a few quick things

1. For those celebrating Easter this weekend, one of my mom's best ever posts (see above photo of challah french toast) full of what to bring to Easter brunch ideas is something I should have posted yesterday but totally forgot about because my brain has gone fishing.

2. This morning my dad did an experiment with my kids that I wanted to share with you guys because it's way cute. 

3. This has had me laughing all week and apparently I'm alone because everyone I send it to is like... uh... oh heh? But maybe one of you will think it's funny too and then we can be best friends because there are, like, two of us...?
MOM thumb ben L
- via thumbs & ammo

3. Thanks for your love this week (and last week and every other week). You guys are the best. Enjoy your weekend with your people. xo 



L.L. | 5:32 PM

I made the Mac n cheese for my SoBo's first birthday because I needed an easy sure fire crowd pleaser and it was the best thing ever, thanks again!