Story Time: Rosie Revere, Engineer

I posted about Iggy Peck a couple years back and as several of you pointed out, Andrea Beatty and David Roberts have come out with a new gem, Rosie Revere, Engineer. Which from a title perspective I'm 100% in from the get. I ordered the book last week and it arrived yesterday, moments after I stepped out of the shower c/o of a gasoline pump incident prefaced by a no-good very-bad day. Garden variety life shit WOMP WOMP WOMMMP.

... So I opened the package and sat down with the kids to read to them.
IMG_6813 IMG_6814
And then this page happened and it blew the top off the entire day and the last couple of weeks and children's books aren't just for children, you guys:
Before it crashed, Rosie... before that... It flew. 

I read it and cried. Which I tried to hide at first but then it was no use doing that so I confessed to everyone that my day was utter shit and sometimes it sucks to be an adult and are you listening to these words, you guys? PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE WORDS THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL and then everyone was quiet as we finished the book and read it two more times.

"Again," Bo said.

"Again," Revi also said.
Afterward Archer sat with me and asked if there was anything he could do and I said no and Fable tried to braid my hair even though she doesn't know how to braid hair. (I've been braiding her hair most mornings and by the time we get to school the whole thing falls out and then we both get super frustrated and yell at each other.)

Looking back on my Iggy post this morning I realized I was going to start featuring children's books here and never did. Is that something you guys would be interested in? I'm not an authority by any means but I do adore children's books and there are so many great ones out there. (And some duds. Sorry, Pinkalicious but you are the worst. And don't even get me started on The Rainbow Fish's "give up the things that make you special so that you can look like everyone else" message. Hideous.)

In the meantime, four thumbs up for Rosie Revere. And if you don't already own Iggy Peck, I highly recommend taking Iggy for a spin during storytime as well. (Even if you don't have kids.)
A great children's book is wise beyond its years. Bravo to Andrea Beaty for her words and David Roberts for his images. Thank you for reaching through the page and giving this sister something to pump her fist to on a day she needed it most.


Amy L. | 12:56 PM

Yes, please! I would love a regular children's book feature! I'm building my infant son's library and can't wait to add more awesome reads. This one sounds great!

nicole | 2:08 PM

I would love posts about children's books! I love them, too and find them to be so good for humans, not just kids! I can't wait to read Rosie with my kiddos. There's an amazing book that just came out called Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown about being yourself that I think is right up your alley. Love your blog and am so looking forward to leaning about lovely and fantastic books from you!

Nicole | 2:39 PM

I would LOVE more posts on children's books. And going to see if my library has this one.