Fear and Loathing...

... In Los Angeles?

Nah, we're in San Diego at my parent's house where there is a pool and sprinklers and air-conditioning. And I'm not leaving this chair or my perma-wet-bathingsuit until hell freezes over, or at the very least, cools the eff down.

And speaking of bathing suits, I wrote this piece last year about struggling to find a fabulous one-piece for post-pardum (ahem) issues and I would like to extend this link to all of you in search of some supremely cute retro-fabulous shit, I own the red polka dots and FYI, they run small.

Over and out.



Everydaytreats | 6:22 AM

Thanks for the link! I remember that post.

Stay cool,

Miguelina (Reluctant Housewife)

Anonymous | 7:27 AM

Teehee. It tickles me that you were actually going for the Fear & Loathing look when you bought the hat. I knew it right away on Flickr!

Anonymous | 7:56 AM

That's it! I'm throwing in the (beach)towel and heading to SD, too!

Jonathon Morgan | 8:47 AM

Whoa. That photo is a dead ringer for Johnny Depp. How awesome.

Sara | 8:53 AM

This website, http://www.poppiswim.com/, also has great retro-style suits. Thanks for the link; hope you stay cool down there. For once, I'm happy to be up in overcast Portland.

clueless but hopeful mama | 12:44 PM

Come back to LA! It's a lovely 75 degrees this morning! I forgot how lovely it could be!

I love the retro one-pieces. I broke down and bought a tankini (grrrr...even the name sucks) from Victoria's Secret this year and have been looking for something better ever since.

Anonymous | 3:35 PM

I have to disagree about tankinis - they are cool because we fat chicks can wear them without having that one-piece struggle to pee thing (you know, either scooting the crotch aside and hoping you don't pee on yourself, or taking it all the way off and then squishing back into a damp suit). But I love those retro-styled suits, and next summer I am getting one. The Marilyn one is so cute, but probably not too swimmable.

BOSSY | 5:27 PM

When they make those bathing suits in full length gown editions, Bossy will purchase one.

Stacy | 6:58 PM

Just wanted to say congrats on the book. Can't wait to check it out!

Fairly Odd Mother | 7:18 PM

Must. . have. . cherries delight sheath. Sooooo cute. Darn, why does it have to be the end of summer?!?! Thank you for the great site tip!

Anonymous | 3:14 PM

Here's another great retro shop (that I've been drooling over):



Scurvyann (Linda) | 6:18 AM

Rebecca, this is exACTly the suit I've been looking for. I had found a nice one at Land's End but it isn't as pissacool as these. MWAH!!!! Polka Dots!!! I wanna be in the Girl's Gone Child Polka Dot Suit Club. May I?

All the best,