Bunny Slope DIY: Flower Bed Beds


1. garden/outdoor area/raised bed/patch of grass next to flowers. 
2. towel(s)
3. pillow(s?)
4. permitting weather (Have you heard? It rained in LA last weekend! I KNOW, RIGHT!? Nobody anywhere has mentioned this!? But it happened! We had two days of rain once!)
5. blankies/lovey (my girls call their blankies "monkeys" so, in our case, monkeys.)

(ED: One day, when Bo and Revi don't think it's hysterical to pick every. single. plant. they're not supposed to pick, we'll plant vegetables and have a veggie garden again.)
photo 1
Put the towels down in a place that doesn't flatten anything important. (Screw you, weeds! You are now flattened by towels and children resting on them!) And VOILA! A flower bed bed!
IMG_9716 (With a view.)
photo 4 photo 3 IMG_9769 (and a child who refuses to nap so must rest somewhere.)
photo 1 Until next time,