Hair Today...

...Gone Tomorrow.




PunditMom | 8:03 AM

He's delicious either way!

barbara | 8:20 AM

He looks like Paul Weller now! Love it.

Anonymous | 9:47 AM

Oh Nooooo! I read the headline and went "AHH!" because I was just thinking of growing my little man's hair because I loooove Archer's crazy do. But my little guy has this insane hair that only grows long in sections so it looks like a neglected mullet/combover.

But now that I see the 'after' shot, I see why you did it. He's so cute either way.

I cried when I did my son's first cut. And then again when I realized he didn't look like a baby anymore. And again when I swept up the clippings and stuffed them in a ziploc bag...

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

i second punditmom, he looks cute as ever.

motherbumper | 10:22 AM

Be strong momma, I cried when B had her first cut a few weeks ago. She took it in stride (she might have even had fun) but I mourn the loss of her mullet.

Archer is so handsome, he will rock any style.

kittenpie | 11:33 AM

I was amazed one day when I suddenly realized that Pumpkinpie has REAL hair. Not wispy baby hair with just peach fuzz on the sides, but serious, thick, girl hair that I could grab a fistful of. Wow.

Anonymous | 4:57 PM

just beautiful!! love, ecg

screaming girl | 7:53 PM

I cried while Julian was getting his first REAL haircut - not just a few snips here and there, but totally cut and looking like a little boy. Jeff theatened to make me sit in the car, and then I would have no say. NO Say! So, I stopped. When we were leaving, I said he looked like a little brat. Now, looking back at pictures, I KNOW it was the right thing to do. But, in the moment, it is so hard to let go.