Sunday Snaps

1. Archer climbed into the truck,
Made believe he was a fire-fighter,
On the lot where make-believe comes true.*

2. Under the tent, I handed her a cherry tomato.
She bit into it, exploding seeds all over her face and laughed,
and laughed and laughed and so did we.

And even though we have a ways to go before we're ready,

4. We loaded the car in the darkness
and set out for West Hollywood,
Archer clutching his brand new racket in his hands.

5. His very first tennis lesson took place
in the very same park where five years ago, Hal pushed me in the swings
and we decided to be parents together.


*sometimes I forget how exciting this place is we call home.
**now for the fun part! saving 150k+ for a down-payment! Viva la home ownership in 2090!


Anonymous | 4:18 AM

You are very lucky to live in an area that can provide so much cultural enrichment for your children. It's so nice that you 1 - take advantage of it and 2 - get a thrill from it yourself.

I live outside NYC and can't wait to take my kids to museums and Central Park, etc.

lonek8 | 6:13 AM

wonderful, as usual. I have been using your Sunday Snaps idea on my blog - I hope you don't mind, but please let me know if you do and I will stop. thanks!


Of course I don't mind!!!

PLEASE post away!! That was the point of the project! To take a day to appreciate the moments and for others (if they were so inclined) to do the same!


Jessica | 8:12 AM

you do make me wish I lived in California some times...

Anonymous | 9:10 AM

Good luck with the home buying plan. You'll get there! :-)

Jasie VanGesen | 9:12 AM

We, too, are starting the home buying process right now. It's stressful and unpredictable and expensive, but so far... completely worth it. I'll finally be able to plant a real garden and Silas can have a yard to run around in that isn't shared with our apartment neighbors. It really sounds like heaven.

EdenSky | 9:33 AM

Wow, you really ARE a grown-up.. How does that feel? I wouldn't know.
P.S your downpayment is more than our entire house budget. Must be a really awesome area. Good luck!


Dude. That's not even the whole down-payment. It's nuts. The housing market is better where we live but basically 1mil (three-bedroom STARTER homes!) are now 900k, which, yeah. Needless to say we have a ways to save unless one of us sells something major or inherits a small country from some long lost relative.

And so... we save. And if we can't save enough? We rent a house and buy when we can. The alternative isn't so bad.

We'd rather stay in our favorite neighborhood(s) in a rental than go elsewhere (where we could afford to buy now) and be miserable not to mention away from prime public/charter schooling for our kids.

Renee | 10:19 AM

My husband and I have been seriously talking about moving our family to a place where there is more diversity, culture, and activity for our children to grow with.

Robyn | 12:02 PM

I can never decide which I love more, the photos or the words. Both are always so lovely.

Your charter school mention above reminded me that I've been terribly curious to know whether you found some schoolin' for that (clearly) gifted little musician you've got. I'm a regular reader so I don't think I missed it if you did a follow-up, but if so, sorry...

Ray | 12:35 PM

"5. His very first tennis lesson took place
in the very same park where five years ago, Hal pushed me in the swings
and we decided to be parents together."

^^THAT is AWESOME! Awww! <3 And I absolutely love your camera! The blue of that water just pops in that photo. What kind of camera are you using? And you guys have the best Sundays ever. Paramount Pictures: I'm jealous!! =D

Lauren From Texas | 1:46 PM

Love this idea! Your family is precious.

jessica | 2:53 PM

we are renting a house while we save. or talk about saving.

cd | 5:20 PM

Why do you need to buy a house? I know all the reasons that we grow up with here in America. But having just bought one (which, yes, means anyone could respond to my urgings with "easy for you to say since you got yours") I have to say, I don't know why we did it. We were fortunate enough to have some seed money from my husband's previous home, plus a favorable UK>US exchange rate, plus living in a cheaper market (though I grew up in LA and would LOVE to come home) but for us - it was a stupid investment to make. Not an investment at all, an expenditure.

Unless a mortgage will be cheaper than rent, I would say keep your freedom (because these days, in America, freedom's another word for enough money to make the choices you want). Otherwise, you're trapped. You and your family can move and explore the world and save and not be beholden to jobs. If you are stuck to a property, you're stuck. The rules of our parents - their property ladders - all gone now. Maybe they will be back, maybe they won't.

And though many say rent is burning money, think of it this way: rent gets you shelter. On no other expenditure do you expect to get money back, right? Rent means a safe place, hopefully well tended by a landlord, and in the LA market, hopefully some cash left in the bank and a lot less stress.

Maggie May | 11:08 PM

mr. curry myself and our three kids have no chance in h-e-doublehockeysticks of owning a home here in sunny san diego. sigh.
i love Archer's haircut!

Jessica | 9:34 PM

We bought our first house just a few weeks ago.

Growing up is equal parts hilarity and horror.

Sarah | 9:48 PM

Dude. That's a shit ton of money. Our WHOLE HOUSE was $145k!!! $15k down. $980/month. We don't, however, live in Hollywood California. Wah Waaaahhh.

jodi | 10:28 AM

hey! we're also on the "buy a home in 2090" plan. I'll invite you to our housewarming party.

Jenna Jean | 8:26 AM

Tennis is a great sport to start out with kids when they are young. Def creates positivity.

Owning a house is SCARY.

Tiffany | 12:06 PM

I LOVED that you played tennis at night. When I was little doing something at night during my bed time was seriously such a magical thing to do.

I really enjoy your sunday snaps, it makes me crave family, and all those little moments that come with it. I can not wait to start my own family.

Though that is some seriousness in regards to the saving for the down payment. I live in D.C. and the cost of living here blows my mind, so my husband and I plan to move out more towards the country.

I wish you so much luck in finding a house, we have already started looking, and it can be so disappointing. Like last week, I fell in love with a home, drove out to see it, and it had a highway rolling through its front yard. Nice.

I know, it just takes time.


Stesha | 4:16 PM

I love your Sunday Snaps.

Hugs and Mocha,