Chapter (Month) Ten: The Bearable Lightness: Her Being

This past month Fable learned to crawl, started saying "mama," harvested four new teeth, started waving, pointing, clapping, pulling herself up, learned french, got her PHD, qualified for the Olympics, built an all-wind powered car out of popsicle sticks, saved the world...

Okay so only some of that is true. The rest? Eh, we'll see. 

musical credit: North by North by: Faded Paper Figures



alexclark | 11:55 PM

No possible way.

She was just born, like, yesterday.


Darcy | 12:53 AM

o this video brought tears to my eyes! my niece just turned 6 months old, she's out of state and i miss her and just love her so much. fable is just so happy like my little nova! thank gawd i'm seeing her soon, i'm a mess!

mrs.notouching | 1:53 AM

Yeah, no way she can speak French.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 3:16 AM

dear rebecca. Hey, they're all writing their PhDs by 10 months aren't they? They seem like such real little people.

I just got an email from baby centre saying that this time next month, I will be a parent of a one year old. It freaked the crap out of me! But then, it didn't! I have such a wilfil little girl (she's so sweet but JUST LIKE ME! poor husband), I can't believe that she's not a baby, but I can't believe that she's STILL a baby, if you know what I mean.

I hope Fable really does make her popsicle stick car and save the world. We're getting to the stage in our lives where we'll have to rely on the kids to make these things, seeing as they didn't materialise in the year 2000 like all those sci-fi movies predicted ;)

Brooke - Little Miss Moi | 3:17 AM

Moderation? Is that cause of the NRA freaks?

just another mother | 5:32 AM

Absolutely adorable... ;)

Heather | 5:52 AM

You have such an amazing family!

Sarah | 6:32 AM

Love all of your literary references. I spent my high school years in the Czech Republic and had a love affair with Kundera.

Fable is gorgeous.

EdenSky | 7:07 AM

I think I'm in love with your whole family. The cute naked chubby baby pictures just put me right over the top.

Anonymous | 7:58 AM

ha ha power to the people. too funny.

Unknown | 8:04 AM

She might have the cutest laugh in history!

Don't you love when they get to stage FUN?!?! Doing all sorts of really cool things, copying everything you do and just being damn adorable???

Unknown | 8:15 AM

Thank you for sharing your beautiful (more so for not always being perfect) life, and your beautiful (and perfect) children:)

Babing at High Altitude | 8:33 AM

10 months! This video just amped up my excitement for that age. Fable is doing so much, and your family seems amazing. I absolutely love that little drum set.

krista | 9:02 AM

where where where did you get that drum set she was sitting at???

Sandy | 10:26 AM

Lol, that's what it feels like sometimes as a parent! Oscar is an almost-six-months-old genius. That Etsy dress is scrumptious.

Renee | 10:40 AM

Great Video!

Doesn't it make you proud and weepy at the same time when they reach new milestones?

Monkey | 11:10 AM

Thanks for sharing! Fable still has the best baby legs on the internet (and clearly the best wardrobe)

Ray | 11:22 AM

Such cuteness!! I cannot believe she's already 10 months. When I first found your blog she was what, 4 months or something (or maybe even younger)?! Crazy how time flys by.

I love the video of Archer pushing Fable on the swing. Too cute. That black & white photo is beautiful. And that photo right after, or her laughing so hard her eyes are closed, is precious. <3


Trisha | 1:03 PM

cute. very cute.

I must say that while watching you play ball in the very beginning, I kept thinking... 'hmmm.. a very giant tennis ball or a wee tiny baby?!' It was fun to think wee teeny tiny baby! :)

Happy Birthday Fable!

Amanda | 2:23 PM

Jeez. Do you spend a fortune on mascara due to crying it all off out of joy? She's just too amazing. Jack is big into drums so that little drumming bit that she did had me beaming!

Jackie | 2:35 PM

Aw, Fable! You're growing up so fast! I'm amazed at all of the milestones that my little man has reached in the past couple of weeks, too - he seemed behind, but he decided to catch up in a hurry!

Thanks again for linking fo my Etsy shop, and thanks for the dress comments! :) It looks adorable on her, but seriously, I think she'd be adorable if you dressed her in a paper'd be impossible for that little cupie doll of yours to NOT be cute!

Anonymous | 2:46 PM

love that metaphor. love kundera, love fable, love all if you.
and, fir what it's worth, i've heard that love is all you need.

supertiff | 2:48 PM

love the metaphor, love kundera, love fable, and love all of you. for what it's worth, i've heard that love is all you need.
so, you should be all set.

Jessica | 8:08 PM

I am so curious when Fable was born! My Z was born 9/19/08- they are surpassing all of the same stages. So fun to watch, so fun to read your blog and see the same things happening. Z started walking a couple of weeks ago- really turns the world upside down- in a fun, insane sort of way. Your family is adorable. Love.


Fable was born October 2nd. Ten months from yesterday!!!

BonJoey | 1:14 AM

The Unbearable Lightness of Being!!! It absolutely made my day to see that reference in your headline. I did a double take, like really? Rebecca Woolf read/loved that book too?!?! Holy awesomeness. I read it in high school, passed on to me from a hipster friend, and I seriously thought like NO ONE else has read this, let alone shared my affinity for the book! Brings back great memories...le sigh ;)
BTW, when I saw your twitpic of Fable playing drums the first thing I thought was "I bet Archer and Fable start a band together someday" and then save the world!

Anonymous | 2:10 PM

So I'm pretty sure my 8 month old son Emerson is in love with your Fable. He loves to watch her videos...just gets that love stricken gaze and squeals with delight! She's so cute!

Sarah | 9:58 AM

AH! Congrats, mama. Beautiful as always. LOVE that song!!!

Ele | 4:24 PM

Fable is just precious and now I have to get that rug from Ikea!

BonJoey | 5:02 PM

I have to comment again after watching the vid - I sersiously don't know how you deal with the heartwrenching perfection of your children. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my son for the entire world, but god how I'd love to walk a day in your shoes.

Loukia | 8:48 PM

That was the best video. Ever. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I know eventually, there will be a post on my blog blaming you directly for making me get pregnant for the third time! :) Your children are gorgeous, and you are the best mom ever.

robin | 3:55 PM

i love those videos! She will watch them years from now and just cry, and feel so blessed to be so loved! Thank you!

spicylikeginger | 9:08 PM

That little wrist flick turned to fist is AWESOME!!!

heylauramae | 10:56 AM

Ive been reading your blog for a long time but never commented on it.... Reading through your posts and you and your husbands relationship and the two beautiful perfect kids you have... Just gives me hope for the future... Like maybe I can have a family like that someday. You are truly awesome...