Sunday Snaps

1. There's no place like home
when you carry it all around with you:
One child on each hip.

2. What a wonderful world it would be
if we all rode around in skyboxes
with grins the size of the Pacific.

3. I rested my head on his back,
His hair smelled like sunscreen.
We closed our eyes.

4. They looked like the cover of an Adventure Guide
for Boys who Like to Roll Down Hills.
Doesn't matter they're fifty-one years apart.

5. We dried our swimsuits side by side by side.
Three generations of women
who love the water.


For more on our ten-days of summer vacay, go here. I'm posting, in real time, our to-dos. Hope you're all making lovely memories with your people!


Anonymous | 12:15 AM

I love Sunday Snaps!! :)
I would love to borrow your idea and use it if you don't mind. I just can't figure out one thing - do you just write short messages in three lines or is there a method (like number of syllables or words)?

The pictures are gorgeous! You look like you all are having so much fun. Archer and Fable are gorgeous.
The picture of Fable between the 4 & 5 is simply fabulous. She looks so lost in thought... like she is weaving adventures together in her head.

Oh and I love how in the first picture it looks like Fable is trying to snap :)

Aimee | 1:40 AM

Your babies are pure perfection.

I am now naming my first-born girl Fable :)

Tiana | 4:35 AM

Sometimes I'm jealous of your life... this is one of those times.

These pictures are absolute bliss.

Because I'm only 16 and it would be irresponsible for me to have a child, I named one of my characters Fable. She's a 9yr old gypsy girl with the most brilliant eyes and infectious laugh.

In stories, the name makes the girl. In real life, the girl makes the Fable.

Anonymous | 4:44 AM

Simply beautiful.

And I think you're going to start a trend of girls being named Fable. In this case, imitation really would be the sincerest form of flattery - it is seriously just the coolest girls' name I have ever heard.

Love the Sunday Snaps. Great idea.

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

I have come to love Sunday Snaps!!

You have the rare gift of putting my feelings into words: when I read what you post, I say, "that's why I feel what I do..right there."

You are right, carrying "home on your hips." That's why I always feel like I don't need a lot of stuff: b/c I have my 3 beautiful ones with me...

Thank you, I really enjoy Sunday Snaps.

Sarah @ | 8:00 AM

I am loving these Sunday snaps more and more with every one...

Jill | 8:54 AM

I love your Sunday snaps! You really just have the most gorgeous children ever. Fable's outfit made my ovaries explode.

Babing at High Altitude | 9:09 AM

I too have come to love your sunday snaps! We just got a turtle kiddie pool, and seeing the two of you enjoying the water so much makes me want to go fill it up right now!

Brittany | 10:02 AM

Your Sunday snaps are always so adorable! I'm expecting a baby in the next three weeks and am always inspired by your loving posts about your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

kage | 12:31 PM

I LOVE when you post pics of your kids!! Fable is such a beautiful baby, she has such a unique angelic quality.

Anonymous | 12:58 PM

Beautiful pictures! Everyone has joy on their faces that make them look like the quintessence of summer bliss.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 1:36 PM

Your Sunday Snaps are the best- love that first statement. So true.



That first one rocks. So true.

Catherine | 3:55 PM

Um, seriously, could your kids be any cuter?!?!

Sandy | 5:17 PM

Your daughter is so beautiful and edible that I want to get pregnant with a girl as soon as possible, lol. My son is only four months old, so I think I'll wait. He's pretty edible too, no complaining on my part. Is it wrong to refer to babies as edible?

Maggie May | 9:48 PM

I love the smiles the laughter...the simple things are the most profound

Inner Bitter | 10:31 AM cutie patootie legwarmers? fun having a girl, huh?

Rachel | 3:38 PM

Love the pics and LOVE the shoes in the first pic - where did you get them from?!

Thanks, R.

Ray | 6:42 PM

ONE things for CERTAIN: whenever I come to your page I'm left WANTING to one day experience motherhood; even when I think it's the last thing that I want.

Your children are beautiful! I love the Sunday Snaps (keep em' coming). This one is especially great (as I was reading the captions and looking at the photos; I couldn't help but think of that song by Louis Armstrong, "What A Wonderful World." Probably because you do lead such a wonderful life).

Take care, Rebecca.

P.S. I love your reference to, "The Wizard Of Oz" in that first photo (it's one of my favorite movies ever). And I love your red shoes. =o)