Tuesday Trifecta

GGC Presents:
Three short films about young love, how to get what you want without hurting anybody, and kiss bandits.

Young Love on Trash Day
starring Archer Sagebrush and Little K as "The Love Interest"

Manipulative Love: A Lesson in Getting What you Want
starring Little K and Archer Sagebrush as "The Manipulator"
(watch as Archer, wanting his car back, woos little K with a banana. Hello, GENIUS!)

Love Her and Leave Her?
starring Little K and Archer Sagebrush as "The Kiss Bandit"


tune-in next week...


Anonymous | 5:00 PM

I love how he drops the banana before she can take it from his hands, then jumps on the car. That was priceless.

That chair is cool. And nice music to set the mood.

Anonymous | 6:34 PM

The banana drop was definitely awesome. The shot of the dog looking on, wondering if there'll be more dropped food, is awesome, too - and I love the music.

Wyvern | 7:07 PM

How frikking cute is Archer?!

And he's such a chatty little guy. I didn't catch much of what he said, but I think it was about the annotated bath-book version of Joyce's Ulysses fails to capture the experimental subtleties of the original. Or maybe it was "nonononono"

Should they perfect the cloning process in the next few years, send me some of that boy's DNA. I want one. :)

PS: When will the preorders for the book start?

ms blue | 8:19 AM

That chair looks like so much fun. What's better than a spin and a smooch? Nothing!

Anonymous | 9:29 AM

That dude is SMOOOOOTH!

Kae | 10:36 AM

So cute!! I was laughing out loud during the banana part, and then later when the banana was rediscovered! I'll definitely be looking forward to more of their exploits! :)

Shel | 10:36 AM

wuv..........twoo wuv.......

he's so rico suave with the banana. love it!

Alyssa | 1:36 PM

What in the world is that pod shaped chair???? Whats it called?



It's from Ikea and it's the best kid's chair I've ever had/seen/known. We love it:



p.s. Aline-- not sure yet!

JamesMommy | 5:53 AM

Oh, yeah! He's got skillz! So sweet.

Anonymous | 9:43 AM

he is so sneaky, i love it!