First off, thank you for your support, kind words and all around interesting comments re: the big three debate. If or when we do have another babe we've already decided to name him/her Blogreaderita or Blogreadero after you guys.

In the meantime, here's a fun track for your summer road-trip mix tape, specifically if you're headed for Oregon via the scenic route. Nudge, nudge?

P.S. I can't believe I'm already halfway through my meganormous mix-tape. When I started "track tuesday" I didn't even know I'd make it twenty weeks, let alone fifty. Phew! Thanks for sticking around. Refreshments will be served out back.

50. Oregon Girl by: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (which you can download free, c/o the band, here.)



Kiki | 9:57 PM

Great Song!!

I can't believe it's been 50 weeks! I remember when it first started and thinking "Dude that's almost 2 years!"
Great job ... and FAB songs all along the way.


Jessica | 11:07 PM

It's nice to hear you speaking for both of you. You assume a different voice. It suits you.

Peach | 12:06 PM

i'm embarking on an epic cross country road trip from nyc to oregon in just a couple weeks! im relocating back to my oregon roots and this song will definitely be blasted at full volume.

Mammy P | 1:09 PM

50 tracks? Fifty? Holy crap; I can't even believe it's been that long. Thank you for some lovely tunes along the way; I'm always on the scrounge for new music and learned about 3 tracks in that I could emphatically trust your tastes. :-)

Here's a summer track that I love lots... my son loves it and sings along to it in the back of the car.


wonderchris | 1:58 PM

Yay for Oregon!!! :) And I'm a girl - so this song is double cool!

Mary O | 2:12 PM

Hey, I'm an Oregon girl and I've never heard this song. Great pick!

WrathofDawn | 4:07 PM

Love the song, but the drummer is playing invisible cymbals... ???

Karen Chatters | 4:24 PM

I'm not sure I like this series anymore. Not because I don't like the music (ok, some I haven't liked) but because 50 weeks is almost a year and where the hell has the past year gone???

Anonymous | 12:54 AM

Might I suggest Marina & the Diamonds?