Things I Love for Me and Us: June

At the risk of divulging too much, MUSTANG is not only the story of five girls and their powerful sisterhood, but also about what individuals are capable of doing to escape, rebel, break free. Rebellion fascinates me above all else. I see it as a necessity and after watching MUSTANG, i was better able to understand why...

Accepting orders, obeying "rules," and relinquishing control can ultimately, and in many cases, mean death -- of the soul, the spirit, the body. Rebellion is a survival instinct -- a direct response to repression. At home. In life, society....

Where do wild things go when they are caged? Does age have anything to do with fearlessness? What are we, as human animals, willing to do and risk and lose in order to live freely and by own own will?

Mustang asks these questions impeccably -- powerfully and from a uniquely female point of view.

In an IndieWire interview, writer/director Deniz Gamze Ergüven, in response to a question about "feminist filmmaking," says: 

"...Women have always been objectified and there are very few figures of womanhood that literally look like us and who work like us in terms of our desires, hopes and all these things – like real females do. Literally, this is the first in a movie where I can completely relate to the characters. The metaphor I use is that masculinity is like New York in cinema. If you are not a New Yorker, when you arrive there for the first time you have the impression you grew up there because you’ve seen it in so many films. It’s been filmed from every single angle and by so many different filmmakers that you know the streets, the sidewalks, the architecture, the cabs, the temper of the people, all that you know. Whereas femininity is that village behind that hill with the bad road. Nobody goes there. There is no camera. We don’t know what it looks like. It’s pioneering to crisscross those territories.

For example, every step of the way of the experience of being a woman I always thought, “Damn, nobody told be about this, or this, or this.” After I was a mother for the first time I thought, “Where did you see breastfeeding in cinema?” Almost nowhere. There was one film by Bergman that takes place in the Middle Ages where you have people going completely crazy because there is an epidemic of the plague. They start dancing and walking from one city to another. It’s an eruption of collective madness, and in that city there is one guy who has his eye dangling out of his face, then you have a guy carrying a cross, and a mother who is breastfeeding. That’s the only time you see a woman breastfeeding in cinema. It’s crazy! All those things which are so common in our lives and that are there in every step of the way in our lives, are not there..."

ED: Deniz Gamze Ergüven shot this film (her first) while pregnant. Just weeks before filming was scheduled, she found out about her pregnancy and one of her producers immediately pulled out, worried that Ergüven might not be able to handle the grueling production schedule. 

Spoiler alert: she did. Brilliantly. You can watch it now on Amazon. 


2. Hear: Lost Boy --  Ruth B

I've been following Ruth B since Lost Boy -- a song that started as a Vine post -- was first placed on my radar late last year. I've had the song looping in my iTunes for months and then earlier this month, Ruth B released her official Lost Boy video which is ALSO magic.

From an interview in ANDPOP, Ruth explains how Lost Boy went from a six-second loop to a VIRAL six-second loop to a hit song:


3. Do: Build your own Skateboard by Pink Helmet Posse
We decided it was time for Revi to get her own skateboard a few weeks back so I pulled up Pink Helmet Posse's site and let her pick her own board, wheels and grip tape. (She went for cheetah grip tape + pink wheels + this board.) We bought everything separate and then took it to our favorite local shop to get the board set up and voila.
Pink Helmet Posse (who I've written about before) is all about getting girls excited about skateboarding. For those with little ones interested in building their own boards, go here. (They also send a special "Pink Helmet Posse" membership card which is VERY exciting indeed.)
(Bo got one, too, don't worry.)


4. Wear: Linen Boyfriend Shirts from GAP
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I know, it's just a black shirt how boring but the fit on these = TOP NOTCH. I usually despise shirts with buttons because they pull in the boob area. Not these bad boys. I actually went back and bought the same shirt in green and also denim because, SO GOOD + EASY + CHILL VIBES = FOREVER. 


We recently discovered Second City's "The Really Awesome Improv Show" and I can't believe it took us this long because WHOA BEST BANG FOR YOUR FAMILY BUCK. Especially for those of you/us with theatre kids who are interested in improv, Second City's especially-for-families Improv show is a must-see for all Angeleno's/visitors passing through. Walk-ins welcome. For more info on Second City's shows go here. (They also do birthday parties.)

6. Vote: Hillary Rodham Clinton for President

This morning Caissie St. Onge posted this on Facebook and it articulated everything I am currently feeling right now, today, on the eve of the California primary:


Tomorrow I will cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton for President. With pride. 


P.S. I have two new posts up on One is about bathing suits and body image and the other lists some of your/our all-time must-haves for newborn living/life. Big love to all. xo