:22 PM

SO fab! I have three little princess, and this would be awesome!

The Jowers Family | 9:26 PM

This is FAB! Would love new garb for my three princesses.
kmjowers at gmail dot com

Carrie | 9:35 PM

This is the kind of stuff I haunt my local resale store for. My husband would faint if I was spending $40 a month on kid clothes! Now I feel super deprived, but also thrifty.


Susan | 9:56 PM

I do a lot of internet window shopping these days (times are tough), so it would be a delight to actually have a box of very cool clothes show up for one of my girls! I love that you can choose lots of different colors and themes based on the personality of your child, too. Very cool idea!

Susan | 9:57 PM
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Anonymous | 10:31 PM

great giveaway steisynissen (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

Rachel | 11:19 PM


Libby | 11:25 PM

I would love one of these for my little one....Fable reminds me a lot of her, with her style and her cute haircut! mia DOT cupcake AT yahoo

Sarah | 12:14 AM

This sounds great for my 2yo little guy!
srollin at gmail dot com

beyond | 12:17 AM

LOVE. fingers crossed.

Alissa | 1:10 AM

This is awesome!

The Davii | 5:06 AM

Love this idea! Pick me, pick me!


Andee | 5:26 AM

Wish they went older! My oldest 2 are 8 and 6. But lucky for me, I have a almost 2 year old! Yay!

So cute!

kirsten | 5:55 AM

very cool idea... i totally anticipate blowing through the clothes when this baby arrives - sometime in the next 2 weeks!

Kate | 6:53 AM

What a great idea!

katepeaslee at gmail dot com

sandy | 6:55 AM

cute stuff! and thanks for the blog and letting us see your beautiful kids! sandra.north@aonbenfield.com

Kellie | 7:29 AM


Rudibeckia | 7:51 AM

So neat!

lola + oliver | 7:56 AM

I want a box for ME!

P.S. Your kids are adorable.

grace | 8:17 AM

I'm holding off on Wittlebee until I have a bigger baby, since I have so many newborn sized clothes, but I love the concept, and I'm especially excited to try them again now that they have Tea stuff!

Peggy | 8:26 AM

Would love for my younger daughter to get some non-hand-me-down clothes!

pegchen29 at yahoo

Susan | 8:41 AM

I love this idea, your blog, and your style!


Tatiana | 9:31 AM

Shopping done for me? Win!

C Camp | 9:39 AM

Want, want! corrie.camp@gmail.com

arissamasi | 9:54 AM

This is awesome! How fun! arissamasi@hotmail.com

Elisabeth | 10:34 AM

My baby boy is due any day now, and I'm woefully unprepared when it comes to clothes. I'd love to try Wittlebee!

Anonymous | 10:38 AM

I want this!!! (beth.rasmussen@ymail.com)

Jamie Krug | 10:58 AM

Why didn't I think of that?! I'm all up in Birchbox, so this is the next natural step for me (& my mailman)!! Tulipsontuesday@yahoo.com

chisparoja | 11:13 AM

Wow - what a great concept!!! semantics@gmail.com

Anonymous | 11:15 AM

how awesome! I'm clueless about boys' fashion but would love some new digs for my son!

MandyU | 11:18 AM

I love this idea. Something like this could help my second born (Corbett Anson, currently 5 months old) from being a total hand-me-down kid. Mandy


Unknown | 11:49 AM

Cutest cute cute!! Perfect for gifting as well!


Mar | 12:44 PM

So fun, thanks for the opportunity


Kristin | 1:37 PM

LOVE this!

Liz | 2:18 PM

Uhm... My fashion plate 3 month old daughter needs this.

(And by that I mean, I want it for her.)

voss (dot) liz (at) gmail (dot) com

Suzanne | 3:28 PM

Waaaaaaaaaant! (please)

Suzanne | 3:29 PM

Want please!

Christine S. | 3:33 PM

I LOVE tea clothing but have a hard time finding it. And I just had a baby girl so I could use some cute girly clothes after having two boys!

Txbrenna | 3:38 PM

Precious clothes! Love the colors!

Anonymous | 3:41 PM

I love all the colors and patterns your kids wear! I can't stand all the plain powder pinks and blues at the major stores.

Lilybett | 5:53 PM

So bummed you don't ship outside the US.

Anonymous | 6:14 PM

Such a great idea!! I love that toddlers now have "style profiles"... too cute!


Laurenn | 6:40 PM

What a great idea! I hope I win!

Ally | 7:23 PM

This is awesome! I will probably do this either way.

Mo | 7:41 PM

From the mother of a 14-lb 6-week-old (who has already outgrown 3mo sizes), this is an awesome idea. Especially with how quickly our little Ollie outgrows things.

Using my discount code now...thanks!

mosheahan at gmail dot com

Frugal Chic | 8:04 PM

Absolutely adorable. Would love these.


Anonymous | 8:40 PM

My Ella would LOVE this. She has been dressing herself since I can remember and she is all of 3 1/2. :)

Kayla | 9:08 PM

AH! WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA! Definitely wish I had thought of that. The girls look adorable (as always). I've gotta try this out for my Leo.


JCR | 9:33 PM

I said I wasn't going to buy clothes for my new baby... but they are so cute its hard to resist. This would be fun!

Cat | 9:55 PM

Oh man. This could be dangerous! Thanks for the links!


Jess | 12:33 AM

Holy mother of SUPER genius! I'd say I want to kick the masterminds square in their baby makers, but really I want to go to second base with them on my parents' couch. If I win, that's fabs, if I don't, I'm all in. Oh the possibilities for Dylan's last year before he "outgrows" the sizes.

Unknown | 12:50 AM

It is so difficult to find cute, stylish clothes for boys!


Anonymous | 5:51 AM

What an amazing idea!! I love your style and how you allow your children to create their own looks. :) kwbball32@yahoo.com

laraloveschad | 7:08 AM

love this - pick ME! larabrothers at gmail dot com

Alt-Mama | 7:11 AM

Colorful and awesome! We'd totally rock this. Here's hoping I get the random winner status! :-)

Dawn @thedalaimama | 7:13 AM

OMG!! What a great idea!! I am checking them out now--too bad my son is 6, he already feels short changed by his sister's growing wardrobe.

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

Awesome idea.

tweetyarnf [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jeanentt | 7:29 AM

This would be awesome for my 5 and 6 year old girls!

Berit | 7:45 AM


Grace Miller | 8:00 AM

I love this concept :-) I am way to busy to go shopping.

Rachel | 8:30 AM

$40 for 6-8 great items - yes please! That less than $7 for each item. Genius idea!


Kate | 8:34 AM

what a great idea, thanks for the chance to win!


Candace | 8:38 AM

What an amazing idea! Would love for our new B/G twins...lilpiesp99@hotmail.com.

Patty | 10:35 AM

Too too cute - love the idea! Pattysonglee@gmail.com

chris | 12:36 PM

I'd love to try this ...

Bobbie | 12:58 PM

Love this idea! Especially with 2 one-year-old boys to keep up with. PS - Your girls are so adorable!

Donna Jenkins | 12:58 PM

I just started using Stitch fix for myself and love it - it would be perfect to have something for my girls too!

Donna Jenkins


Liz | 1:36 PM

Totally thought that I commented on this yesterday, but I can't find my comment!
I already signed by for WittleBee because I can't resist getting cute clothes for Baby G. But I would of course love a month for free :-)

voss (dot) liz (at) gmail (dot) com

Amelia Sprout | 1:58 PM

Love, love love this.

I think I may be signing up right now.

Courtney B. | 2:03 PM

Um. Yessssssss please.


Ellen | 2:47 PM

I'd love to try this out for my little boy!

Sara | 2:58 PM

I love Wittlebee. I love seeing the excitement on my boys' faces when the box arrives every month.

Nikki | 3:00 PM

I would love to give this to my best friend for her daughter.


Sara | 3:02 PM

You can ask them to sent you a box once a quarter.

Joe and Gina | 5:19 PM

Love it!!

Joe and Gina | 5:19 PM

love it!!

Joe and Gina | 5:20 PM

love it!

Joe and Gina | 5:20 PM

love it!

Ali Maddison | 5:48 PM

I think Reverie looks so much like Hal- where Bo is you all over. Perfect twin dynamic!

Unknown | 6:08 PM

i love that they have tea collection clothes, my favorite


ehennagin | 8:22 PM

Love this! Will definitely be checking out Wittlebee! ehennagin@hotmail.com

Anonymous | 9:08 PM

Fable has more style in her sweet little pinky than I have in my whole body. Love her flair!


mabcat | 6:09 AM

Cuteness! My baby is already more stylish than I am, but this would make it way over the top!

Unknown | 6:15 AM

Um yes - I'll take two. So superduper.


Kellie | 9:00 AM

Pick me. My littles would enjoy a wardrobe update.

kelliebudge at gmail dot com

gothelen | 11:30 AM

What a great idea! Would love some fresh inspiration for the little dude's wardrobe past the usual cars/dinosaurs/skulls :)

Renee | 11:42 AM

Awesome idea - I am going to check them out!

MSimone | 1:03 PM

Cute! Would love this for my girls.

Bria | 2:37 PM

Wow!! That is SUCH a cool idea!

Anonymous | 3:25 PM

Love this idea, I dread going to the mall with my kids. Love your blog, you have a beautiful family!


Anonymous | 3:44 PM

Yay! Wittlebee!


Anonymous | 6:43 PM

I would love to win for my 2 year old daughter, too bad its only up to 5t, my son is 6. alisondliggett@yahoo.com

Anonymous | 6:53 PM

pick me, pick me!!!!


Anonymous | 7:04 PM

This would be awesome for my daughter, too bad they only go to 5T, my son is too big. alisondliggett@yahoo.com

Anonymous | 7:11 PM

Oh no! I didn't realize it went through the first time and wrote again. So sorry - it is my first experience commenting on your blog. :/

Blair | 7:43 PM

That is a great idea! Both of my girls would be so excited to get this box every month!
blairvigil at gmail dot com

Jamie | 8:08 PM

Your little models could wear burlap sacks and make people want to buy them because they're so darn cute!

Anonymous | 9:02 PM

Those threads look awesome! If only a box of clothes appropriately sized for my kid could just show up at the house.y


Diana | 10:51 PM

Would love this! Love Tea products. Daisychick96@hotmail.com

Lindsay E | 9:10 AM

Recently ordered my first box and can't wait to receive it. lindsaynelder@gmail.com

An Ivory Beauty | 9:24 AM

I just ordered my 1st box and it's not here yet, but I think I am obsessed already!-Paty


Megan | 10:49 AM

Love that they have boy clothes! My 2 oldest are girls and beyoond 5T! But will check out for my Max:)

Ash | 11:37 AM

This is such a cute idea, and I love how different the clothes are!


Beth | 2:11 PM

ooo - just what i need! feel like my whole house is in a style rut! need some fresh duds.


Beth | 6:17 PM

Yes, yes!

Beth | 6:18 PM

Oh dear. Email address is beth dot helfrich at gmail dot com

pointerb | 8:15 PM

I must win this For my god-daughter

cblack | 9:03 PM

great concept! i wonder what style my kids would be... mrsclaireblack@gmail.com

colleen | 11:19 PM

My daughter Addie is two and loved clothes!

Anonymous | 7:16 AM

Wow, amazing stuff! This would be a great way to transform my crappy start to my day!


Call me Kate | 7:37 AM

So cute. My kid NEEDS style! katherine.eileen.ryan@gmail.com

Kelly Paquet | 7:41 AM

Cool! Love the idea! mondocurio at gmail dot com

KG | 10:07 AM

my six month old twin boys will love this! ha, ha.

Ann | 10:29 AM

I saw that some of the stuff in the box was Tea. I LOVE Tea!!! They have so much stuff to mix and match. My daughter also definitely has her own style.

Mena | 10:51 AM

My little girl is four years old and loves to run around naked. Her style is simple but effectual, and she never let's me choose the outfits; she has to choose them.


Aaron & Cassie | 12:50 PM

Great idea!


Anonymous | 1:45 PM

Could those girls be any cuter?! Seriously.


Marie-Anne G | 4:53 PM

Would love to try a box for my 16mo old!

bryn | 5:23 PM

tea is my favorite! love love love.


Mrs. Brightful | 6:48 PM

How fun to be surprised every month! anabrightful at yahoo dot com

Kathryn | 7:35 PM

Suuppeer cute and snazzy! Thanks for turning me on to the site!

jenn | 10:45 PM

love the idea! gonna check them out now!!

cck_mom @ yahoo.com

Anonymous | 1:19 AM

love this! thank-you!

amy.robbins (at)mac.com

michelle | 3:50 PM

Yes please! This would make such a great gift for my expecting friend and/or her 3 yr old!!! They could use some style help!

chefmichelle at gmail

JCrewMama | 4:49 PM

Am I too late? Love the concept...I wonder how the clothes really are. Do you all think it's worth the $40 per month? I would pay it if I knew I would like the clothes.

Casey | 11:40 AM

My twin boys are 3 months today and rapidly going through their clothing stash... with my big guy in 6-9mo sizing already! Would love some new digs for my littles! caseyarendt@gmail.com

rebecka | 12:35 PM

genius. your kids have such style!

Amy | 12:23 PM

Thought this was such a great idea! Used the discount, ordered up a box for my son, was so excited when it came today.... and I hate most of what's in the box. So disappointing! This idea had such great potential.


@Amy SO sorry to hear that! Ugh. They sent me such great stuff! Can you recommend certain brands only, maybe? Hm...

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