I could spend a thousand hours watching vids of different people covering the same song. It reminds me of what Archer said about "...all of us going in different directions trying to get to the same place." Almost as if we're as bonded by our differences as we are by our sameness.

So many of us sharing the same stories, even when we all seem like completely different tales.

53. The Boy with the Arab Strap by: Belle and Sebastian



emily bilbrey | 11:43 PM

my love for belle and sebastian, and for cover songs, runs deep. can't wait to listen to these when i'm not sitting next to my sleeping daughter. (; cheers!


Right? B & S are my all-time favorite band. And the first band I've featured on my mix tape twice. I'd feature them every day if I could. They're just the greatest.

Anonymous | 4:59 AM

3. 'Man Shops Globe'

Thomas Kelly / Sundance Channel
Sundance Channel, Wednesdays at 10 p.m., starting June 30

Keith Johnson is a buyer for the high-end chain store Anthropologie. Follow along as he travels the world in search of clothing, accessories and housewares to put on the store's shelves

Abbykins | 7:39 AM

On the same note -- the new Mates of State album is ALL covers - one of them being a B & S song!


The first song on the album is one of those that reminded me of being a kid -- It speaks the words I can't. I felt the urge to play it for my Sister-in-Law because we are fighting... "THIS is how I feel!"

Anonymous | 8:18 AM

I LOVE Belle and Sebastian! GAH!

Favorite Song - White Collar Boy

jenifer | 8:55 AM

was that really 12 years ago when that came out? yowza... that was the only album i liked by them but remembering when it came out and how all my friends were stoked makes me feel.... old, haha!

verdemama | 12:03 PM

I love B+S and plan on seeing them in Oct. at the Hollywood Palladium. And as if it needed to get any better than that, Jenny Lewis is opening for them! LOVE.

Anonymous | 12:21 PM

I was just thinking along these same lines last night - I googled Bjork's Hyperballad and came up with over 20 covers, including a beautiful one by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Epic album, epic song, inspiration for generations. And when you watch them back to back like this, it's quite an amazing dialogue.

yael | 2:54 PM

Amazing blog, i'm a new fan now :D i love so much Belle and Sebastian

¡¡Saludos mexicanos!!

Kay | 4:23 PM

Oh my gosh - thought I was a lone freak when it came to finding covers of the same song on youtube and playing them for hours. Apparently not. I drive my flatmates completely mad. And Belle and Sebastian! Good choice.

Elle Vee | 4:48 AM

Awwww, one of my favorite B & S songs EVER!!! I love cover #2, how adorable is that guy now, come on!?