Chapter (Month) Eight: One Flew Over the CuteCute Nest

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Today Fable is eight-months old. And I am bruised and bloodied from pinching myself and punching myself in the face because "wake up! There's no way she's real!"

But she is and it's insane to me sometimes. I'm addicted to her laugh and her smile and her little bitty backwards waves. I want to inject her into my veins, my little heroine. And trust, if I could do it? I totally would. 


musical credit: Women's Realm: Belle and Sebastian 


Jasie VanGesen | 10:34 AM

Oh no. She just made my uterus have a full blown, bat-shit-insane FREAK OUT.

Way too cute, way too sweet, it's not fair for that much adorable to be wrapped up in just one baby.

mom2nji | 10:34 AM

As usual I feel all warm and fuzzy. That laughs kills me. You are so blessed, thanks for sharing with us.
Cant wait til my oldest son gets home from school, he has autism, but adores the monthly Fable videos.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 10:35 AM

OK, that's it. I'm having another baby. And I'm going to blame you for it. So there.

mamaloves | 10:42 AM

So sweet. I love her laugh. She is such a bright light.

Jessica | 10:45 AM

Fable makes me want a baby.

That is serious cuteness, how about if I just hold her and we call it a day?

LouEffie | 10:49 AM

What a sweet girl! And I must say, the best dressed I've ever seen. They should bottle baby laughs and spread it to the masses. There would be no more war.

Beautiful video! Thanks for sharing.

mrs.notouching | 10:54 AM

I'm the biggest FFF - Fable Films Fan.

Krystal | 10:54 AM

Thank you for sharing her with us every month! My 2 and 3 year olds watch it with me, and my oldest always says he want Fable to be his little sister, and I always have to tell him she belongs to Archer! So now he say's she's his puter sister!

You're a very lucky lady to have such a beautiful little girl!


lonek8 | 11:01 AM

she is gorgeous - and I know exactly how you feel! My little 4 month old is so precious sometimes i have to refrain from just squeezing the bejeezus out of her! And my whole pregnancy I was totally convinced I was done (she's my third), but now when I look at her I just want more more more! Thanks for sharing your joy with us, although it certainly doesn't help with my baby cravings!

Unknown | 11:11 AM

Fable makes me want a little daughter so badly. If you look up cute in the dictionary her picture is right there.

amanda h. | 11:15 AM

that wave is totally presh

Mrs. Melberry | 11:17 AM

Can I please clone your baby?

Seriously, those giggles at the end just made my day.

Happy 8 months Fable!

Meagan S | 11:21 AM

Oh my god...the wave and laugh just kill me! She's too adorable :)

Shylo | 11:22 AM

I'm really struggling with postpartum depression and having a tough time bonding with my one-month old. But watching this video gives me hope that soon, we will be able to love each other, that the long days of weeping will give way to laughter.

Thank you, Rebecca.

MeganL | 11:29 AM

OH MY GOD. Her giggles just made my day. Thank you for sharing with all of us!!! :)

pawpaw | 11:48 AM

Best PS ever! She is amazing :)

Ali | 12:11 PM

the giggles.
i can't handle them. so delicious.

GingerB | 12:31 PM

That baby is outrageously delicious. My babies are so fabulous, but even when I can't see yours in person I get the same feelings I do for my own and I find myself looking back at her pictures again just because she is so fun. Well done!!

Kate Giovinco Photography | 1:00 PM

Ah Sophie the Giraffe...not many babies are lucky enough to have a Sophie.

Happy 8 months Miss Fable!

I read daily, I am just not the best at commenting!

Cati | 1:03 PM

Oh girl, this must be the best laughter scene ever. My mouth hurts. That's what a happy child sounds like.

She's lovely and friendly and fun. I bet you can't stop staring at her.

Now I'll go see a dentist because my teeth hurt from the sweetness ;)

Anonymous | 1:20 PM

She is absolutely adorable.

I see things from a stupid perspective, though, and right now I'm just having some hair jealously. Seriously? Can I have your hair? It's amazing.

Found you from Dooce's post of a momversation, what a good find.

Amanda | 1:24 PM

I love that around the 6:25 mark, you squeaked on of her toys at the same time she flapped her arms, she was like an insanely adorable squeaky toy!

Please bottle up her magic and sell it. I'd put stock into it.

Sarah | 1:50 PM

Oh, she is so precious. Thanks for sharing. Your web site should come with birth control because these pictures seriously make me want to have a baby.

Anonymous | 2:25 PM

I know what you mean. I look at my youngest, who is now SEVEN!! and I still can't believe he's real. When I hold him while he sleeps, I just close my eyes and press the memory of his smell and curls in my face, knowing it is a few seconds of heaven on earth. I am a lucky woman, indeed, and I know it..

Jill Smyth | 3:50 PM

Gah! She's adorable. Too much to stand, really.

And where do you get all those cutie friggin' leg warmer dealies?! In all those colors and textures! We're having our first - a baby girl - at the end of the summer and above all I'm dying for those things!

Much love to you and your little lady, Pretty Lips.

Jasmine | 4:28 PM

SOOOO cute!

Heather B. | 4:46 PM

I want one! And I've said this many times at many other places but my, these kids grow up so damn fast. I cannot believe she's already 8 months old. How is this possible?!

Erin | 5:18 PM

So sweet. LOVE the song choice too!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 5:22 PM

Scary... My baby turned 9 months today and really, pregnancy felt about three-times as long as the baby-filled 9 months.

Lauren From Texas | 6:27 PM

she is too cute for words! Seriously. Gorgeous baby girl. Happy 8 Months, Fable!

Jackie | 6:51 PM

Adorable, as always! :)
In the first pic - are those little horsies on her slippers? WHERE did you get those? I think I need to find a pair!

Loukia | 7:32 PM

She is beyond adorable!

Mamalang | 7:40 PM

I so want to nibble those thighs. So stinking cute.

TexasBobbi | 8:26 PM

Wow she is growing to fast, I hope that this month slows down a little.

What my baby wants, my baby gets | 9:23 PM

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
LOVE your blog!

Sara | 9:54 PM

so beautiful! she looks more and more like you everday!

Cate S | 1:41 AM

My mouth hurts from smiling just from watching that one fit of giggles.

Oh, and she waves just like the Queen! So adorable.

Katie McDowell | 6:50 AM

she is absolutely precious! i love the squeals. every time i see your videos, i decide i should do it too. 6-months into baby finn's life and still no cute video. love yours!

p.s. we have sophie the giraffe too; isn't she great?

nic @mybottlesup | 7:01 AM

8 months?!?! 8?!?!? honestly. honestly.

Angie | 8:53 AM

I love your monthly videos. I tried to do something similar for my daughter last month-didn't come out nearly as great! I love Fable's little laugh, she's adorable.

Barb | 9:44 AM

My heart just broke reading Shylo's comment. It will get better. My son's 10 weeks today and I already feel so much better!

I love little Fable and I don't even know her! What a doll! And the videos are seriously such a great idea and your family will treasure them always!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 10:54 AM

Oh, she seriously IS cutecute. Are you bringing her to BlogHer? My Ivy would love a little playdate. Not sure if anyone could handle all that cute, tho.


Ray | 12:12 PM

"I want to inject her into my veins, my little heroine."

^^I loved that line. A happy 8 months to Fable and you!! Her laughter really is adorable. Bless her always. <3

P.S. She is so long, she is going to be so tall!! ;D

rockstarcoffeemommy | 6:54 PM

To quote my latest favourite line from a kids movie "fully awesome!"
My little man is 4.9 and my little lady is 9 months so I find your blog highly relateable. Your openess and positivity are infectious. Love to your whole crew :)

kittenpie | 7:45 PM

I just took video of Bun giggling the other day that I might post, too. God, I love the giggles...

Bun turns 9 mos on Friday, and yes, he's fucking adorable, too, just like your girl. (He CLAPPED yesterday for the first time! Gah,so cute!)

It's funny how I keep feeling like we're in this one together, with them being so close.

Unknown | 9:04 PM

Seeing that little backwards wave... I think I might already be knocked up again. Cute Porn!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels | 7:45 AM

Happy 8-month birthday Fable! You are just as beautiful as ever!

Carrie Ella | 12:02 PM

That was such a sweet video. You pick out the MOST adorable little outfits for her.

She's beautiful!

Corbin (18 months) sat on my lap during the video, pointed to the screen and kept repeating, "Baby..."

He's in love!

Maternal Mirth | 1:29 PM

I think my uterus just skipped a beat... Fable is going to be blamed for the population boom at our house.

KP | 7:47 AM

Freaking ADORABLE-ness! I say!

Anonymous | 4:55 AM

Too cute. And I lov e Belle and Sebastian.

High five!

Erin Lane | 5:26 AM

Freakin' A, she is cute! My bug is going to be 6 months on Monday. Where does the time go? I can't believe it.