Sunday Snaps

I thought it might be cool to start a collection of memorable weekend moments. Too many of them fall in the couch cracks with the loose change and Cheerios. I'm hereby launching a weekly rescue mission. Feel free to join me.

Archer holds Fable on the porch, Sunday afternoon.

1. The way they love each other
is impossible to watch
with dry eyes.
2. He looked at me waiting
to give him the okay
to play in the rocks.

3. The man who sells me lettuce
at the market always smiles
when I have exact change.

3. She opened her hand
in her sleep and then closed it
tight around my finger.

5. It was the first time
we'd ever dressed up
for each other like that.
On our way to see La Traviata Saturday night.



Desiree | 10:38 PM

I LOVE when my daughter holds onto my finger so tight -- especially in her sleep.
They know how to make us feel needed, eh?

Anonymous | 11:11 PM

I would love to join you in doing this. What a great way to find those lost little moments of each weekend.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 12:43 AM

Dear rebecca. Great idea! Technically I'm still on a weekend, as we have a long one due to the Queen's Birthday weekend (and the rest of the year, the country forgets we even have a Queen).

You guys look great at the opera - La Traviata is a good show - although I saw it performed by the Kiev Opera (apparently the quality is top notch, but the only opera I've seen is there, so have nothing to compare it to).

Anonymous | 1:19 AM

ggc-- pic of full outfit!?

Erin | 4:58 AM

You guys look great!

Amanda | 6:20 AM

I love it. I also would love to see the full outfit.

refer to oem | 6:27 AM

I'd love to see the full outfit too!

Anonymous | 6:40 AM

Lovely idea. Freezes time, and takes you back to that moment in a second.

Maggie May | 7:05 AM

It is the small gestures of love that are so incredibly poignant in the end.

aimee | 7:12 AM

a good reminder to create those memories. it is easy to just get things done - even on weekends.

the opera is not a bad way to spend an evening... how fancy you are!

Meg | 7:37 AM

I love the idea, especially because I'm having summertime writer's block. I will be joining you next weekend. Or every day, as I don't have a lot going on :)

You guys look hot all dressed up. I wish I could get my husband to dress up and go somewhere...

Lauren From Texas | 9:04 AM

precious!! you guys look FAB.

mrs.notouching | 9:14 AM

That's a great idea! Will do my best to join you - not good with commitments...

Tiffany | 9:24 AM

Your kids are beautiful, you guys are hot. End of story.

Jasie VanGesen | 9:33 AM

You guys look GORGEOUS!

And my goodness... those children and their obvious sibling connection... I've known siblings like that and have always been so jealous. You're doing a great job with them.


Unfortunately Hal and I don't have any full-length pics because I was too embarrassed to ask someone to take a picture of us as not to give away our make-believe that we were fancy. I did snap a photo of my get-up at the end of the night in the mirror of the Biltmore bathroom and you can get the gist of the ensemble:

Haley | 10:38 AM

Aww, what a great post.

Hal has the whitest teeth!

Sarah @ | 11:21 AM

What a beautiful post =)

nic @mybottlesup | 11:22 AM

good gracious you two look fantastic!!!

it's so great just to hear of a couple going out and spending time being a couple.

hope it was rad.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 12:20 PM

Ally'alls make such a beautiful family, it makes my eyes hurt, my heart go "bing," and my ovaries go into overdrive.

Unknown | 12:47 PM

I love this idea! I'll join you next weekend.

And that outfit? Sparkly awesomeness.

Anonymous | 12:56 PM

This may just be my new favorite thing!

Paula | 2:31 PM

What a great idea. Those little moments you never want to forget!

jes | 5:05 PM

I love how much Archer loves Fable. I think I was that crazy over my sister at that age too. (Then we fought like cats and dogs until I was in high school).

I love your makeup. What lipstick are you wearing in that picture?

Maternal Mirth | 8:35 PM

You guys look HAWT like figh-yah! Yay for P's night out!

Sarah | 9:50 PM

My "Sunday Snap" just happened to occur on Sunday, oh snap!

We were watching Knocked Up and this baby in the movie started screaming hysterically and all three of our dogs jumped up from a deep sleep and ran over to the Pack and Play to check on our newborn. So great.

And yes, you guys do look very adult-like. ;)

Jasmine | 8:23 AM


carly | 3:18 PM

you + hal = solid gold. both gorgeous. was archer jealous he couldn't opera with you? i'm DYING to see him in a tiny suit when he's old enough to accompany, but a date night is certainly well deserved. bravo, you!

Ray | 9:00 PM

Sounds like a great weekend and a great life. ;o)

guarros | 9:09 PM

This is fantastic. I'm on it. A day late and dollar short... but we're just about to get to the weekend... so maybe I'll catch up?! ps you guys look amazing!