The other day I was listening to 90's on 9 (the best thing ever) when Ditty came on the radio and I realized I still knew all the words and I don't even have my parents' cell phone numbers memorized. Guess it's like magic and Paperboy is the magician? If (he) was a vacuum (he'd) be sucking up competition.


I was in 6th grade when this song came out and blew my mind. I think I spent the entire summer of '93 doing the running man in my Simples and being all, "Nahhhh, nah. Nahhhhh nah. NAHhhhhuhhh NAH. Nah nah..."
me as "worst softball player ever" circa 1993/Ditty's biggest fan

Damn, those 90's were swell.

Happy 20th birthday to the best single ever. 

157. Ditty by: Paperboy 



Melissa B - aka bridgetmerlot | 7:50 AM

Agreed, agreed, agreed: 90s on 9, Paperboy's Ditty, and best single ever.