Thanks for the rec, Michael. Beautiful song.

49. Welcome Home by: Radical Face



Mammy P | 11:56 AM

Songs like this make you love them, because even if you've never heard them before they sound familiar, don't you think?

verdemama | 1:34 PM

Just when I thought I had heard everything before... Beautiful. Love the hand claps.

Meagan | 4:23 PM

This was in a movie I saw recently (The Vicious Kind) and I wondered who sang it. Thanks!

Lucy | 6:01 PM

Amazing choice, as always. Can't believe you're halfway through this project! I don't want the music to end!


Chrissy Johnson | 1:03 AM

Nice! Sigur Ros-ish in English and purty.

leel | 8:33 AM

I had to pause it at 2:19 to comment because, well, I LOVE this song, the style, the video, his VOICE. Lyrical perfection.

Thanks Bec!

Dett | 9:21 AM

Beautiful song! Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous | 10:23 AM

Where do you buy their music?