Sunday Snaps

... somewhere around 2:00pm: learning to share.

1. I can think of few things better
than a basket of fresh green figs
and a stack of brand new September issues...

(...four of them being...)

2. Hal danced toward main street
blasting the theme to Breakin' on his Iphone,
Archer on my back with his umbrella and
Fable kicking her chubby feet to b'b'b'b'beat.

3. She sat on her knees and watched
laughing as Archer sprayed her with pool water.
"Her profile looks like you," I said to Hal.

5. Clad in tiny spotted-bow, Fable
devoured a homemade egg bagel
from Sam's, the size of her face.

5. Popping "a good one" on Hal's chin
whilst watching Hung and then Mad Men.
Legs entwined, pants unbuttoned, "was that you or the dog?"

So sorry, my love. It was me.




Krystal | 4:21 AM

I love Sunday Sanps! It's so exciting what your weekends bring!

What a beautiful family you have!

Lauren From Texas | 5:48 AM

You're probably the coolest mom ever :)

What a beautiful family you have.

Becky | 9:04 AM

I too love Sunday Snaps... and that you fart in bed. My hero!

sarah | 9:34 AM

One of the most beautiful families I have ever seen. :)

ZDub | 10:49 AM

I wish you would follow me around on Sundays and then write about it.

It would make me a lot cooler. :)

Lauren | 11:12 AM

Loved this, and love your outfit.

Ray | 11:38 AM

I love that shot of Fable's leggings. Oh-so-adorable! And I'm loving your top and your fedora (I HEART FEDORA'S!) in that last photo. You're one kick ass momma. Please do tell: what camera are you using?

P.S. I absolutely loved your entry titled, "The Motherhood of Boys" and I think you should write a script on it. It would make for an AWESOME movie! Just awesome.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy | 2:10 PM

I have/need to know where I can purchase the lovely rug in the first two pictures.


IKEA - 30$


Amber | 2:23 PM


Unknown | 4:21 PM

Beautiful babes! And beautiful rug...where is it from?

Marisa | 6:17 PM

Oh how your Sunday Snaps make me fuzzy :) Love 'em!

Loran | 8:58 PM

I think Sunday snaps are my favorite.

BonJoey | 1:36 AM

writing a script based on "motherhood of boys" is a really great idea I think, agreeing w/ Ray 100%.

It was So good I made my mom read it (not normally something I would go out of my way to do), who actually couldn't finish because she broke down sobbing before reaching the end of the post, and said she couldn't bear to read anymore, too heartbreaking. I could tell she saw her son (my youngest brother)in those lost boys of your youth as well.

It was a gritty, real and heartwrenching little histoire that I think has some SERIOUS potential. Think about it?

Visual Foxpro Development | 3:40 AM

You are blessed with a good family. Very sweet family indeed. God bless you all!!!

Stacy | 1:50 PM

Sunday.Snaps.Rock.My.World. | 7:12 PM

hahahahahaha.... i always blame the dog... shhh. : )

Anonymous | 7:59 PM

That rug is incredible! Where is it from? Oh and your kids are cute too ;)

Jenny | 7:39 AM

I love your Sunday Snaps. As a mom of a 10 month old (born 7 days after Fable) life sometimes gets in the way of photo taking! What a great idea.


Nicole | 4:29 PM

Ahw...learning to share. That is something I never fully grasped. :P

amyinbc | 10:04 PM

Must get butt to Ikea, fab area rug!!

Unknown | 6:03 PM

I absolutely love that rug. We have the same one in my baby-to-be's room. I'm sure she's going to love it too!

Fable is precious - love the chubby legs!

bubbledumpster | 8:11 AM

i have that rug! it was the first piece of furniture we bought for our studio apartment. that, and a lamp.