The BARF* Guide to Literature ages 3-10

First of all, Happy International Literacy Day! We are very excited about books around here, so as per several of your requests, this week's post features age-appropriate literature hand-picked by my four children who happen to be big fans of reading and books. I interviewed each one of my kids, asking each to name three books they love right now and why. Here's a top pick from each:

Boheme (age almost 4)
The Paperbag Princess

In Bo's words:

"This is my favorite book because I really love it so much. I like Elizabeth. Ronald is a bum, though."

...You can read the rest of her picks, here. 

Archer (age 10/5th grade)
The Hobbit

In Archer's words:

"I love how adventurous it is. I love adventure books."

You can read the rest of his, here.

Reverie (age almost 4)
The Hug Machine

In Revi's words:

"I love The Hug Machine because it's great and beautiful and it says "To Revi Love from Nana" in the front because Nana got it for me. I can make a song about Hug Machine and it will be a nighttime song."

... You can read the rest of her picks, here. 

Fable (Age 6, 1st Grade)
The Whatever Ever After Series

In Fable's words:

"I love fairytales and these are adventure fairytales that make me laugh. Also, there's a magic mirror that I LOVE. That's how the characters travel in the book. They jump into the mirror when their parents aren't watching."

You can read the rest of her picks/my post in its entirety, here. 


As for my PERSONAL picks (Rebecca, Age 34) here are my all-time ten favorite books, in no particular order:

1. Henry and June by: Anais Nin (and everything else Nin has ever written, really. She is perfect.)
2. The Lover by: Marguerite Duras 
3. Tropic of Cancer by: Henry Miller 
4. The Vagabond by Colette 
5. Justine by: Laurence Durrell. 
6. The People of Paper by: Salvador Plascencia (who I wish would write another book. COME ON, SALVADOR!
7. Written on the Body by: Jeanette Winterson
8. Through the Looking Glass by: Lewis Carroll
9. Still Life with Woodpecker by: Tom Robbins
10. To the Lighthouse by: Virginia Woolf

Books I'm currently reading (I don't know how to read one book at a time) and loving:

1. Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys by: Viv Albertine (Fantastic memoir written by Viv Albertine of The Slits.) 
2. Girls to the Front by: Sara Marcus (I'm only 30 pages in, but, I am SO in, so far. BEAUTIFULLY written exploration of Riot Grrrl culture/music/politics.) 
3. Cassavetes on Cassavetes by: Ray Carney Cassavetes was a genius and this book is a must-read for those interested in his work and/or independent film. It's brash and wholly inspiring.
4. Gabi: A Girl in Pieces by: Isabel Quintero (Fantastic YA fiction about a girl trying to salvage the conundrums of her identity.)


What about your kids? What are they currently reading and loving/recommending to peers? What about you? What is on your nightstand that you would recommend? 

P.S. If you're looking for cool ways to celebrate International Literacy Day, here's a great resource list! I'm especially into the "read to a dog" situation because that is Fable's favorite thing to do. 

*BARF = Bo - Archer - Revi - Fable