Sunday Snaps

browsing jeans with lovely Dana at Whoorl's 1969 Jeans event where I scored these hot little numbers!

1. How lucky to have back to back
girl's nights with ladies I adore:
who inspire and look hot in pink jumpers.

The crazy-talented Angela Boatwright, who blows in and out of town: my favorite tumbleweed

2. Early in the morning he brought us bagels
which we happily ate in our pajamas
As he smiled at us over the NYTimes.

I could not look any worse in this picture but Fable's delicious cuteness more than makes up for it.

3. What a blessing it is to push
a stroller overflowing with fresh produce
and a baby fast asleep... finally.

4. She plucked a leaf from the wood chips and
flattened it against the raspberry-stained pocket
(I can't believe how much I love her sometimes.)

5. The warm air turned cool.
I turned to face him as
he turned off the lights.*


*Dear Universe,
Please let us sleep more than four hours tonight.
I'm so tired I feel dead.


Krystal | 11:52 PM

As always a bunch of cute photos!

Dear Universe,
I would like more than 4 hours of sleep tonight too please!!

P.S. When you learn the secret to more sleep please pass it along! I will do the same for you!

Elena | 12:28 AM

I just wanted to tell you I totally empathize with the sleep deprivation. until 8 months peter woke up every 2-3 hours. I was a ghost with legs. Nohs, he is 11 months, he wakes up once at 3 am, or 2 am or 4 am, just for milk and then he sleeps agaain and I feel sooooo rejuvanated.
Eventually they ll be adults and they ll sleep through the night, or jus go to college and wake up at their flat!!

Carly | 12:40 AM

Wow, I never thought Fable looked like Archer, but in those last two I can totally see the resemblance.

Wishing 4 One | 3:30 AM

Those snaps are yummy! What a beautiful day captured.

Billie | 3:56 AM

Thanks again for another great Sunday Snaps! It's the first thing I do when I wake up on Monday mornings (I haven't even peed yet!)! Here's hoping Sweet Baby Fable hasn't woken you yet and you're still enjoying some delicious slumber time next to Hal!

Elena | 4:22 AM

I totally empathize with you with sleep deprivation... Peter used to wake up every 1-3 hours until 8 months... I was a ghost... Now he is 11 months and he just wakes up once for milk in the middle of the night and I am so grateful that I can finally have some 4 hours of sleep straight!
It will get better believe me. at some point they ll sleep through the night. or they ll go to college:)

Lauren From Texas | 5:23 AM

Love the jeans! hope you got to sleep.


Becka @Studio222 Photography | 5:28 AM

Everyone was at this gap thing. I'm so sad I don't live in California :(

erin | 6:56 AM

Oh! That reminds me how much I need new jeans. And bagels..and a baby.

carly | 7:26 AM

Oh those last two shots Fable is totally channneling Archer-face. They photograph more and more alike the older she gets.

Linsey | 8:22 AM

I was looking at your Flickr account... I feel like Fable has turned into this little lady over the past couple of weeks! So cute! She is looking so much like Archer!


I think this is my favorite Sunday Snaps yet. I LOVE the bagel picture! What a perfectly comfy morning!

And is there a Patron Saint of sleep that we should all be praying to or something? We need some sleep-help up here in Seattle, too.

Marie-Ève | 9:51 AM

Sounds like a lovely weekend...You look so totally hot on the first pic! and who wouldn't want to eat Fable whole? I especially loved the implied tenderness of the last sentence.

Anonymous | 9:57 AM

Fable is so achingly adorable. Every time I see her plump little legs, I want to throw out the birth control and have one of my own.

Ray | 12:45 PM

Fable is getting so big. And I agree with, "Carly": I can see Archer in her. <3 So cool that your friends a photographer. You should get her to do a photo shoot of the family. ;o)

Jennifer | 2:57 PM

Aw... I love the snaps..

carly | 3:14 PM

Wow...Carly above me posted a near identical comment. Creepy? Awesome?

Kimberly Wright | 4:21 PM

I can relate to the lack of sleep. Been averaging about 4 hours a night myself.
Maybe we can all pray together for sleep and be granted it.

Cute pictures.

surcey | 4:40 PM

If you look bad in that photo, I don't wanna know what good looks like. Wait, I *do* know. (Swoon.)

Anonymous | 4:52 PM

Fable is looking more and more like Archer!!

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

OMG...Fable's curled up chubbeh leg...I just wanted to dunk it in some cocktail sauce and eat it!

Lovely pics.

Amy | 8:17 AM

Someone just told me that babies who don't sleep well are just really smart. So this is my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Babing at High Altitude | 10:36 AM

I just read your story "Where the Wild Things Were", and that was exactly what I needed right now. It is comforting to know that we all go through that feeling of missing the old life. Thank you so much for writing that piece. It definitely made me reconsider flirting with my old life!

Together We Save | 1:29 PM

Sweet Pictures.

Darcy | 3:39 PM

precious pictures! i love the poetry of the way the day is told too.

Connie (Grandma C) | 6:59 PM

You sew!! How wonderful! I've been reading and loving your blog for ages and it totally caught me by surprise . . . . . because. . . . . . . I remember reading about you describing Fable's wardrobe and thinking to myself - if she weren't such a busy lady I'd suggest she learn to sew - because I had four daughters and there is no such lasting gift of love that you can give to a little girl than something made just for them. Especially sewing after she's gone to bed to surprise her with a cute new garment to wear in the morning. My girls used to sneak and peer over the stair railings to check what I was sewing and to try to guess who was going to get a new top/skirt/pj's the next day.
With your fashion sense and artistic abilities I think you'd be an awesome sewing/writing/parenting/blogger LOL. Add it to all your other accomplishments. If you want to see cool clothes check out this - the magazine comes from Finland, the patterns are all included in each issue and they are amazingly drafted kids clothes. Some people find them a bit too "European" but I think anything colourful, attractive and that the kids love wearing is Style with a capitol S. If you click on any magazine cover on the webpage you can look at all the patterns that are included in that issue. All of the issues right back to the very first are online and you can buy backissues
link is at:

(click English before you start looking around because it's in Finn)

P.S. Patterns from most North American pattern companies do not fit typical children and are very inconsistent between different patterns. I use only these now, and they have just about everything you'd ever want to make.

Jacquelyn | 9:39 PM

Aww, lovely pics! The baby is so cute! I'm learning to sew and baby clothes are the best!

mrs.notouching | 4:44 AM

The only good thing about being up at 4am and feeding the baby is that I get to look at your beautiful pictures. Hope you are sleeping.

Unknown | 6:04 PM

Gah! I wish I could pull off jeans like that. So not fair!